What does the error code 90 on the Wyze camera mean

The Wyze camera comes with a very large number of convenient features, far more than other smart devices of this type. It also costs significantly less.

But she also has some unpleasant features. The most common of these is error code 90.

The general meaning of the appearing symbol

This designation indicates that the technique does not work. It is offline and cannot connect to servers. Accordingly, there will be no uploading of new frames or access to existing materials.

To fix this problem, you need to completely turn off and then turn on Wyze again. Then you need to wait 15 seconds, and then bring the camera back into action. After that, you should let it initialize again.

If all the steps taken did not lead anywhere, then most likely you will need to make a new firmware on the SD card.

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An annoying error code 90 indicates that there are certain difficulties with connecting to the Internet, in which it is worth turning the camera off and on.

The periodic disappearance of the current indicates its complete stop for a subsequent reboot. Usually in this case it is also necessary to disconnect the machine from the electricity.

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Since the device is reset very quickly in this way, restarting it is usually the first step to troubleshooting.

It is necessary to disconnect the equipment from the power source and give it 15 seconds to fully discharge. Then you need to reconnect it to electricity and allow it to restart. After restarting, it will work again.

If no change for the better has happened, then you should try again to perform the previous steps.

Internet connection test

If restarting Wyze did nothing, then you need to check the reliability of the network connection. Only after checking it is it worth moving on.

It is advisable to take any gadget (laptop, tablet or smartphone) with a Wi-Fi connection. Then you need to try to load a website or open an application.

If the desired does not happen, then there are difficulties with the network connection. To correct the situation, you need to start by going to the reset section of the router or modem. If the network is functioning normally on other equipment, then you should move on.

You need to be aware of several factors that can affect the speed of a Wi-Fi connection with Wyze Cam. Most often, the problem is related to the distance of the camera from the router or the occurrence of any interference with the connection.

It is worth using a gadget connected to the Internet again. With its help, being near the router and the device, you need to control the speed of connecting to the network.

Internet speed test

Then, to control it, you need to open any application or load a web page. Your best bet is to use Ookla’s speedtest.net. Being near a Wi-Fi router, you should also run a scan. Then you need to take a screenshot or write down its results.

After that, you need to go to Wyze Cam and do the test again, followed by fixing its results. Then they need to be compared. If there is a significant drop, then the distance was too large or the signal was interrupted by interference.

It is also worth thinking about the presence of obstacles between the camera and the router. Setting up a home network can often be difficult due to the presence of interference. They can be a concrete or brick wall, the location of equipment on different floors, or its significant spread throughout a large house.

The best way to get out of a Wi-Fi situation is to get a new Wi-Fi router or mesh router.

If the speed test was successful and showed high results, then you need to turn to other critical steps.

Unpairing and Pairing in the Wyze App

Some users try to completely remove their camera from the existing Wyze app and then re-pair it again. Many through such actions manage to solve the problem with code 90 and the device’s refusal to work.

Further efforts take only a few minutes, so they must be completed. Such a thing will be more useful than urgently writing new firmware to an SD card.

Pairing in the Wyze App

To uninstall Wyze, follow a series of steps:

  • open the Wyze application and select the gear symbol in the upper right corner;
  • in the “Device settings” section at the bottom, you need to find “Remove device”;
  • click in the pop-up window “Yes”;
  • the camera’s LED will blink yellow, symbolizing that the equipment is no longer working;
  • on its bottom panel, press and hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds or until the sound signal “Ready to connect” appears;
  • in the Wyze app, select “New device”;
  • go to “Wyze cam”;
  • enter the name and password of the Wi-Fi network;
  • using the camera to scan the QR code that appears on the phone;
  • name the camera in the app.

This way the setup will be completed.

Uploading new firmware to SD card

Before, every effort was made to fix the Wyze 90 error code without new firmware on the camera’s SD card. But since the reading continued to the current section, then, most likely, the recommendations given earlier did not help.

Manufacturers of such equipment release updates for their equipment. But often in the proposed software there is a bug that disables it. The company even admitted some difficulties and said that it has a history of producing firmware that is not ready for prime time.

Uploading new firmware to SD card

In this situation, you need to flash your Wyze device’s SD card with an older version. In this case, it is better to use the previous version, since it still worked.

In such a case, it is worth taking a number of important steps.

  1. Reformat the SD card using the Wyze application (MicroSD must be formatted as FAT or FAT32).
  2. Insert it into the PC or pre-pass through the adapter.
  3. Download the previous firmware version.
  4. Select a file on the network and rename it on your device to “demo.bin”.
  5. Add it to SD card.
  6. Check that the equipment is turned off and insert the card into it.
  7. Power up Wyze.
  8. Press and hold the reset button on the camera for at least a few minutes.
  9. After beeping “Ready to connect”, release it.
  10. The LED will turn yellow.
  11. Set up the device in the application.

Submitting a Request to Wyze Technical Service

It also happens that the maximum amount of effort was made to flash the SD card on its own, and the camera still gives an error code. Then the owner, with all his efforts, is not able to make it function as it should. In this case, the only way out of the situation is to contact the Wyze service department.

You need to send a request there. Then an employee of the company will contact the client as soon as possible. After his appearance, the owner of the camera will be able to get his assistance, still try to correct error code 90 and return his equipment to normal functioning.