Why is my Firestick remote not pairing

If one day the highly sought-after AmazonFirestick is lost or broken and the owner has to buy a new one, there is no need to worry. You should not be upset if the remote control does not work. If you stock up on perseverance and patience, then connecting it is quite simple. The main reason people fail to do this is their inability to take matters into their own hands.

Firestick connection

To activate the remote control, hold down the “HOME” button for twenty seconds, pointing the device directly at the TV. It is possible that such actions will have to be performed repeatedly. Only then will technology finally come into play. The main thing is not to lose patience. Sooner or later, the TV receiver will display the inscription “Remote connection”.

But before that, you need to make sure that the Firestick or FireTV is powered.

To connect the remote control, you need to find the “HOME” button. After detection, you need to press it and hold it for about twenty seconds, pointing the remote control at the TV. After a certain time, it will start flashing.

If nothing like this happens, then you should stop and restart the process. The main thing is to get the Firestick to start beeping.

If he appeared, then you need to wait another half a minute and only then take up the remote control. A Remote Connection pop-up should appear at the bottom right of the TV screen. This process will re-establish the Bluetooth remote control connection with the receiving machine.

This procedure can tire any user, so you should patiently wait for it to finish. Sometimes you have to repeat everything twenty times until the pairing process works.

Firestick connection

Connecting a New Firestick Remote

If a new modern remote device has appeared in the house, then it will be possible to connect it without much hassle using the convenient AmazonFireTV application. Its settings have already been described in the previous part. As a result, the lossless application is able to replace the temporary remote control. In order to give it similar functions, you must:

  • scroll to “Settings”;
  • go down;
  • go to “Controllers and BLUETOOTH Devices”.
  • select “AMAZONFIRETVREMOTES Remote Controls”
  • set to “Add a new remote control”.

Firestick or FireTV will immediately start searching for a new device. On it, you need to hold the “HOME” button for at least ten seconds. When a new Firestick remote control is found, it will appear in a list on the screen. This will indicate that the additional remote control has been paired.

Troubleshooting the remote control

It is necessary to establish communication with the remote device in full accordance with the indicated recommendations and carry out the above actions at least 20 times. Then it remains only to turn off and turn on the TV or Firestick again.

Troubleshooting the remote control

Switching off and off the TV receiver

This type of troubleshooting is taken for granted. Unplugging the receiver from the electrical outlet is the most common way to successfully pair the Firestick.

The main thing to pay attention to is the leisurely actual waiting of one minute. Be patient and make sure the full 60 seconds have elapsed. Before that, you should not try to connect the Firestick device.

After starting the TV, it is advisable to try to start the remote control again by pressing the “Home” button for twenty seconds.

If all else fails, then you need to turn off and turn on the device again. If it is missing, since FireTV is installed, then the considered item should simply be skipped.

Working with the Firestick technique

In order to turn the set-top box off and on again, you must disconnect it from the USB port, and not from HDMI. Then it will remain connected to the back of the TV and disconnected from the flash drive.

It needs to be stopped for half a minute, and then started again.

Working with the Firestick Remote

Sometimes all previous actions do not lead to the desired result, and turning off and on the TV or Firestick does not work. Then further it is necessary to do the same with the power supply of the remote control.

You need to remove the backing from it and remove the batteries. You should wait half a minute, and then insert them again. You also need to make sure that they are located correctly and correspond to their poles.

If, after all that has been done, the connection has not been restored, then you just need to take other batteries and put a new pair in the remote control.

Working with the Firestick Remote

Downloading the AmazonFireTV app

The following fix is a must, whether or not a remote AmazonFirestick is connected.

Such an application is sold complete with a remote control that is convenient to work with the corresponding TV. If the remote control stops working, you just need to open AmazonFireTV on your smartphone and use everything you need from it.

In addition, the remote control for the application is a significant improvement over the physical one.

Such a remote is not large and is not equipped with a keyboard, and the phone allows you to type and navigate. It also provides voice search. Therefore, this type of remote control often replaces the usual scheme.

To download the application in the AppStore or GooglePlay service, you need to search for “AmazonFireTV”. After downloading it, you need to make some settings. Then the TV screen will display 4 digits. To connect, you need to enter them into the application.

Then you should check if the phone and FirestickTV are on the same Wi-Fi network. If this condition is not met, they will not be able to connect.

Downloading the AmazonFireTV app

Pairing break with the subsequent restoration of the Firestick remote control

Such a correction is carried out last, as it is very difficult. Therefore, to test your strength, you need to download and set up the AmazonFireTV application.

When the Firestick settings become available, you need to disable pairing and restore the remote. In fact, in reality, everything will be much simpler.

To access the settings without remote control, you must use the previously downloaded AmazonFireTV application.

Then you need to turn on FireTV and click on the gear icon located at the top left and follow these steps.

  1. Select “Settings”.
  2. Go to “Remote controls and Bluetooth devices”
  3. After them – to “AmazonFireTVRemote Remotes”,
  4. Scroll down to “AmazonFireTVRemote”.

It will most likely become apparent that “Battery” is “Offline”. This state of affairs happens even with new devices. In this case, the difficulties are most likely related to the connection.

In this case, you need to click the icon with three lines in the lower right corner of the application and disable the remote control. When pairing stops, you need to go to the “Add a new remote” function. It is located in the Bluetooth Remotes and Devices section. Here you should find “Battery: OK”. Only then will the Firestick remote control be paired again.