Winegard Satellite TV System troubleshooting

The Winegard company is a leader in engineering and production of different types of antennas. It has about 1000 models of antennas and possesses 80 patents. The company has reliable solutions for ordinary consumers` and enterprises` needs. Please, find below the troubleshooting table for satellite TV systems of the brand, as it can help you in case of problems with this equipment.

Winegard MV3500 Satellite TV System troubleshooting

The MV3500T does not attempt to find a satellite or it never moves.1. Check your Power switch to verify that it is in the ON position.
2. Check +12 V wires at unit to verify power. Check fuse on electronics.
The dish never stops on any of the signals that it sees.1. Make sure that your receiver is set up correctly.
For DISH Network, the check switch should read either "Unknown’' or -SW42”.
For DirecTV the receiver should be set for a Two Satellite Oval Dish.
With DIRECTV, the dish will find the alternate satellite but it never finds the primary satellite.Make sure that the Switches on the Electronics Control Box are set for DirecTV. These switches are found under the dome, inside the Electronics Control Box.
I am not getting all the DISH Network channels 1 subscribed to.1. Go to the check switch menu in receiver. Make sure that it’s set for SW42 and lists both even and odd transponders on satellites 110° and 119°.
The MV3500T never sees any signals, it just keeps searching.1. Rain. Snow or excessive Dew on the dome can interrupt the signal. Snow and Dew can be brushed off the dome. If Heavy rain or Snow fall is blocking the signal, it may be necessary to wait until the weather clears.
2. Check to see if the Southern sky is clear. Trees. Buildings, Large signs or an Overpass can block the signal. Find an area where you can be sure that this is not the problem and try again.
3. Make sure the receiver has power and the satellite dish is connected to the “Sat In’.
1 have switched satellite service providers. How do 1 set my dish for my new provider?You will need to remove the dome, and set switches to correct provider.

Winegard SK-1000 Satellite TV System troubleshooting

ANTENNA CONNECTION FAILEDCheck the data cable connection on the back of the interface box. It may not be connected properly.
EL HOME FAILURESomething is preventing the mount from raising as it attempted to find the HOME position. Look for obstructions if the unit has recently been manually raised or if the electronics have been replaced. The calibration may need to be reset.
AZ MOTOR STALLEDSomething is preventing the mount from rotating; look for obstructions. If there is no obvious obstruction, contact Winegard Technical Support at help@ or 1-800-788-4417.
STOW FAILURE ANT NOT STOWEDThe TRAV'LER antenna is not stowed. Do not try to move the vehicle. Try to stow the TRAV'LER antenna again. If it fails again, check for obstructions.
STOW FAILURE STOW UNKNOWNCheck the data cable connection on the back of the interface. It may not be connected properly.
AZ MOTOR RUN REVERSEContact Winegard Technical Support
NO LNB VOLTAGEThe TRAV'LER antenna is not seeing the required 12-18VDC needed to power the LNBF. Check the coax connections. If these are all connected properly
ANTENNA WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY STOWSee emergency manual stow instructions in the operation manual.

Winegard WB-2000 Satellite TV System troubleshooting

Push power button and Interface does not power upCheck that Satellite Interface is connected to good AC power source
Push power button and Interface powers on but antenna does not begin searchingBe sure that the antenna 12VDC power cable is connected is connected to proper port on Satellite Interface
Be sure that green power connector has been wired correctly at Interface and inside dome
Satellite Interface LCD screen is locked up; pushing buttons does not get a response from unitHard boot the Satellite Interface by unplugging the Interface power cable from the power source, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Reboot Satellite Interface
The LCD screen says I have locked on to Dish Network satellite 119, but I am not getting television picture and the receiver’s signal meter does not show signalCheck the installed switch in the receiver.
If the receiver switch installed is anything other than “SW42”, “SW64”, or “Installed Switch Unknown” or “None”, you may have an incompatible switch installed.
Read Section 5.2 for instructions on removing sw itch
I cannot access all of my channels for Dish Network or DirecTVYou must wait for the guide for your service provider to fully download
If the channel has not loaded into your guide, you w ill not be able to watch the channel
Check that the channel you are trying to receive is available on the satellites available with the Satellite Interface. You may need to operate in Manual Mode to watch some programming
Check the signal strength of the current satellite. A satellite may not be available due to weather conditions or location
Be sure that your receiver is activated for your programming. Call Customer Service for your television provider
For DirecTV, the channel banner says that I am watching the channel and show that I want, but the programming on tv is incorrectBe sure that you have the correct alternate satellite chosen on the Satellite Interface
For example, you may be watching a shower on 119, but the alternate satellite is set for 110
My antenna will not automatically toggle between satellitesBe sure that you have chosen your service provider to operate in Automatic Mode
Automatic toggle is not available in Manual Mode