What do the lights on the Arris modem mean?

Arris modems are a good buy for those who want to get the most out of their ISP rates. These devices feel great at high speeds from 1 GB, and with such work, no one thinks about possible malfunctions. So far, there are no situations with incomprehensible behavior of the modem indicators.

Any Arris model has from 4 to 6 indicators signaling the quality of the network connection. Based on the status of these sensors, you can successfully diagnose Internet connection problems and, accordingly, take measures to quickly eliminate them.

For a complete understanding of the operation of Arris devices, consider the following questions:

  • what indicators do Arris modems have,
  • how to correctly interpret them on, off or flashing;
  • how to deal with connection problems based on the performance of the indicators.

Indicators on Arris modems and their fault signals

The number and name of indicators may vary depending on the Arris modem model. This must be taken into account, although in general the differences are insignificant, and in most cases the devices have the following indicators.

Indicators on Arris modems

Power indicator

This indicator informs if the modem is connected to the mains. If it glows, then the device can work. If the indicator does not work, you need to check the connection to the outlet.

Receive Light indicator

Receive Light makes it possible to understand how the Internet signal works. It is connected to the “boot” part of the modem. Dual-band modems use two colors for this sensor.

If blue is on, the two bands are receiving the signal successfully. If the green light is on, the modem receives a signal in only one of the bands (either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz).

Send Light indicator

Send Light on Arris modems works similarly to the previous one. With the difference that it informs not about receiving a signal, but about sending it. By the operation of this sensor, you can find out about the modem’s ability to transmit information to the network. Just like the Receive Light indicator, it can have two light values. An active blue light indicates the possibility of transmitting information in both bands, and a green light indicates the operation of only one of the bands.

Online Light Indicator

The green light of this sensor indicates the successful operation of the Arris modem. Everything is as simple as with the power indicator. If the indicator does not light up at all, there is a connection problem.

  • If the green light on the 2.4 GHz mark is on, the 2.4 GHz signal band is connected to the network.
  • If the green light is on at the 5 GHz mark, the 5 GHz signal band is connected to the network.

Link Light indicator

This indicator may not be present on all Arris devices. No big deal if it’s not there. On the latest modem models, the Link sensor may be located directly below the Online indicator. During data transfer, it flashes. If this happens, everything is fine, this indicates the normal operation of the modem.

Arris Modem Problems

How to Deal with Arris Modem Problems

Most of the problems that occur when using these modems can be solved in three main ways.

Check all cables and connections

USB, Ethernet, and other wires are rarely overlooked because they don’t pose much of a problem on their own. However, if they are connected incorrectly or damaged, connection problems cannot be avoided.

In case of interruptions in the connection to the Internet, Wi-Fi, you must first check the status of each cable and its connections at both ends. It is especially important to use this advice if the data reception indicator on the modem is flashing.

Reset modem settings

Another effective way to get your Arris device working is to reset it. It helps in solving most of the problems that occur during the operation of the modem. If even after the reset the problem does not go away, then the matter is not at all in the modem. In such cases, often there are cable problems or problems on the part of the provider.

Reset modem settings

So, the Arris modem settings can be reset in two ways:

  • The first, easiest way, very old, but quite effective: you can try to completely disconnect the modem from the network for at least 30 seconds.
  • The second way is to press the special Reset button on the modem, usually located on the rear panel. The modem will reset if the button is held down for 10 seconds.

Contact Arris Manufacturer Technical Support or your ISP

In cases where the Online modem indicator blinks or does not light up at all, contacting technical support will be problematic. This can happen if the MAC address of a particular device is not identified or registered.

When all the ways to deal with the problem in the operation of the Arris modem have not worked, the only option is to contact the support service of the manufacturer or provider, or both at once. To do this, you can use the phone, e-mail, ask a question to the chat operator.

Support will help if the source of the problem is related to the MAC address of the device. If the identifier is in order, and other possible sources of malfunction are checked, the modem itself may have failed. Then it will have to be replaced, or use the services of a service center, especially if it is still under warranty.

Arris Manufacturer Technical Support


Arris modems provide high-speed network access, and possible problems can cause a lot of inconvenience to the user. That is why it is important to understand what indicators these devices have and what they signal. If you understand these issues, minor network connection problems will not cause any serious troubles, and correcting the situation will not take much time.

Have you dealt with problems with Arris modems? Did the indicators help you understand and solve the problem? Share your valuable experience with other users, leave your comments below!