Getting rid of error codes F03 E01 on the Maytag washer

Manufacturers of household appliances have come up with special codes to indicate a variety of failures and errors. The problem can occur even in devices that have worked for a very short time. For example, software failure. In the Maytag washing machine, the “F03 / E01” errors indicate one of two problems, and the reasons that caused the failure will have to be found out on your own or a specialist should be called.

Meaning of “F03/E01” errors

If one code error is displayed on the display of household appliances, the problem is immediately clear. The owner himself decides whether he can eliminate the cause with his own hands or turn to the master. When there are two codes on the display at once, it becomes more difficult to determine the cause, especially for an inexperienced person in this area.

F03 E01 on the Maytag washer

When a combination of error codes “F03 and E01” appear immediately, this may indicate the following:

  • the control board receives incorrect information about the water level – a breakdown can be in any element of the machine – from wiring to sensors;
  • the door does not open – a common problem, the reason lies in a broken sensor that transmits water level readings to the board.

To be sure in determining the malfunction, you need to follow our recommendations. Perhaps you can not only find out the cause of the errors, but also fix the problem yourself.

Finding a problem

Most often, the “culprit” is the sensor, pressure hose or air intake tube. Over time, over the years of operation, deposits, blockages with foreign objects and other debris appear in the hose.

F03 on the Maytag washer

A faulty pressure sensor can block the operation of the machine. It is he who captures and transmits the data to the control center (fee), indicating that the water level in the machine is at the desired level. It also informs the control board that the water drain is starting. He also makes sure that the heating element does not overheat and burn out.

Before starting to troubleshoot, unplug the household appliance from the mains. So you can protect yourself from electric shock.

Problems with the pressure hose can also cause an error code to appear on the display. You need to get access to it and check if it is twisted, if there are any damages or defects, if it is installed correctly.

It is advisable to disconnect the hose, blow through and clean if necessary. Then the element is installed back. To check the performance, you need to start the machine. If there is no more error, then that was the problem. If the error remains, you need to look further.

Pressure sensor failure

Pressure sensor failure

The pressure sensor is not hard to find. It is installed at the back of the case, at the top, on the right. It is better to look in the manual for household appliances to quickly find the part you need. It is round in shape.

A branch pipe and a thin hose are attached to the sensor. Usually you need to remove the back cover of the machine in order to access the necessary elements. You can check the health of the part with a voltmeter. If the device does not detect voltage or it is very weak, then the sensor will have to be replaced with a new one.

Before replacing, make sure that the part is completely in the central unit, check all connections, fasteners and wiring. It is possible that the sensor is not working because it is loose or the wires have come off.

Blockage and contamination of the air intake pipe

Blockage and contamination of the air intake pipe

Over time, dirt accumulates in some elements of the machine, deposits appear that prevent the parts of the equipment from working normally. If the air intake pipe is dirty, the machine will also respond with an error code.

This element is located at the bottom of the machine. Above it is a drain grate. If there are foreign objects, moisture or dirt in the air intake, the air intake will detect an incorrect water level in the machine tank and send a signal to the board. As a result, the technology simply stops working.

Carefully clean the air intake pipe using a pipe cleaning cable. A rag with cleaning agent on a suitable size object that will pass into the tube along with the rag will also work. You can also purchase a thin round brush at a hardware store. It is convenient and quick to clean the air intake pipe.

The machine will not allow you to open the door if the sensor shows the level of filling the tank. In this case, you must first drain the water, restart the appliance, then the door should unlock.

If this was the problem, then the machine will work again, and the error “F03 E01” will go away. Otherwise, the “exploratory” check should be carried out further.

The problem with the wires in the machine

The problem with the wires in the machine

Due to severe vibration or normal wear and tear, the wiring may become unusable or disconnected. If this is the problem, the error code will appear and then disappear again.

Get access to the “innards” of the machine and visually check the wires and fasteners. All damaged wires must be replaced, and disconnected wires must be securely fastened. If you are not sure that you will cope with the task yourself, it is better to entrust the work to the master.

Control board failure

If the check did not reveal any malfunctions, the problem is most likely in the control board itself. If you are inexperienced with repairs, all you can do is check the wiring. The remaining parts of this part can only be assessed by the master.

The control board is the “brain” of household appliances. Any failure or malfunction will completely block the work until the breakdown is repaired.

Control board failure

If the code appears, then disappears, most likely the problem is in the board. Do not take it apart yourself. You can damage the block even more, or even make it unrepairable. Contact the service center or the master in your city. He will quickly determine the cause of the error code and fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset the error?
If the malfunction is repaired, you need to reset the error, otherwise, the equipment will not start. To do this, you need to double-click the “Cancel” or “Pause” button, then 1 time the power button. This should reset the code. If it doesn’t work, just unplug the appliance for a minute and plug it back in.

How to reset settings?
Sometimes the error appears due to a software glitch. Therefore, you can try to do a factory reset first. This can be done in two ways:

  • restart the machine with the power button;
  • disconnect the machine from the power supply, wait 1-2 minutes, connect the equipment again.

These methods will help you reset, after which the codes should disappear. If this does not help, then the problem is still not fixed.

How to start diagnostic mode?
Modern household appliances are capable of self-diagnosis. To do this, you need to enter a special diagnostic mode. Turn on the machine and leave it in standby mode. Next, press any button except start, power or stop, holding it for 3 seconds, then release and repeat the action again, and a third time.
If everything worked out, after about 5 seconds, the indicators will start flashing and go out. Then “88” should appear on the display. Then the machine will show the fault codes available in household appliances. We recommend writing them down to decipher and fix problems.
If after diagnostics the machine did not find any problems, “88” will appear again, then within 5 seconds the equipment will go into test mode. Until the end of the test, you can not turn off the washing machine, you need to wait until the end. When finished, press the power or stop button to exit diagnostic mode.

Is it possible to remove water from the machine if the drain does not work?
If the drain of your machine does not work for some reason, you can drain the water manually. To do this, you need a bucket or other container. The machine must be disconnected from the mains and from the water supply. Provide access to the rear of the equipment.
If you managed to open the door, remove things from the drum and try to scoop out as much water as possible. If the door is closed, the water can be drained through the drain hose. To do this, disconnect it from the central system and release it into a bucket. The water will begin to drain and the door should unlock when the water level in the washer drops. Sometimes it may be necessary to restart the washing machine in order for the door to open.


Although the washing machine can report problems, malfunctions and failures using codes, it is not always possible to accurately decipher the information. Sometimes you have to look for problematic elements in order to eliminate the cause of the error. Such signals should not be ignored, because a small problem can turn into an expensive repair. If the problem is simple, such as clogged hoses or pipes, you can do everything yourself. If complex repairs are required, it is better to entrust the work to a specialist, otherwise you can break the equipment and make it unrepairable. A new machine will definitely cost more than a repair.