What problem can it be with Samsung TV when it has no sound?

The problem when there is no sound occurs for many users of Samsung TVs and brings negative emotions. These cases are not isolated, such a nuisance can last for years, and the unfortunate owners of equipment do not know how to deal with it.

We offer simple ways to return the TV to normal sound. In 80% of cases, the proposed actions help to cope with the task.

Lost sound – what to do?

The silent device is first rebooted. To do this, unplug the plug from the outlet and keep the TV de-energized for a minute. In the off state, you must press and hold the “Power” button for half a minute. After another minute, connect the device to the mains. Such manipulation in a gentle mode will reboot, the sound should appear.

Complete blackout

This method, for all its obviousness, is forgotten by many, namely, disconnecting from the power source can force the “brain” of the TV to be updated. The decisive factor here is a fully sustained pause of 1 minute. It is necessary to note the time by the clock, and only after 60 seconds have elapsed, turn on the current.

Complete blackout Samsung TV

In the off state, press and hold the power button on the TV control panel for half a minute, and not on the remote control! These similar-looking buttons have slightly different capabilities.

There will be a complete loss of residual electric charge in the elements of the TV, and then an absolute reboot of the program. When simply turned on with the remote control, this function cannot be started; it only works by mechanically pressing “Power” on the front panel. When you start the power on, the sound will work again.

It was mentioned that in most cases this helps, but 20% of the problem is complicated for reasons that a simple reboot will not fix. For such situations with the absence of sound, the following algorithm of actions is useful.

Reconnecting the power cord on the back of the screen

Unplug the cable from the socket on the back side, let the TV stand in a de-energized state for one minute or more, then put the power cord back in its original place.

Always use moderate physical force when inserting the cable plug into the recess. After that, make sure that the connection has taken place: the connector does not move, when you try to pull it towards you, it is firmly held in the socket. The quality of the contact of the contact parts affects the performance of the equipment and the stability of the power supply.

Reconnecting the power cord

Reconnecting the cable jack and pressing the “Network” button on the TV’s dashboard will bring it back to life, making the sound come on.

Updating software settings

A smart TV, like any electronic device, cannot work correctly without regular updates. From this, all sorts of tricks happen to him, among which the missing sound is not the last problem.

Find the latest firmware update for a specific TV modification and follow these steps:

  1. Find the “Settings” function.
  2. Go to the “Support” option.
  3. Find a file with new software products.
  4. Run the update option.

The installation will take place automatically. This action will take some time. When the update is completed, a message will appear on the screen indicating that the update is complete.

Updating software settings

Speaker operation

Adjusting the sound settings can also bring back the sound. The sound control panel will allow you to do this. Try to increase the volume, it is possible that the matter is in the switched off speakers.

It is convenient to check their work in this way: find the Menu or HOME function via the remote control, select Settings, then Sound. In this option, go to the Sound Output button, at the end, in the Speaker section, the TV SPEAKER function should be activated.

Sound diagnostics

After making sure that the speaker is marked as on, start testing the sound on the device:

  1. Find MENU or HOME on the remote control.
  2. Go to “Settings”, then “Support”.
  3. Enable self-test and run a sound test.

Such manipulation will reveal malfunctions, after which you need to remove the sound. To do this, in the settings, go to the “Sound” option, from there, through the expert settings, click “Restore Sound”.

Restoring factory settings

Still no sound? Reset the functions to their original state: through the Home button on the remote control, enter the settings, select the main ones and reset them. On TVs of early production series, after entering the settings, they call Support, Self-diagnosis and do a reset.

Restoring factory settings

By entering the security code of the numbers 0000, the TV will turn off and turn itself on, showing the start settings interface. The lost pin code can be “forgotten” through a reset on the remote control. Run the suggested commands, the old code will be reset to the factory one:

  • Use the volume button to increase the volume, press return, decrease the volume, return, increase the volume and return again.
  • Using the remote control, activate the mute button, increase the volume, press “RETURN”, decrease the volume, “RETURN”, increase and press “RETURN” again.

For some time, the Samsung TV will reboot, at the end, test for sound.

Samsung service assistance

Any consumer has the right to contact the customer support center.

  1. In the TV menu, go to the support section.
  2. Open remote management, review the information, and confirm acceptance of the information. A window for a PIN code will appear on the screen, enter it.
  3. Remote access control becomes open to the service agent.

To connect to a remote service, you will need a high-speed Internet connection – this is a prerequisite for successful work.



The warranty period for Samsung TVs is 12 months. Situations with no sound on the TV, as a rule, happen on devices that have long expired this period. Therefore, the warranty does not apply to them.