How to apply and how much does a Roku subscription cost

The streaming platform Roku has gained popularity among users. The age of cable connection is gradually fading into the background. Numerous consumers are puzzled by the size of the monthly fee for the device.

Roku – is it paid or free?

There is no charge for using the subscription and the electronic device. Individual equipment is paid once, it becomes possible to watch many channels for free. A monthly fee is set for adding Premium category content. For example, the Netflix or Disney+ apps.

Purchased hardware can be configured and accessed to the royalty-free TV and movie library with the purchase of an optional add-on subscription to streaming video from Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or Showtime in the platform’s digital app storefront.

Roku Cost

The manufacturer offers several types of equipment. Buying it, you will have to pay once. The devices differ in signal transmission properties – 1920×1080 for the HD standard and 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 for 4k. It also differs in compactness, speed, and the presence of voice control.

  • Model Express – demanded modification. But it only provides HD broadcasting. The package includes a remote control. Cost $29.47.
  • The appearance of the Express 4k device is slightly different, but its functionality is the same, except for the 4k transmission format. This option will cost $38.35.
  • Streaming Stick+ for fans to watch on the go. A miniature gadget no larger than a flash drive can broadcast a signal to a monitor via an HDMI port with 4k streaming resolution. Voice control included. Selling for $55.
  • The Ultra variant is the fastest and most powerful of the Roku lineup. High-speed LAN, 4k video, voice guidance, Dolby Vision, all for $89.99.

Roku Cost

Platform content

The Roku channel is a streaming proposal project. Like other similar channels, it is a collection of interesting information.

In fact, the channel provides top-tier subscriptions, but there is a lot of content that is completely free. An attentive consumer will notice that a marketing ploy may be hiding here. In this case, it is the need to watch commercials. But such a step is the right compromise solution.

Do not rush to immediately disable or ignore the promotional offer. Not always, what is advertised should be criticized. In search of reliable information, this method can be useful.

For its users, the application recommends a large number of TV shows and movies, and more than a hundred live broadcast channels, including news.

Additional premium subscriptions provide access to real-time content streaming platforms such as Showtime and STARZ. When choosing, you need to look at the availability of test periods without payment.

Platform content

Important information for users – the application will work on a personal smartphone, laptop or media player without connecting Roku equipment. It will be enough just to download and install the product.

Channel categories

The free channel will open the possibility of logging in to view various content: shows, movies, news, and music programs. In addition to free Roku broadcasting, popular channels such as Youtube, Pluto TV, and CBS News will become available.

Subscription channels

This service has already been mentioned here. By making a small payment, you can become a subscriber to various services. Some have a short trial period of free use when you need to have time to understand the proposed project.

There is no endless enjoyment of free use. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a subscription option. A short period is given to review the content. Try to make the most of the time you have.

Subscription channels

Authenticated channels

Authentication is included in the content of known uninterrupted broadcast channels. Additional free use of the channel is available, thanks to a wired or terrestrial TV subscription.

Temporary rental and purchase of content

The very concept of the name means the ability to practice film distribution or the purchase of individual programs without registering an additional subscription for a month.

Roku Applications

Well-known app stores Apple, and Google Play showcase online products. Like them, Roku has its own store. It allows you to place applications on the TV.

The topics of Roku products are diverse: shows, movies, and music programs.

Roku Applications

What do you have to pay for?

The person accessing the service discovers a weekly subscription to a free preview of the premium version and accepts the offer. This situation can occur if, without the knowledge of the copyright holder, a subscription is included by one of the family members. After seven days, if not canceled, the user is billed for payment.

Viewing your purchase history

Any deliberate or unintentional purchase of a Roku product, regardless of channel category, will be charged anyway. To be ready for spending, you can familiarize yourself with the history of purchases:

  • On, enter your personal account in the box.
  • Go to the View Purchase History section.
  • On the buttons “Content” and “Products” there are corresponding categories of accounts.
  • Click “Details” and see the details.

Important information

The account contains information about purchases in the Roku service. Accounts of other companies will not appear here. After using the services of STARZ, Netflix, and others, you need to request the cost details from them yourself.

Viewing your purchase history

Cancellation of a premium subscription

Service cancellation algorithm:

  1. On the remote control, use the HOME button to enter the proposed menu.
  2. Use the cursor on the remote control to select the desired product to cancel.
  3. The STAR button displays a list of options. You need to click “Manage Subscription”, after which the renewal date and other services will open.
  4. Now press the “Cancel Subscription” button and after re-confirming the intention, the screen will display the last date of use.
  5. Finish by clicking “Finish”.

Methods for canceling other services are performed similarly. Later, you need to check the payment actions made with the card.

Contacting technical support

In disputable situations and doubts about the legitimacy of the invoices provided, you can consult with the specialists of the service.

You can access the support page through your personal account and ask any payment questions.