Blinking lights on Roku. How to determine the malfunction?

Roku devices are modern set-top boxes that can turn any TV into a “smart” one. To connect the TV to the Internet, you must first set up Wi-Fi, then set up the set-top box. But, like any technology, Roku can fail. Finding out the cause of the malfunction is quite easy. To do this, there are several indicators on the remote and console. When they start flashing, it’s hard to figure out what’s wrong with the device. Let’s look at the possible failure options in Roku and find out how to fix them.

What are the indicators on Roku?

Each Roku has 1 to 3 indicators. It is important to know what they are talking about in order to understand the reason for a non-working device. There are LED indicators on the front panel of the player, one light, and two on the control panel – in front and in the battery compartment.

What are the indicators on Roku

If the indicator on the set-top box starts flashing red, this indicates that the device is not receiving the required amount of energy. If the light is white, there is a problem with the Wi-Fi network or connection cable. Lights on the remote can similarly indicate the problems described above. When the batteries in the remote control run low, the indicator will flash red.

It is worth reading the manual for the Roku set-top box in more detail in order to understand the cause of the malfunction and immediately fix it with your own hands, without involving craftsmen and specialists.

What the Roku indicators say

Each light on the device helps us to quickly find out why the device cannot be connected or to eliminate the failures that have appeared. Each indicator has its own function:

  • flashing lights in different colors may indicate problems with power or connection to the network;
  • the indicator on the front side of the remote control will tell you when the batteries are dead;
  • An indicator in the battery compartment may indicate that the pairing between the set-top box and remote control has been lost.

So only three light bulbs will help you quickly find out why the set-top box does not work or does not work correctly. Our guide will help you fix the failure or malfunction yourself.

Why are the lights on my Roku device blinking

Why are the lights on my Roku device blinking?

Above, we have described the main causes of flashing lights on the set-top box and Roku remote. The indicators have only 2 colors – red and white. You need to look not only at the color, but also at the place where the indicator is located in order to more accurately get close to the problem. Consider different options and the type of malfunction associated with this.

The indicator on the Roku panel is red

If you plugged in a set-top box, try to turn it on, but instead it beeps you with a flashing red light – 99% power problem. Most often, a failure occurs when the device is connected to an extension cord or surge protector. The set-top box is not receiving enough power to work properly, so a light signal appears.

Fixing the problem is easy. First you need to disconnect the power adapter from the network “intermediary” and plug Roku directly into the outlet. Without intermediate cables, the required amount of power will go to the player, and the flashing signal will disappear.

The same problem often occurs on devices connected to a power source via USB. To fix the problem, you can try two options:

  1. Connect the set-top box to another USB port with more power.
  2. Use the power adapter to plug the device directly into a power outlet to provide the required power.

If the light continues to flash red, the cord connecting the set-top box to the power source may have failed. Try replacing it to get your device working again.

The indicator on the Roku panel is red

Roku panel light is white

Another common problem with Roku set-top boxes is that the light on the device panel starts flashing white. If this is your case, then there are problems with the Internet. Since Roku works through a Wi-Fi network, you can first try restarting the router and the set-top box itself. Next, you should check through a smartphone or computer whether the Internet is working, whether other devices are connected.

Most often, the problem is in home routers, Roku will only report that there is no Internet connection. There are several ways to try to solve the problem:

  1. Reduce the distance between the router and the set-top box. Perhaps there are obstacles between the devices or they are simply far from each other, so the signal is not picked up.
  2. Remove the maximum number of obstacles between the router and the set-top box, they can cause signal blockage.
  3. Reboot the router and Roku.

If these manipulations did not help, the indicator continues to flash white, then the problem is most likely with the provider. Check the functionality of the router on other devices, then contact your ISP to find out the cause and fix the problem.

Another reason why the set-top box is flashing white is a problem with the HDMI cable. To confirm or rule out, change the cable or test the same cord on other devices.

Flashing light on Roku remote

Flashing light on Roku remote

Not only the set-top box, but also the remote control for the device can signal a problem. The most common and common cause of a flashing light on the remote control is the batteries are dead. The indicator can be white or green – each problem has its own signal.

The very first and easiest step to troubleshoot is to replace the batteries with new ones. If the problem was related specifically to the power source, then after that the light will stop flashing and there will be no problems with the device’s performance.

If replacing the batteries did not solve the problem and the indicator continues to flash white, then there is a problem with the pairing of the remote and set-top box. You need to check the connection. You need to press the pairing button and hold it until the light turns green. At this moment, the remote control will be connected to the set-top box. If the pairing is successful, the indicator will stop flashing green and control will resume.

To fix errors and crashes, sometimes just restarting Roku is enough. Now you know what the color of the flashing indicator on the front panel or on the remote is talking about, and you can quickly fix the problem in order to continue using the set-top box. When all the recommendations have been tried, and the indicator continues to flash, contact a specialist. Usually, the above manipulations allow you to quickly and independently fix Roku malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To find out some more details about the features of the Roku set-top box, we have collected TOP popular questions from device owners who have experienced the problem of flashing lights.

How to restart Roku?
If the device does not respond through the remote control, you can do an emergency reset. You just need to disconnect Roku from the power source and leave it off for 1-2 minutes. After that, reconnect the adapter to the network and try to start the device.

How to reset Roku Remote?
To connect the remote control again, you must first reset it. To do this, you need to remove the batteries from it, leave it for 1-2 minutes in this form. Then reinstall the batteries, replacing them with new ones if necessary. These manipulations should help restore the functionality of the remote control.

How do I turn on my Roku?
The power source for the Roku must be powerful enough to power the device with the required amount of energy. Especially often the problem of a flashing indicator is due to a lack of power from the power source that is connected via USB. Not all ports can deliver the required power, so it is better to connect the set-top box directly to the outlet, without extension cords, surge protectors and other intermediate elements.

How do I get my Roku Remote to work?
If the remote does not work, or the set-top box does not respond to it, you need to check if the batteries are dead. Usually just replacing them is enough. If the indicator continues to blink, you need to check the pairing of the remote control with the device. You need to press the pairing button, hold it until the green light flashes. After that, the remote should work.

Why is my Roku flashing red?
The indicator on the console panel flashes red for several reasons: there is not enough power or overheating. First you need to disconnect the set-top box from the network, and after a couple of minutes try to connect it again. If the light does not stop flashing, you need to check the connection cord, there may be a problem in it.