Why is the orange light on my Xbox One power supply

The Xbox One power supply has a surge protector and a status light. The latter warns of problems that may arise during the operation of the device. Sometimes the icon turns orange, which causes a lot of questions from users. What does this mean?

The orange illumination of the indicator indicates that the device has switched to standby mode. It cannot be turned on in this state because there is not enough power. To solve the problem, you need to turn off the power supply for at least 10 minutes, and then turn it on. This method allows you to reset the settings.

What should I do if the power supply indicator turns orange?

An indicator that turns orange indicates a power problem. The game console may not be receiving enough power to start working, or it may simply not be transmitting it. Let’s consider several options for solving the problem.

The orange light is on continuously

If the orange indicator is on constantly, then the problem is hidden in the supply of electricity. To fix the problem, you need to redirect the connection from standby mode to work mode. First of all, it is recommended to reconnect the console to a different outlet.

Xbox One orange light

First, make sure that the power supply is properly connected to the outlet, and also check if there is electricity in it. The outlet may be broken or have insufficient voltage. If everything is OK with the hardware, but the indicator remains orange, then try other methods to solve the problem.

Try unplugging the power supply from both the console and the wall outlet. Wait 10-20 minutes for the system to reboot and reset. Reconnect all the components together in the correct order. If everything is done correctly, the indicator will turn yellow. You can proceed directly to the gameplay.

If this method does not help, then try resetting your Xbox One. Follow the instructions:

  1. Check if there are disks in the console and remove them.
  2. Press and hold three buttons at the same time: power, search and eject.
  3. Hold down the keys for 10 seconds, after which the power button will flash periodically.
  4. Once this happens, release the eject button. The remaining keys should be held for about 15 seconds.

If your game console still won’t turn on, it may need service. Submit a request using the login on the “Support” page on the official website of the company.

The indicator continues to flash continuously

An orange icon that is constantly blinking indicates an internal problem with the device. Most likely, the power supply has failed and is now unable to receive and transmit electricity. In this situation, you will need to purchase a new original item.

indicator continues to flash continuously

If the indicator turns yellow, this indicates that the console is broken, but it can be repaired. With proper maintenance and care, the device will last more than 10 years. If the device is quite old, then instead of repair, you should pay attention to the new developments of Microsoft.

Other Common Xbox One Power Supply Problems

The game console power supply is a network device built into the device. It transfers power to the Xbox One, protects it, and can last up to 10 years. Sometimes the power supply fails, which is normal for any equipment. There are several common situations that can catch any user by surprise. However, even a beginner can deal with them.


If the device does not have enough ventilation, it will overheat. The indicator in this situation will turn red instead of orange.

If the problem occurs suddenly, then try the following steps:

  • turn off the device to prevent internal damage;
  • unplug the power supply from the socket;
  • wait a few hours for the console to cool down;
  • create conditions for additional ventilation.

It is important to prevent frequent overheating of the device. This will negatively affect his work in the future.


Try to increase the ventilation of the console, especially during gameplay. Open a window, turn on the air conditioner, or move the appliance to a more open space. This way you can prevent re-heating.

System failure due to malware infiltration

If the system is “hit” by malware, the console will start to turn off during the gameplay. In this situation, players begin to check the power supply, however, as a rule, everything is in order with it.

To deal with the “virus” problem, follow the algorithm:

  • press the “Xbox” key on the joystick;
  • enter the “Settings” section;
  • find the block “Information”;
  • activate the operation “Reset console”;
  • remove everything from the console, or leave the downloaded games;
  • The device will be turned off and rebooted.

Thanks to this method, players can clean the game console from all malware. If after turning on the problem continues to persist, then you should contact the wizard. Most likely, the malfunction is not related to the penetration of viruses.

No voltage

Another problem that often occurs with power supplies is the lack of voltage. Xbox One will not function without proper voltage. Before starting the gameplay, it is important to make sure that all systems are working.

No voltage

Try an alternative power supply

If the above tips did not help, then you need to figure out what exactly the problem is hidden. Most likely, it does not touch the power supply. To test, try connecting the console to another unit. For example, taking it from a friend or neighbor. If the device works fine with another block, then order a new power supply and continue playing. Fortunately, they are quite cheap in price and are sold in all hardware stores.