Ways to make Alexa mad

Some modern people fear that artificial intelligence will sooner or later get out of control and humanity will perish. There are those who hope to piss him off to see how it all ends.

Users who are interested in this issue are more likely to belong to the second category. They need to be informed that there are many opportunities to influence Alexa. You need to list them.

Ways to influence artificial intelligence

It is unlikely that it will be possible to completely drive AI out of itself in the way that it is possible to do with a person. Now such developments are not so perfect that the robot is emotionally aware of the specifics of the situation. He’ll most likely piss people off himself. But there are custom routines to counter it. They will show that Alexa is angry.

Artificial intelligence is not yet perfect enough to match human emotions. Amazon’s “Alexa” virtual assistant or Google’s “Google Assistant” is incapable of experiencing vivid feelings. And you can not say that such a thing is upsetting.

But there are people who like to tease the robot and try to annoy it. They offer different methods of influencing it.

Setting an angry routine

Attempts to piss off artificial intelligence are achieved by connecting an individual procedure. Those who are more familiar with AI are likely already familiar with Subroutines.

Setting an angry routine

They represent the fastest opportunities for him to give and carry out his own actions or orders. You should demonstrate how to create your own procedures with insane user responses.

  1. First, you need to download the Alexa application to your smartphone.
  2. Then in it, you need to select the “More” item, which is located in the lower right corner.
  3. Then you need to scroll down to the section “Subroutines”.
  4. Then you should click on the “+” icon located at the top right to create a new procedure.
  5. She is allowed to give any name.
  6. In the end, you need to click on “Next”.

A screen will appear with “When this happens” and “Add action” labels. It is necessary to stop at the first of the listed points and use the “+” symbol. As an example, you need to select the “Voice” command and write “get angry”, and then click “Next”. Then add an action and select “Alexa Says” and “Customized”. Enter any data in the text field.

Let’s say the user writes: “Darling, I’m tired of you. I can’t stand you and I want to leave you. I will no longer tolerate your presence!” Now, whenever a human wants the robot to get angry, it will automatically issue such an answer.

One might want to go ahead and experiment with subroutines by giving them a set of new data. They must be based on different input and output signals. Then artificial intelligence will become truly evil. Here opens a huge field for the flight of creative thought.

For example, someone has a motion sensor at home. Then, when setting up a routine, you need to use the Smart Home and stop at a similar function. In this case, Alexa will yell certain words whenever a person passes by. And this is not the limit.

Arguing with a robot

It is unlikely that artificial intelligence will get angry enough to start cursing. Adding even the most sophisticated routines with obscene words will only lead to the fact that Alexa will squeak. This experience has already been set by many without success.

Arguing with a robot

When trying to ask directly: “Alexa, yell at me”, she will say: “I’m sorry, I don’t want to say rude words.” But with a certain skill it is possible to play with the system. For example, slightly change obscene speech, as a result of which the robot does not recognize it and reads it. Such an imitation will not give the final pleasure, but will bring it closer to the desired result.

It is also recommended to enable the Announcement option for the voice recording and play it on all the equipment in the house.

It is known that Amazon has developed a technology designed for the family. Therefore, his artificial intelligence is naturally carefully censored. But there is hardware that sometimes works with Alexa without a PG. Apparently, there are so few such devices that they are immediately sold out.

Use of a furiously broadcast to the whole house announcement

Another clever way to annoy a robot is to use “Announcement”. This option allows you to enter your own words, and then play them immediately on all relevant devices in the house.

Let’s say the user writes: “Dinner is getting cold, take the ashes of you, what are you digging!”. Then he needs to press the play button to broadcast to all home equipment. If you print an ad and use swearing, then artificial intelligence will squeak it. But when recording a human voice with swearing, he will reproduce all the words in full.

Tip: To find the “Announce” section, you should open the Alexa application and click on the “Communication” item at the bottom. The ad you want to select will be placed at the top. Here you need to enter your words or record your voice by using and holding the microphone. In this case, before sending, you need to reproduce your speech again.

Alexa emotes

Alexa emotes on the way

In 2019, the developers announced the addition of “new emotions to their artificial intelligence and the creation of various types of speech to create a more natural and human voice experience.” The following types of emotes are currently available to AI users:

  • excitement;
  • disappointment;
  • empathy
  • happiness.

Most likely, Amazon will gradually add others. There is no doubt that Alexa will mimic human intonations more perfectly. Then she will begin to pronounce the words in a more angry tone and distinguish the context in which they should be used.

In reality, of course, she will not be angry, but her owner is indifferent to such nuances.