How to open a locked door in Maytag washer

Maytag equipment is distinguished by its reliability, but even it can eventually fail at the most inopportune moment. And it’s good if it is a small malfunction such as a door lock and a flashing door lock indicator. You can deal with it on your own without calling repairmen.

A blinking Maytag washing machine door indicates one of three problems:

  1. The door lock did not move to the “Locked” position.
  2. There is no power to the lock motor.
  3. The door is blocked by something and cannot be closed.Fed

If error codes appear along with the display, you need to look on the Internet or the operating instructions for their decoding and take action.

Maytag washer door locked

Read on to learn what to do if the lid lock light is flashing. You will have to carefully inspect the washing machine, find the problem and get rid of it. Before doing this, disconnect household appliances from the mains.

Check cover

This is the easiest thing you can do to get started. Make sure the lid can’t exactly close/open. To do this, push it a little harder, move it to the sides as far as possible, or, on the contrary, pull it a little harder towards you. Something might be interfering with the latch of the lock. And sometimes people don’t put enough effort into opening. Over time, the elements of the castle can turn sour and it becomes more difficult to do this.

If the lid does not close, the problem is with the lid latch. Inspect the striker and lock for lint or powder buildup. When they accumulate in large quantities, they prevent the door from closing. Remove all growths. Do this with your hands and a damp cloth. Close the lid, connect the washing machine to the mains, start it. If nothing has changed, go to the next step.

Start button

Start button

The problem may lie in the cover motor. To check this, press and hold the “Start” button. Repeat 2 more times. You must check if the wash cycle starts or not.

Another problem that a flashing light indicates is taking too long to fill the washing machine with water.

The failure may be software. To reset it, turn off the machine, wait a minute and turn it on again. If the door still does not open and the indicator is flashing, try another option. Leave the appliances on for 20 minutes. Wait to see if the door unlocks on its own. Why 20 minutes? Because after this time, the water will begin to drain.

Water supply problem

If water is drawn in for a very long time, others may light up next to the door lock indicator, such as F8E1 or LF. They indicate a problem with draining or collecting water.

Check the drain hose first. If it is installed incorrectly, pinched or clogged with lint from clothing, this will directly affect the collection of water. If there is not enough of it or it does not enter the machine at all, the wash cycle will not start. The system will notify the user if there is a problem that needs to be fixed urgently.

Water supply problem

Check if the water tap is closed. Perhaps you went out of town for the weekend and turned off the water, and then forgot about it. Also, the problem may be hiding in the shutdown of cold water.

The machine will not start filling with water until the Start/Pause key is pressed. Also, she will not be able to do this due to insufficient water pressure. Well, a pinched / clogged hose will lead to the same effect.

Disconnect the hose from the washing machine. Use the instructions for a specific model or do it intuitively. The main thing before this is to completely shut off the water supply and prepare a rag, bucket or basin that will take away the remaining water inside.

Put the hose on the faucet, turn on the water. Its pressure will push through any blockage. Connect the drain hose back, start the machine and check if the problem is gone.

Check intake hoses

Check intake hoses

If water does not enter the washing machine, this may cause the indicator to flash. It receives a command from sensors that control the passage of water. If the hose is clogged or kinked, or the water supply tap is not fully open, the sensor will inform the user of the current problem.

Check both intake hoses. Make sure they are functioning properly. See if they are connected to cold water and hot water. Correct them if the situation requires it. Then, one by one, disconnect the hoses from the machine and check if there is a blockage inside. Before doing this, be sure to turn off the machine. Remove any debris that may obstruct the flow of water. Put the hoses back in place. Turn on the machine and start. Check if the problem is gone. The indicators should turn off.

Water sensor

If the sensor does not work properly or is out of order, the electronic control unit will generate an error about the lack of water filling or draining. This part is inexpensive and can be completely replaced. It is difficult to do this on your own, it is better to contact the service center.

Water sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected for you frequently asked questions from the owners of Maytag washing machines. We invite you to take a look, perhaps you will find something useful for yourself.

How to open the washing machine door?
After the washing process is completed, you need to wait for the automatic unlock. It lasts about 2-3 minutes. Until this moment, the indicator with the key pattern will be lit. After it disappears, pull the washing machine door towards you, it will open. Up to this point, there is no point in trying to do this, because it is blocked by the electronic control unit.
To open the door during washing, press the button to pause or stop the process. Wait for the unlock and open the door.
If it does not open, run a drain/spin cycle. If this does not help, drain the water manually. To do this, disconnect the drain hose, place it below the level of the drum and wait for the water to drain into a bucket or basin.

How to reset the door lock on a Maytag washing machine?
To do this, just pause the wash cycle and wait for automatic unlocking. Press Start/Pause. Open the door.

Is it possible to forcibly unlock the washing machine door?
To do this, you need to press the button to cancel the wash cycle or end it, then wait 2-3 minutes and open the door.

Is it possible to start a washing machine without a lock?
If you remove the locking mechanism, the washing machine can be started. This must be done if you do not want to change the lock. Otherwise, it is not recommended to do this, because the manufacturer has specifically restricted access to the machine during the washing period for safety reasons.

Where is the water sensor switch located?
The switch is inside the machine. It is located in different places, depending on the model. Has a round shape.

Repairing a machine that does not receive water

A machine that cannot draw water to its full capacity is running with errors that are displayed on the LCD display. The most likely cause of this phenomenon is a blockage in the inlet hose, which must be eliminated, the sooner the better.

Repairing a machine that does not receive water

Other reasons: violation of the integrity of the hose, its disconnection from the water supply valve, lack of pressure in the system, water in the water supply.

How to solve the problem, you already know. Check inlet and outlet hoses. Remove them and direct a jet of water inside, which will push through the blockage. Check the hoses for damage, pay attention to the connections. Additionally, inspect the drain filter for blockages. It is located at the bottom of the washing machine. See that the hoses are not pinched.

If you did everything according to the instructions, but the situation was not resolved, call a specialist to your house who will give his assessment and carry out repairs.