Why Maytag washer is not filling with water

In order for the washing machine to perform its functions, a continuous supply of water is required. But sometimes in Maytag household appliances (and not only) a failure or breakdown occurs, as a result, water is not collected. You can’t use a broken machine. To find out the causes and fix the problem, you can call a specialist or try to restore working capacity yourself. Let’s look at the most common problems due to which the Maytag machine does not draw water, and find out how to fix them yourself.

Before you start to panic and troubleshoot your washing machine, check the water system. Often the problem arises due to interruptions in water, and household appliances are working.

Domestic water supply

Without water, the washing machine will not be able to wash things, so you need to connect it correctly. Some models require only cold water, others cold and hot. If there is an interruption in the water supply, the machine will not draw water. In addition to a stable supply, it is important that the water is supplied at the correct pressure.

Domestic water supply

If you notice that your Maytag washing machine won’t fill with water, check your home’s water supply first. Open the taps that are nearby and check the water supply. If there are no interruptions in water, then the reason must be sought in the machine itself. If there is no water, then everything is in order with the equipment.

Be sure to report interruptions in water supply to a special emergency service or to a company that supplies water. The problem can be both inside your home and outside of it, on a larger scale (for example, a rush on the line, etc.).

It is not always possible to find a problem with water supply on your own. If the company responsible for the water supply in your area said that there was no water outage, then the cause must be looked for in the house. For this, it is better to call specialists.

If you find a problem with the water supply in your home, you should immediately call specialists to fix it. When the problem is outside your home, you can simply ask when the water supply will be restored and wait.

Faucets for hot and cold water

Faucets for hot and cold water

Taps are responsible for the water outlet from the central water supply. In order for the washing machine to fill with water, they must be open. If the Maytag washing machine model is connected to cold and hot water, then both taps must be in the open position.

Water may not be drawn into the machine due to the fact that the tap is completely or partially closed. They can be closed to prevent flooding. It is also convenient to turn off the water if you need to disconnect the hoses from the machine.

Before looking for a breakdown in household appliances, check that everything is in order with the taps, they are open and water flows freely. If there are no interruptions in water supply in the central water supply, and the taps are open, it is possible that they will break down. It is worth calling a plumber or replacing the taps yourself in order to resume the normal supply of water to the connected washing machine.

Shut off the water in your home before replacing or repairing taps. This will avoid flooding and quickly do the necessary work.

Water supply hose

Water supply hose

When you checked the water supply and taps, and there were no problems there, you need to look for the cause further. The next step is to check the water supply hoses. Between the water taps and the inlet valves of the machine there is a connecting hose or two if the Maytag model is connected to both hot and cold water. In the normal position, the hose should be tightly screwed to the faucet and valves. There should be no gaps or leaks at the joints.

If water does not enter the machine through the hose, the cause may be a kink or blockage. Often the machine is moved too close to the wall, due to which the hose is pinched or kinked. Because of this, water does not enter the machine.

Another reason is a crack or other defect in the hose, due to which water flows onto the floor, and not into the machine. But this will be evidenced by a puddle under household appliances. If the problem with the water supply is due to the hose, you need to replace it. This can be done independently, without the involvement of a wizard:

  1. Turn off the water so as not to flood the floor.
  2. Unscrew the hose from the water supply.
  3. Unscrew the hose from the inlet valve of the washing machine.
  4. Take the new hose and screw it in place of the old one.
  5. Make sure there is enough space between the wall and the washing machine so that the hose is not pinched.
  6. Check the water supply.

Water supply hose problem

If the problem was in the water supply hoses, then after replacing them it will disappear. If water is also not collected, the cause must be looked for further.

Inlet valve for water

The next “suspect” due to which water does not enter the washing machine tank is the water inlet valve. In Maytag household appliances, it is located on the back side. The water supply hoses that we talked about earlier are connected to this valve.

If the model involves connecting to hot and cold water, then there will not be two inlet valves. If at least one of them is faulty, water will not be collected. In order for water to enter the machine, the inlet valve opens and allows the drum to fill up before the start of the wash cycle. When there is enough water in the machine, the valve closes and does not allow water to pass through.

In order for the inlet valve to work correctly, the central water supply must have optimal pressure. If it is not enough, the valve will not open, respectively, the machine will not be filled. So check your pressure first.

Inlet valve for water

Another reason why water does not flow is the screens in the intake valves are blocked. They are necessary to keep out debris and foreign objects from the water that can get into the washing machine.

The most common problem is intake valves simply fail over time. In this case, it simply does not open when it should, or it gets stuck in the closed position. Water for obvious reasons will not flow into the tank.

Before starting repair work, always unplug the appliance from the power source. This will prevent electric shock.

To fix this problem, you need to do the following:

  1. Clean the screen inside the inlet valve, it may be clogged or there are foreign objects blocking the water supply.
  2. If this does not help, you need to replace the valves. In the Maytag washing machine, they are at the back. To gain access, you must remove the back panel.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the old faulty valve, unscrew the screws.
  4. Remove the old valve, install a new one in its place.
  5. Fasten the screws, connect the electrical connectors.

If the problem was with the inlet valves, then after the replacement, the water supply to the machine will resume. Household appliances will work correctly again.

Drain pipe (or riser)

Drain pipe (or riser)

It is very important to do everything correctly when connecting a washing machine in order to avoid possible problems during the operation of household appliances. The drain hose is connected to the machine at one end, and the other end is connected to the riser (drainpipe). This is necessary so that the water used during washing is drained at the end of the cycle. The drain hose forms a U-shape.

If the washing machine is installed incorrectly, a siphoning effect may occur. If the height of the riser is less than 75 cm, then water is constantly sucked into the drain hose by gravity. As a result, the machine is filled, and the water is immediately drained into the sewer. With such a problem, you need to adjust the height of the riser. The washing machine in this case is fully operational.

You will have to redo the riser to achieve a height of more than 75 cm. If the washing machine is too high (on pallets, cabinets, etc.), then you just need to lower it lower. After changing the difference in height, water will no longer be sucked into the system, which means the machine will fill and wash normally.

When problems arise with filling the tank of a Maytag or other brand washing machine, it is not always a matter of household appliances malfunctioning. First, check the water supply, the pressure in the system, and whether the taps that allow water to the connected machine are open. If everything is in order with this, then you can start looking for the cause in household appliances.

Using our recommendations, you can quickly find the cause and even eliminate it yourself. Do not forget to turn off the water and disconnect the machine from the power source before starting work. If you are not sure that you can handle the repair yourself, call a specialist so as not to aggravate the problem.