Troubleshooting if my Roku TV has no sound

Many owners of Roku TVs from time to time are faced with the fact that the sound stops working on their equipment. There are a huge number of examples where this problem arose out of the blue. And some people claim that for a number of years, they constantly met with her.

The good news for them is that there is a method that allows in the vast majority of cases to eliminate such a malfunction.

The household appliance works without sound

If the equipment gives a similar error, then the first thing to do is to restart it.

You need to disconnect the TV receiver from the electricity and leave it for 1 minute. Then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. After Roku needs to be connected again. These steps will allow it to reboot and fix sound problems.

Unplugging the TV

Although this method seems to be the simplest, it practically always helps. It is necessary to disconnect the equipment from electricity, and then return it to its previous state again. As a rule, then the sound starts to work normally.

Such a way out almost always works, but there are cases when it turns out to be powerless.

If the problem has not disappeared, then in the future, actions are presented that usually allow you to cope with it.

Unplugging the TV

Reinstalling the electrical wire at the back of the household appliance

Another extremely clear move is to disconnect the power wire from the back of the device.

After reconnecting it, you need to put the equipment into action using the appropriate button. But you should press it on the TV receiver, and not on the remote control.

In this case, Roku starts working normally and the sound is heard clearly.

When reconnecting the electrical cable, you must disconnect and then reconnect all other cords.

TV software update

The operation of old versions of software on the receiving device can lead to a large number of different troubles. Usually, the home appliance automatically detects fresh options, but sometimes they do not download.

To update the software manually, you must press the “Home” button, then go to “Settings” and check for updates.

Here is the menu search algorithm:

  1. Pressing the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Navigate up and then to settings.
  3. Search for “System” function.
  4. Engaging “System Update”.

Then the user will have access to a new version of the operating system of the device. They need to select the item “Check now”.

As a result, the TV receiver will automatically search for updates.

Roku TV software update

Adjusting Roku Sound Settings

Not everyone knows that it is possible to adjust the TV settings so as to turn off the speakers. These steps are useful if you are using a soundbar. But if it is not active, and the speakers are turned off, then the equipment will be silent. To monitor the status of its speakers, you should:

  • press “HOME” on the remote control;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Audio”;
  • dwell on the speakers;
  • select the speakers of this home appliance and make sure they work.

There is another way to customize the sound, which is ARC and S/PDIF. To control them, you need to press “Home” on the remote control. Then you need to go to “Settings”, and from them – to “Audio”. Then you need to select the indicated options and find out if “Auto” is worth it here. If not, then you should fix it. Then it will be clear whether the problems have been fixed.

If such an item has already been enabled, then you need to reset it to the “PCM-STEREO” position.

Reset sound and picture settings

Another method for solving sound problems is to completely reset the settings of the receiving device.

Press “HOME” on the remote control. Then you need to go to “Settings”, and from then – to the “System”. Then you should scroll down to the item “Advanced system settings” and select “Reset settings”. After that, “Reset sound/image settings” is required.

In the end, you need to press the “Play/Pause” button three times in order to reset. It will help to restore the settings of the household appliance to the factory defaults.

If all of the above actions did not bring the desired result, then absolutely all settings should be reset to the original ones.

Reset sound and picture settings

Factory Reset Device

If the Roku equipment still works without sound, then you should try to restore the factory settings.

But you need to know that the TV receiver will again be tied to the original version and you will have to re-install a number of applications.

If the Roku screen turns green and freezes, then you need to reboot the system using the following algorithm:

  1. Press the Home button five times.
  2. Select the up arrow.
  3. Rewind.
  4. Then the same forward.

The TV will freeze and then turn on and off several times. After 60 seconds, it will work normally again.

It is also worth going through the chain “Settings” → “System” → “Advanced system settings” → “Restore factory settings”. Then you need to select “Reset Network Connection”.

Resetting the receiving machine to factory settings without using the remote control

If there is no remote control, there is no need to worry. The owner of the household appliance is able to restore its original settings using the corresponding button on the rear wall.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find its location. Some models mark them well, so finding the required function is not difficult. But the other part makes it very hard to find. Most often, such a key can be found near the HDMI, RCA and USB ports. There are also Roku models that are equipped with these connectors on the right side. Others are mounted on the left or under the front panel.

After finding the button, press it and hold it for about ten seconds. Then you need to watch the changes. It is possible that it will be necessary to perform these actions up to five times. If nothing happens, then it is worth 20-30 times to quickly press and release the reset button. It is hard to believe in this, but such actions lead to the desired result.

Technical support

Technical support

The service center staff knows how to deal with the difficulties that users have with television and, most likely, they have already encountered problems with the lack of sound before. They will suggest the basic steps for troubleshooting and determine whether a person is able to do them himself. Otherwise, he will need the help of a professional.

These actions give a person confidence that he is doing everything to correct the situation.

Checking the warranty card

The last effort is to find out the validity of the Roku TV hardware warranty. Most home appliances have a limited term benefit agreement that does not exceed one year.

It reflects “Defects in materials or workmanship from the original owner of the product, if it was purchased new from an authorized dealer.” That is, when the developers decide that everything is done correctly, they will fix the Roku TV for free or replace it with a new one.