Why the Blink cameras are not working

Sometimes it happens that the Blink security camera stops working. If the owner, who is away from home, wants to access the existing video, but cannot achieve this, then the situation is not very good. It is necessary to have constant access to this type of equipment.

There are a huge number of reasons why it fails. Sometimes its owner encounters the designation “Camera busy” or other error messages. As a rule, they occur when there are problems with the synchronization module.

Many Blink users face similar difficulties. There are a number of ways to deal with these problems, so you just need to calm down and not immediately rush to get a new device. Below are recommendations for fixing it.

Equipment failure

If error messages appear in the form of “Camera busy”, “Live view error” or “Sketch error”, then you should take care of the synchronization module. It is he who is responsible for connecting the equipment to Wi-Fi and other devices.

These problems may also indicate that the batteries are dead or that the Internet is not working. However, such difficulties are completely solvable. If you carefully read the instructions, then in the shortest possible time the security system will be fully debugged.

Dealing with a Blink camera malfunction

If you are having difficulty using the Live View option on your camera, there are usually several reasons for this.

Dealing with a Blink camera malfunction

The most common is a poor wireless connection. Sometimes the equipment is too far from the router or the synchronization module. And sometimes it just needs to be rebooted.

The sync module is a smart hub that relays information from Blink to the network. It is very important to clarify that the cameras require batteries to function. When their energy runs out, the equipment stops working.

Amazon recommends lithium AA options as they will last longer than rechargeable or alkaline ones. You should also check the battery life of your Blink device more frequently to prevent system shutdown.

LED indicator test

First, you need to clarify what shade of the LED is installed on the camera.

A red light indicates that there are problems with the connection. You need to enter the application and control the signal intensity. If less than 3 signal bands are indicated, then the existing difficulties will have to be eliminated.

A solid blue color indicates that the hardware is currently writing something. While it is running, the video cannot be accessed. Some Blink models work exactly like this.

LED indicator test

Impact on the synchronization module

Starting and shutting down the equipment stimulates the sync module to reconnect to Wi-Fi. This is the fastest way to resume Blink.

You just need to disconnect the synchronization module from the electricity and wait about 10 seconds before reconnecting to the outlet. During this time, you need to get the batteries, and then put them in place.

When the hardware is working again, it will give a green or blue signal, requiring it to be debugged using a router.

Reset the device module and sync

When the equipment does not want to connect, then first of all it is necessary to reset it. Sometimes, immediately after that, it resumes normal functioning. This method will help to reset Blink to factory settings and the owner will receive a valid security system.

First, you need to find the reset button on the camera. Usually, it is located on the back wall near the batteries, but on specific models its localization is different.

Then you should take a pencil or paper clip, press the key and hold it for about ten seconds. The hole is not large, so a thin object is required. The LEDs will glow red to indicate a hardware reset.

Then you need to reconnect it and the synchronization module to the application and Wi-Fi. The process seems time-consuming, but in reality, it only takes a few minutes.

Reset the Blink camera

Reset Wi-Fi Router

If the owner of the device constantly encounters problems connecting it to the network, then the router is most likely damaged.

First, you need to press the button and restart or disconnect it from electricity for a few minutes. After a new start, you should wait until it works again.

If the router is malfunctioning, then the improvement will be noticeable to the naked eye. You might also consider moving the sync module and router closer to each other. If they are too far away, then there will always be connection problems.

Using a different power supply

If you want to test a new power supply, then you need to do the following steps. Remove the batteries and then connect the USB power adapter and micro USB cable to Blink. Such actions will provide the camera with the ability to work without batteries.

But it is important to know where the equipment will be placed. In some cases, this option is not acceptable. Then you should still perform similar actions to make sure that the batteries are working and fully charged.

Blink camera power supply

If the user is having problems with Blink equipment failure, it is worth trying to apply the most important steps:

  • check the LED indicator and whether it is successfully connected to Wi-Fi;
  • try to switch the equipment off and on again;
  • try to reset it and the synchronization module;
  • reset the Wi-Fi router settings with a new connection;
  • apply an alternative power supply.

If all these actions do not have the desired result, then it remains only to contact the Blink service department. They will help to issue the existing guarantees or, if they expire, they will repair the camera for money. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new system.