Error code E15 or leakage protection in a Bosch dishwasher

The famous company Bosch produces exceptionally reliable household appliances and a variety of tools. Housewives have always been in demand for her dishwashers. But some users, who have installed dishwashers in their kitchen, from time to time are faced with the appearance of the error code E15. Therefore, they need to understand what it means.

The machine displays this symbol if an increased volume of water is detected in the lower part of the machine. The unit then stops and issues an E15 signal. It indicates that the flood protection option has been activated to prevent excess liquid from flowing onto the floor.

As a rule, such problems arise due to:

It is necessary to tell in detail about the various causes of the error code E15 during the operation of the device and about possible ways to deal with them.

Bosch dishwasher error code E15

Meaning of error code E15 in Bosch dishwashers

In a Bosch machine, the appearance of such a symbol indicates that there is excess liquid at the bottom. It accumulates in the gutter, in connection with which the option is activated. As a result, the dishwasher stops. The error code will remain lit until it is reset.

As already mentioned, E15 is included in the leak protection system. The signal contributes to the fact that the unit stops working in cases where water appears in the wrong places and creates a threat of flooding the room.

To solve this problem, you need to reset the symbol that appears. Then you should find the factor that led to the fact that the water flowed to the bottom of the machine and eliminate the difficulties that have arisen. Otherwise, the code will light up again until the problem is fixed.

Reset error code E15 in a Bosch dishwasher

A safety relay that includes a similar code is activated when water is present. There are 2 methods to reset it. The first is related to the tilt of the unit, and the second involves manual switching.

Reset error code E15 in a Bosch dishwasher

Tilt technique

A similar way to solve the problem is due to the fact that the dishwasher is removed from under the sink or other kitchen furniture. Then it needs to be carefully tilted back at an angle of 45 degrees.

These actions will help the fluid drain from the fuse and return it to its original settings. As a result, the error code will disappear, and the machine will work in the usual mode.

Manual breaker reset

There is a way to release the bottom and release the protective relay on your own.

Its design consists of a switch and a polystyrene disc in the gutter. When water enters, the float disc rises to the surface and actuates the safety switch.

Manual breaker reset

In order to use the manual method, all liquid must first be removed from the trough. It is best to use a rag or something else to dry the surfaces. If the polystyrene disc does not move, then you need to pick it up and place it in its place at the bottom of the trough.

Then the error code E15 will be reset and the equipment will start functioning normally.

Causes of error code E15 when operating a Bosch dishwasher

Eliminating the error code designation helps the unit return to a functional state. But, if the root cause of the failure is not corrected, then it will again return to such a malfunction.

The presence of water in its trough is usually due to:

  1. Tank defect.
  2. Too much detergent.
  3. Faulty hoses.
  4. Breakage of fittings.
  5. Sump leaks.

Excess soap

To establish a washing cycle in Bosch technology, two main components are needed: water and powder. And both must be taken in the correct ratio.

Bosch dishwasher excess soap

The flow of liquid into the machine is automated. Therefore, she herself decides how much of her volume is required for each cycle. After the unit will monitor its amount using the inlet valve.

Detergent in this technique is usually applied manually. Therefore, the hostess should first carefully study the instructions placed on the container with soap and add only the indicated volume.

The causes of difficulties are most often associated with the fact that the owners of the equipment make an excessive amount of detergent. Such an error provokes the creation of more foam than the dishwasher can process. In the end, the liquid begins to flow into unwanted places. Sometimes it even drips into the gutter at the bottom of the unit, which leads to the activation of the protective relay and the occurrence of the error code E15.

Correcting the situation is due to the fact that you first need to reset the symbol that appears. Then you need to run an empty cycle to eliminate excess foam or soap residue. The process will be faster if you choose the highest temperature of the incoming water.

Then you should take a package of detergent and carefully study the recommendations for its use. Usually, the manufacturer warns about how much it needs to be added to complete the dishwashing cycle.

Sump leak

At the very bottom of the machine there is a tray into which water contaminated during processing flows. After that, she goes outside.

It is worthwhile to clearly imagine the causes of violations arising in such cases.

The error code E15 that appears indicates that there is water in the pan located at the bottom of the unit. Usually she gets there because of a leak that allows her to go where she doesn’t need to.

The sump is located directly above the gutter, where the safety switch and polystyrene disc are located. If a sump leak occurs, the liquid flows directly into the gutter. The float then rises to the surface and actuates the safety switch.

Usually this happens due to wear of the gasket or seal of the pan at the bottom of the tank. It happens that it weakens or corrodes. Then the seal ceases to be airtight, which provokes leakage of water, which begins to drip into the lower gutter.

To correct the situation, you should try to tighten the screws inside the dishwasher that hold the tray in place. These steps help fix the problem of a loose seal. But, if the situation is caused by other reasons, then it is required to remove the pallet and replace the corresponding part.

Leakage from water tank or hose

Leakage from a water tank or hose

The design of most machines, and Bosch is no exception, includes water tanks with several hoses. Some of them provide for the internal supply and circulation of filtered or clean dishwashing liquid. The other part performs the function of draining the dirty and bringing it out.

The reservoir is usually located on the side of the unit under the access panel and contains enough water for a full cycle.

As a rule, a failure is due to the fact that gradually the containers and hoses begin to flow. Sometimes they were incorrectly mounted from the very beginning, and it also happens that their joints are not properly sealed. It also happens that they weaken, which provokes water leakage.

Then it begins to flow to the very bottom of the device, where a chute is located at the bottom. Then the safety switch comes into action, stopping the equipment and setting the error code E15.

The ways to eliminate the created situation are related to the cessation of the leak immediately after its detection.

To do this, you need to perform the most important sequence of actions. Their algorithm is the following.

Remove the access panels on all sides of the appliance and then examine the water tank and all front hoses. Even a tiny leak will be easier to detect if you look at their entire length. It is also important to run your hand over all surfaces in order to feel the presence of moisture on your skin. Then even what was not visible to the eye will immediately be found. After the search for the defect location is completed, the corresponding part must be replaced.

It is very easy to install new hoses even for an inexperienced user, especially if he is guided by the instructions or technical data sheet. There he will find all the required recommendations suitable for a particular model.

Bosch dishwasher repair

Breakage of various devices

In addition to tanks and hoses, Bosch dishwashers are equipped with several design elements to help redirect water flows. They are aimed at ensuring that the liquid flows exactly where it needs to drain. Then it circulates freely, creating optimal conditions for the operation of the unit.

The main causes of failures are that even the most reliable devices gradually wear out. In some cases, they are subject to corrosion as a result of a long service life, and it also happens that some object damages their inner surface with the formation of a break or crack.

In such cases, water is able to seep through them to the chute at the bottom, actuating the safety switch. Then the message about the error code E15 appears.

Ways to fix the problem are related to the complexity of repairing parts inside the device. Therefore, it needs to be replaced. It is necessary to remove the corresponding panel to gain access to the element of the mechanism and remove all fasteners holding it in place.

In order to quickly and effectively deal with the various difficulties that arise when using a Bosch dishwasher, it is better to study in detail the reference materials in the form of user instructions and data sheets. Here, in the form of diagrams, the exact location of all parts for each specific model is indicated.