Is it possible to use the same Roku on multiple TVs

It is very important to properly address the burning issue of a single Roku set-top box designed for use on multiple TVs. Whether it is necessary for users to acquire an individual instance for each of them, or can everything be left as it is.

The need to purchase additional attachments

In principle, the owner of the equipment needs to have a separate instance for each receiving device. One and only will not be able to be used immediately on all. As long as Wi-Fi is available, disconnecting Roku from a particular TV to use on another is a great way out in this situation.

The set-top box should be connected to the HDMI port located on the back of the TV receiver. Therefore, it cannot be used simultaneously on all receiving devices.

In addition, it is not able to synchronize directly with them, but only interacts with the Wi-Fi network. But it can be turned off and connected to another household appliance.

Moving your Roku device

This very convenient device is indeed easily able to switch from one technique to another. It does not sync with it, so when moving, it connects to any TV receiver without any problems. All applications and settings in its memory are fully preserved. When you connect your Roku to your TV, it will work as before.

The only thing required in this case is an Internet connection and login credentials.

Buying multiple Roku devices

Buying multiple Roku devices

Sometimes the user does not want to completely disconnect the set-top box from the network in every case when it is desirable to use it in another room. Then he just needs to purchase additional ones.

Everyone will be pleased to hear that they are not expensive at all. Besides,

they are easy to buy and use at home in as many copies as needed for each household appliance.

When installing a Roku device on multiple TVs in the same home, all you need to do is charge thirty-something dollars and buy a few more.

But there is a list of conditions that you should be aware of when buying and using several set-top boxes in one apartment.

  1. It is required to take into account the speed of the Internet. If his plan is for 50 Mbps, then streaming video to multiple devices will hamper their performance.
  2. It is also worth paying attention to the number of streamers. Many people use popular streaming services such as Netflix and YouTubeTV. But most of them limit the number of simultaneous broadcasts from one account. Therefore, when using several Roku set-top boxes in the same room, you will have to spend money to allow more users. Then everyone can watch Netflix at the same time on their TV.
  3. The remote controls of the devices are capable of interacting with only one household appliance. You cannot take a remote device designed for technology in the bedroom, take it to another room and use it there. This complexity is not very pleasant and bewildering in the presence of several equipped Roku remotes.

Roku devices

It is necessary to repeatedly check whether the remote device is currently in hand. To do this, it is best to leave it in the appropriate room at all times. A good way to avoid difficulties is to supply the remote control with a note indicating the room in which it usually lies.

It’s also important to remember that Roku is a platform that offers access to TV streaming apps and services. Now the main part of modern receiving devices is equipped with already installed services.

Therefore, you need to check all the TV receivers in the house and make sure that they are fully equipped. There is no doubt that the Roku platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate. This difference makes it stand out from many applications on smart TVs. If it is impossible to spend extra money, you should monitor the availability of the required application in advance.

Chances are every smart device has AmazonPrime, Hulu or Netflix. There are also a number of live streaming options here, including YouTubeTV. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then you need to do a quick search to make sure the app is available for download or installation. Then it’s just a matter of adding it.

The most important thing in this case is a clear understanding of what the ultimate goal is. What kind of video resource or live broadcast service must be present and whether they are already on any smart equipment in the house.

None of its owners will be able to use a single Roku for several TVs at once. It is better to disconnect the set-top box and connect as needed to each specific receiving device individually.

If you move it to another point, you only need to connect to a Wi-Fi network for installation. All settings and applications will be automatically saved.

If there is no desire to disconnect the set-top box from the network and move it to another room, then you need to purchase several pieces and install them on household appliances available in the house. Therefore, before purchasing a Roku device, you must first monitor the applications installed on the smart equipment available in the house. It is possible that they are already present.


If you want to buy a few more consoles, you need to consider some circumstances:

  • when trying to stream video simultaneously on multiple Roku, high internet speed is required;
  • there is a limit on the number of users in streaming services;
  • You cannot use one Roku remote control with multiple TVs.

The article cited here includes a large amount of important and useful technical information for users. Therefore, you just need to take it into account and follow its advice.