A few simple steps if the LG freezer not freezing

Freezer LG provides food storage at low temperatures. If they are not cooled enough or frozen, you need to take steps to fix the problem. Delay will result in spoilage of food and the appearance of an unpleasant odour.

There are a lot of reasons why food stopped cooling or freezing, but first, we recommend checking that the plug is plugged into the outlet and that there were no power outages.

A few tips. Do not load hot foods into the freezer, chill them first. Pay attention to the installation location of the device. If during the day the sun’s rays fall on it, move it to another place. Leave enough space between products for good ventilation, do not overload the chamber. Close the freezer lid tightly, do not place heaters near it. Set the correct temperature regime based on the category of products that you are going to store inside.

This quick guide will help you find the cause of your freezer not working properly. It discusses the main breakdowns faced by users of LG equipment. Try to eliminate problems yourself by first de-energizing the freezer.

Why LG Freezer Stops Working

Next, consider 5 reasons why the freezer could stop working. You will also receive answers to frequently asked questions.

Dirty condenser coil

The freezer refrigerant circulates through the condenser coil. This is such a tube bent in the form of a snake, made of copper or other materials. It is located outside the freezer on its back wall.

Dirty condenser coil

The condenser coil is where the heat from the chamber is transferred to the surroundings. Most freezers have a condenser fan that pushes air past the coil to increase the efficiency of the heat transfer process.

Fouled coil leads to poor heat transfer. Dust accumulated on the surface, to a certain extent, prevents heat transfer. This causes the freezer to stop cooling properly.

It is not worth worrying ahead of time, the problem is easily solved. It is necessary to arm yourself with a brush, rag or vacuum cleaner and remove all dust accumulated on the surface of the coil. Proceed in this order:

  1. Vacuum or brush first to remove all debris and loose dirt in the immediate vicinity of the coil.
  2. Then clean the metal tubes themselves.

After cleaning, you will find that the heat transfer process is more efficient and the cooling/freezing quality of the food inside the compartment is noticeably improved. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

Frozen evaporator coil

In addition to the condenser coil, the freezer has an evaporator coil. Together they are elements of a closed loop system that operates without any contact with the environment.

Frozen evaporator coil

The evaporator coil is located inside the freezer, not outside. He is responsible for lowering the temperature in it. If the coil is covered with frost or ice, its operation is disrupted. Products no longer cool properly.

Please note: LG freezers are equipped with electronics that automatically start the defrosting process, preventing the formation of frost or ice buildup on the coil. But if you find that snow or ice is present, this does not mean that the defrost cycle is not working properly.

In any case, you must manually defrost the freezer. Disconnect it from the household network and leave it like that for several hours. When everything has melted, start the appliance and check if the food is cooling well.

Evaporator fan motor problems

The fan motor may fail after a short circuit or power surges in the network. This is sometimes due to normal wear and tear if the freezer has been in operation for several years. Regardless of the cause of the breakdown, it is necessary to replace the part – buy a new fan assembly with the engine.

Evaporator fan motor problems

Start relay failure

If after checking the coils the problem is not identified, you need to pay attention to the compressor, which pumps refrigerant vapour into the condenser.

The compressor is started by the start relay. If it fails, the compressor stops working. Hence a simple conclusion – the refrigerant does not enter the system, the products are not cooled.

Start relay failure

Check the start relay manually and with a multimeter.

Manual Check: Inspect the relay for visible signs of damage. If there are melted components and there is a smell of burnt plastic, replace the element.

Multimeter: Use a multimeter to check the integrity of the start relay. If it fails, replace it with a new one.


If the problem still persists after all the steps taken, check the freezer thermostat. It regulates the temperature inside.

LG freezer thermostat

The thermostat tells the control board to start or stop the cooling process. If it is faulty, the whole system will not work properly: the cooling will not start, the chamber will remain warm, and the food inside will deteriorate.

Unfortunately, the thermostat cannot be repaired, it must be replaced with a new one.

To determine if the thermostat is broken or not, use a multimeter. If the meter indicates a lack of continuity, it must be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following is a list of frequently asked questions from users of LG home appliances and the answers to them. Check them out, you might be able to solve your problem.

What temperature should I set in a freezer with a French door?
Set the freezer temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The United States Food and Drug Administration considers that bacteria growth does not occur at this temperature, and the food placed inside is cooled well.

The freezer is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Products are not frozen. Why is this happening?

Why is my freezer cold but not freezing?
When your LG freezer is cold but not cold enough to freeze food, it’s probably because the condenser coils are dirty. The condenser coils release heat from the freezer to the environment. When it becomes dirty, it prevents the freezer from reaching freezing temperatures.

What to do if the freezer does not freeze?
Check the temperature at which household appliances operate. It must be set to a minimum of 0 degrees or lower. Wait a few hours. If nothing has changed, follow the steps described in yours in sequence. Start by cleaning the condenser coil, warm up the evaporator coil, inspect the start relay and check its operation, verify that the evaporator fan motor is working, ring the thermostat, replace if required.

How to reset the installed settings of the LG freezer?
The reset is performed automatically when the freezer is disconnected from the AC power. Remove the plug from the socket, de-energizing the equipment. Wait at least 10 minutes. Turn it back on. The settings will be reset. Install new ones according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How can I defrost my freezer without unplugging it from the mains?
There is one effective method that allows you to defrost the camera without disconnecting the 220 volt network. It involves the use of a pot of hot water. It must be placed inside and the door closed. The hot steam will melt the frost and ice that has formed inside. If this does not happen the first time, remove the pot, pour new water and boil. As soon as it reaches 100 degrees, remove from heat, place in a chamber. Repeat the process until you reach your goal.
Use this method if you don’t want to override your settings. But since it is time-consuming, it is better to disconnect the equipment from the network and wait for natural defrosting. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Turn it on to air heating mode, direct the jet to the desired places and wait until the defrost is completed.