Why the Sony TV won’t turn on

The famous Sony company has long and firmly established itself as one of the most reliable and popular manufacturers of great TVs on the market today, but their quality products also have some drawbacks. Some users regularly encounter the fact that their equipment suddenly refuses to work.

If the household appliance cannot be turned on, then the first step is to carefully check the cable connections.

Then you need to reset the power supply by disconnecting the device from the network for a couple of minutes. When it is offline, press and hold the start button. After the specified time has elapsed, it must be connected again.

If this method did not produce the desired result, then one should not immediately fall into despair. There are many more ways to deal with the problem.

Common causes of Sony equipment failure

There are a huge number of different factors leading to the failure of the TV. In the future, they should be considered in more detail.

Connection failure

Most often, the device is incorrectly connected to electricity or there is a problem with the mains filter or extension cord used. Then you need to check the condition of the wire and make sure that it is involved on both sides. After connecting it correctly, it is worth restarting the television device.

Connection failure

If the problem still does not disappear, then you need to monitor the operation of the surge protector or extension cord to find any problems.

You should try to disconnect equipment from them altogether and connect equipment to it that works fine. It is also worth bringing the TV receiver to an electrical outlet and checking its functionality.

Experience shows that each cord individually is able to function normally. In some cases, HDMI connections are broken or dongles and converters fail. If everything is done, but the complexity has not disappeared, then further recommendations will be given.

System error

There is another difficulty that users often face. It concerns a system error in the internal structure of Sony’s smart technology. Then the LED signal will glow red 8 times until the TV receiver is turned off.

In this case, it is advisable to follow this advice and reset the power supply. The Sony TV must be left off for 2 full minutes while holding the button.

Such actions will exhaust the residual power held by its capacitors and lead to a subsequent reset. After that, it remains only to turn on the television again and calmly watch your favorite TV shows.

Sony TV won't turn on

Remote control failure

Sometimes the solution turns out to be extremely simple and consists in a simple check of the functionality of the remote control.

You need to check the condition of its batteries several times and try to use the power button of the television device. This will help to understand the extent to which the console was involved in creating the problem.

If the equipment works, then you should change the remote control. Good remote controls for Sony TV receivers are sold on Amazon. You just need to make sure that they fit a specific model. In many ways, this condition is connected precisely with the presence of Smart TV.

Availability of updates

An additional reason for the TV to stop working is the lack of current updates. The most modern equipment is equipped with LEDs that glow orange when fresh versions are available. Then you just have to wait until they are loaded and watch movies further.

You do not need to turn off or disconnect the household appliance from the electricity. Otherwise, all kinds of failures can follow, which will disrupt its operation and force you to carry the device for repair.

Disabling the Energy Saving Relay

If your model has an energy-saving switch, then you need to check it as well. It is worth making sure that it is not in the “off” position. If this is the case, then the power will be significantly reduced and the Sony will not turn on.

Disabling the Energy Saving Relay

This function is located on the right panel of the TV or under it near the power button. It is necessary to use the control and try to restart the device with a preliminary shutdown for 2 minutes. After that, you need to put it back into action.

Overheating of a household appliance

Another factor in connection with which the TV device will not turn on is too much heat. If this happened, then when you try to turn on the built-in LED will flash red 8 times.

In this case, you should check to ensure that Sony is properly circulating air. For this purpose, it is required:

  1. Turn off or disconnect it from the mains.
  2. Use a blower to clean the TV from dust in hard-to-reach places without risking damage to its internal mechanism.
  3. Turn the device so that the ventilation holes are clearly visible and accessible.
  4. Treat them with a blower, taking care not to damage the strokes of the nozzle.
  5. The subsequent release of dust must be noted in order to understand that it has been completely eliminated.
  6. Return the equipment to its original place and reconnect it.
  7. Power up the TV receiver.

If the procedure did not lead to anything, then you need to make a request to the Sony technical service.

Connecting the TV to the wrong input source

The unit sometimes refuses to turn on due to an input source selection error. It is necessary to monitor this very carefully, otherwise the household appliance will not work.

If you are using a cable box, streaming device or DVD player, then you need to check the input and source of the equipment itself and the number of the selected HDMI port several times.

The following will be an example of using a TV receiver with “HDMI 2”. The most comfortable way to find the correct input source is two different approaches.

Connecting the TV to the wrong input source

The first is to use the remote control. You should turn on Sony, press the “Source” button on the remote control and select the appropriate input mode. The second is to change the input source without using remote control. In this case, you need:

  • turn on the TV;
  • in the side or bottom of it, press the “MENU” button;
  • use the sound control key to switch to the selected type of source;
  • use the menu button to search for the appropriate input source.

Some models are equipped with a similar button on the side or back, and it is easy to use to select the desired channel.

Contacting Sony Service

If all the recommended actions have already been taken, and the TV has not turned on, then you need to think about repairing it. First, you need to make sure that the warranty period is still valid.

Then you need to contact Sony customer service and explain to them the problem with turning on the TV. It is advisable to insist that its debugging be done quickly.

If the warranty period has expired, you must deliver the TV set to a nearby workshop. If it is already outdated, then it is better to purchase a new one.