Which stove is better: gas vs electric. The comparison of the monthly costs

Many people, when buying a stove, pay attention only to the cost of equipment. At the same time, they do not think about what is better, gas or electric equipment. These types of plates differ in terms of operation and maintenance. Before purchasing a particular unit, it is worth evaluating the monthly costs of paying for gas and electricity.

The cost of paying for consumed resources depends on the place of residence of a person. As a rule, spending on electricity in most cases is higher than for gas.

Consider the difference between the operation of gas and electrical equipment, and also find out what is more profitable for the average person. We will also give several ways to reduce the cost of paying for services, regardless of the type of equipment used in the house.

Gas vs electricity: what’s the difference?

The monthly expenses associated with the use of gas and electric stoves are different. Each of these devices works differently. Cooking on different types of equipment takes a certain amount of time. Consider the benefits of each type.

Gas vs electricity: what's the difference

Gas stove: features

Cooking food on a gas stove is a process using an “open flame”. The design of the unit is a connection to a gas source or to a centralized wire. On one stove there are several burners of different sizes for greater convenience. The supply of “raw materials” can be adjusted using special taps.

The advantages of gas stoves include:

  1. This is an economical household appliance, which is most suitable for those who spend a lot of time cooking.
  2. If desired, the user can adjust the flow of fire.
  3. Food is cooked quickly, as the dishes on the fire heat up in a matter of minutes.
  4. Even with a power outage, you can cook and reheat your own food.
  5. For cooking, you do not need to buy special dishes.

Gas equipment also has disadvantages. For example, many people are concerned about the explosiveness of the substance and the risk of fire.

Gas stove

The main factor in using a gas stove is caution. Subject to safety rules, the technique remains an economical and functional device. For greater comfort, we recommend installing a hood over the stove. Then you will be protected from unpleasant odors and the formation of soot on the furniture.

Features of electric stoves

Electric stoves are easy to use. To connect, you need to plug the device into a power outlet. The device will immediately start working, and you can start cooking. Once turned on, the heating elements glow red hot, thereby heating pots or pans.

Other benefits of electrical devices include:

  1. Safety and easy connection.
  2. No soot, as there is no open fire.
  3. During cooking, no harmful compounds are released into the air.
  4. No need to purchase a hood.
  5. Many models of stoves have a modern design and fit perfectly into the interior.

The disadvantages of electric stoves include their high energy consumption. If you cook often and every day, then the payment for using the device can be high. In addition, in the event of a power outage, you will not be able to cook food.

electric stoves

The lack of electricity will not cause much problems when compared to a gas leak. If you live in a non-gasified area or are worried about your safety, then we advise you to prefer an electric unit.

How much does a gas stove cost per month?

The cost of using gas depends on the tariffs set in your area. In addition, the final price is based on the amount of raw materials consumed. To calculate the cost of paying for gas, you must rely on the number of burners and the frequency of their use.

Some people cook food once a day, so they pay less money. Everyone who cooks regularly pays bills with completely different amounts. When choosing the type of plate, it is important to focus on these factors.

How much does a gas stove cost per month

How much does it cost to operate an electric stove per month?

The operation of an electric stove, as a rule, is more expensive than the use of a gas unit. Energy is spent not only on the cooking process, but also on auxiliary activities.

These include:

  • ignition;
  • work of burners;
  • lighting and indication;
  • operation of heating elements.

If an electricity meter is installed in the apartment, then monthly expenses can be 20% lower than the “standard” fee.

How to use the stove effectively?

No matter what type of stove is installed in your home, you can use it more efficiently. To do this, you must follow a few simple rules.

How to use the stove effectively

These include the following:

  1. Do not turn on equipment unnecessarily. When cooking, first prepare and cut the food, and only then turn on the stove and put the dish on the burner.
  2. Use cookware made from certain materials. For example, stainless steel pans heat up faster and more evenly. In this way, you will reduce cooking time and save energy (in case of using an electric unit).
  3. To increase the heating efficiency, use a pan the size of a burner. A small burner heats up a large bottom slowly, and vice versa, using a wide burner will cause excess heat to be lost.

It is important to regularly clean the stove from grease and soot. The fact is that frozen contaminants make the device less effective.

To make the use of the stove as safe as possible, keep children, animals and the elderly away from it. Careless actions can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Which is cheaper to use: gas or electric stove?

It is believed that a gas stove is cheaper to operate than an electric one. Gas effectively copes with cooking. It quickly heats the dishes, which means that food cooks faster.

Electrical devices may seem more economical and safer if installed in an apartment building. For a private house, it is best to prefer the gas option.

Which is cheaper to use: gas or electric stove

What type of gas is the cheapest?

The most affordable type of gas today is natural. Experts say that this type of raw material will remain cheaper than other sources (electricity) until 2040. If you want to save money or don’t plan to cook every day, you can use propane or LPG. Most often they are used by those who live in a private house.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is the cost of an electric stove higher than a gas one?
The cost of the plate is determined not only by the type of work, but also by the presence of additional functions. Models with an oven will always be more expensive. They should be purchased only if you really cook pastries. The cheapest option would be a gas appliance without an oven.

Are gas stoves cheaper to operate than electric ones?
If there is no gas supply in the area of ​​residence, then you will have to connect the line. This usually comes at a cost. However, gas is considered a more economical raw material than electricity. In the future, your investment will pay off.

How much does the stove cost?
The cost of the stove depends on several factors: functionality, brand, availability of additional options and the number of burners. Electric models are priced at $350-$1700, while gas models are $300-$2200.

Which is cheaper, gas or electric stove?
Electric models have always been cheaper than gas models, but not by much. Modern home appliance stores sell options that are equivalent in price. It is important to understand that gas appliances will be cheaper to operate than electric ones.

How much does it cost to use gas per month?
If you use gas equipment 1-2 hours a day, the cost of use will be quite low. The final price will depend on the region of residence. In some parts of the country, gas is cheaper than in the central regions.

What additional options do gas appliances have?
Modern gas stoves have a lot of useful features that simplify the use of the device. These include a control system, blocking the gas supply in the event of a leak, a timer with an audible signal.