Troubleshooting if the volume is stuck on a Samsung TV

Modern technology is equipped with an extended package of functions, the control process of which is not always immediately clear. New Smart devices are significantly different from outdated electrical engineering and require additional configuration before use. Owners of TVs from the South Korean company Samsung may experience intermittent loss of sound control while the device is running. This problem makes watching TV impossible, which will upset any user. But, as practice shows, the problem can be fixed without contacting a service center. The content of the article will help you find out the reason for the regular jamming of the sound volume and fix the problem yourself.

Sound volume error on Samsung TV

While using the TV, Samsung customers may notice regular volume interruptions. This fact is expressed by the constant decrease or excess of the normal volume level of the sound, as well as periodic interruption or distortion during viewing. The problem may alternate with the complete absence of sound from the image.

If a malfunction is noticed, you need to carefully check all surfaces of the device for mechanical damage. The cause of the problem may be the lack of connection of certain cables or the connection of the device with headphones. These factors also need to be taken into account and the reliability of the connection of all wires responsible for sound supply must be checked in accordance with the instructions. If mechanical damage is found on the TV, it is faulty. In this case, you should contact a Samsung service center to have the problem corrected by professional repair. If there are no cracks or visible signs of impact, the problem is solely with the internal workings of the TV.

Sound volume error

Causes of Samsung TV Volume Violation and Solutions

Rebooting the TV

An effective way to troubleshoot TV volume problems is to slightly reboot the device. If a problem is detected, the first step is to disconnect the device from the power source for 30-60 seconds. Then, when you turn it on again, you must hold the start button (on the TV itself, not on the control panel) for a few seconds. This will help reboot the device system and restore sound quality.

Updating your Samsung Smart Hub account

Users of almost all models of Samsung TVs with Smart TV have access to a special service for downloading additional applications and functions – Smart Hub. The reason for jamming the volume of the device may be the lack of free memory. By updating your Smart Hub account, you can return the sound quality to normal. To do this, you need to reset the current settings of the Smart Hub to the factory settings, as a result of which the account of the owner of the Samsung TV is updated. To reset Smart Hub you need:

  1. Go to “Settings” using the TV remote control;
  2. Go to the “Support” section;
  3. Then select the subsection “Self-diagnosis”;
  4. Press the “Reset Smart Hub” button;
  5. In the window that appears, you need to enter the standard PIN code “0000” or a unique password set by the user after purchasing the device.

Smart Hub account

After carrying out all the above steps, the problem with the volume of the TV should disappear. However, it is better to avoid clogging memory and immediately remove unnecessary applications from the Smart Hub store account, as the sound disruption may occur again.

Modern Samsung models are equipped with automatic software updates, during which additional applications are downloaded, most often unnecessary to the user. It is recommended to check the memory level periodically.

You can remove unused programs in a timely manner by going to the menu and opening the “Applications” section (in the lower left part of the display). By opening the “settings” shortcut (in the upper right part), you can see the entire list of applications added to the device. Programs can be downloaded by developers, by the user himself or as a result of auto-updates. Unused applications must be deleted to free up space. Some services added by developers cannot be removed. The Samsung TV system will not allow you to uninstall apps such as Hulu, VUDU, Prime Video, Netflix, and more.

Samsung TV control

Jammed volume on the device may be due to the use of multiple devices for remote control. Today, there are many options for adjusting the volume on any TV: TV remote control app (on a smartphone), cable remote control, Direct TV, etc. The problem of volume jamming can occur when using non-original Samsung remote controls. If the user uses multiple devices at once, the sound quality is degraded. This is due to the interruption of the signal from the original Samsung remote by other designs.

Samsung TV control

Reset your Samsung TV

Only after an external examination and a small diagnostic of the device, you can reset the TV settings. This action will completely refresh the device system and delete all current settings and tuned channels, so a reset should be done after all the above volume troubleshooting steps.

To return to the factory settings of the system, you must: go to the settings section, go to the “General” tab, then select the “Self-diagnosis” subsection and press the “Reset” key. On some Samsung models, the names of the sections may differ, but the sequence of actions is identical for all modern TVs.

Before resetting the current settings, you need to make sure that the TV is original. Resetting the settings on a non-certified device may prevent some Smart TV features from working.