What does the PS4 controller light mean?

The popular PS4 controller is a functional and innovative device designed to make the gaming experience even more interesting. Its overall design includes built-in speakers and a light bar that changes color during the game. Therefore, users need to know what its various shades mean.

For the first participant, the PS4 indicator lights up blue, for the second – red, for the third – green, and for the fourth – pink. When the connection is lost, it turns white. Then the owner of the controller just needs to reset it for 15 seconds using the PS button.


The meaning of these convenient signaling devices is closely related to the general features of the ongoing game and the number of its participants. Lighting options can be very useful when there are a lot of gamers, like Fortnite or RedDeadRedemption 2.

Therefore, it is necessary to dwell in more detail on the colors that the user deals with when using PS4 equipment.

PS4 Indicators


Such a shade usually indicates that its first participant has entered the game and a similar symbol will accompany him throughout its entire process.

Active entertainment, which includes Aliens: Isolation or Uncharted, can also change the color of the bar. It varies depending on what is happening at the moment. For example, the indicator usually flashes blue when changing actions in sequence.


This signal, appearing on the PS4 controller panel, indicates that a second participant has entered the game.

But sometimes the indicator is also used to warn gamers about the damage they are doing.

In GrandTheftAuto 5, he glows with this shade when the police are interested in the character.
The indicator turns red also when shooting, for example, in Call of Duty. It indicates that the player is defeated.

PS4 Green Indicators


The PS4’s similar stripe hue signifies the entry of a third party into the action.

Sometimes it also lights up to signal certain events in history. For example, KillZone uses green to show the character’s current health.


This shade on the PS4 device strip indicates that a fourth member is active.

Sometimes, for example, in the case of Thumper, the indicator changes color depending on what level of play is currently in effect.


The light bar turns completely white if the PS4 equipment is disconnected from the console at all. Then it takes about fifteen seconds to hold the PS button. The controller will then reboot and reconnect automatically to the console.

PS4 problems

Other options

In some cases, for example, when using FarCry 4, blue and yellow colors are often used to indicate the special role of the participant in the game. The first of these types reports on medical workers, the second – on support.

Other machine functions

The Dualshock 4 is a functional PS4 wireless device with many significant improvements over previous models. It comes with an improved motion sensor, great built-in speakers and a bright light bar for a truly immersive gaming experience. With the final charge, the equipment is able to work autonomously for up to five hours.

But such equipment is not eternal and after about seven years of operation it begins to gradually wear out.

Troubleshooting your PS4 device

A number of indicators can signal other problems with the technique. These include a battery or wireless connection failure, or other issues.

Troubleshooting your PS4 device

Reset console

Most often, these difficulties with the controller are associated with it itself. But resetting the console makes troubleshooting easier.

In this case it’s worth:

  1. Press the PS button to access the menu when the equipment is not powered.
  2. Then go to the “Power” option.
  3. Then click on “Restart PS4”.
  4. If the controller does not respond, you must press the console’s power key before the console beeps twice.
  5. When it turns off, it needs to be turned on again.

From the very beginning, the controller should be put into operation and its connections checked. If everything is in order, then the problem is with the console.

If malfunctions are found during the diagnostics, then it is required to examine the state of the PS4 itself.

Reset controller

If the previous recommendations did not help, then you should try to completely reset the device settings. Such actions will allow you to return it to its original settings.

You need to do the following steps:

  • turn off the console;
  • find the “HardReset” button, which is a small hole in the right side of the rear panel of the device;
  • using a paper clip or other device to press it;
  • Connect your PS4 again.

To re-pair the controller, take the USB cable and connect it to the console.

Reset controller

Using the Forget Device option

In the settings of your PS4, the Forget Device feature helps you keep track of your connected equipment. It is used in order not to remember the controller and to carry out the pairing process again. These steps can help you fix wireless connection problems.

Using the controller’s wired mode

If the tips already mentioned above did not help solve the problem, then you need to check the operation of the device in wired mode. To do this, it is worth connecting to the console with its USB cable for pairing.

If such actions again did not lead to anything, then it is possible that it is time to purchase a new device.

Buying PS4 equipment

If the controller has been in service for more than seven years, then the user usually encounters frequent shutdowns or battery failure. Then, most likely, it is desirable to think about a new device.

Just released PS4 models are not very expensive. On Amazon, a great option will cost about sixty dollars.

Those who want to save money can choose fully functional equipment that has already been in use.