How to get rid of the 5d code on the Maytag washing machine

Sometimes the Maytag washing machine gives out an amazing designation – 5d. Those who happened to see it tried to understand what it was talking about. It is difficult to find an explanation for this symbol in the manual. Therefore, 5d contains a riddle that must be solved in order to fully use the unit. Most often, the error lies in the interpretation of the inscription due to a display screen failure. In fact, the SD code appears here, signaling an excess of foam in the drum.

Wash cycle problems

A significant amount of foam in Maytag makes it difficult to remove used water during the spin cycle. So the washing machine stops and tops up to dilute the excess. Then the cycle of work is automatically lengthened.

It also happens that the unit stops working and then next to the inscription warning about the end of the cycle, the Sd code appears. It indicates a more serious problem.

Wash cycle problems 5d

Causes of the malfunction

Most often, excess foam appears due to two main causes.

Most often, this thing happens when using the wrong detergent. Usually the hostess buys the powder she is used to. But she forgets that he no longer fits the new technique. Therefore, when purchasing it, you need to carefully study all the instructions, making sure that it is suitable for a particular brand of washing machine. It is also very important to ensure that its packaging is labeled indicating high efficiency or the presence of the “HE” sign.

Another difficulty concerns excess detergent. Sometimes it seems to housewives that tight clothes require its increased volume. In fact, excess only makes washing more difficult. It is better to purchase a quality powder and take for each serving the volume that is recommended for loading this machine.

maytag washing machine causes of the malfunction

Actions of equipment owners

In fact, it is not so difficult to solve the problem with the Sd error code. This requires a new wash cycle to remove excess detergent remaining in the Maytag. If the code has not disappeared after the new start of the machine, you need to reset the settings.

Other causes of failure

The most common reason for the appearance of such a code is still an excess of soap. But sometimes Sd also indicates a blockage in the drain hose. Then the designation signals that the unit cannot fully function due to difficulties in removing water.

Tip: Most often, the blockage is the cause. Therefore, make sure that the drain hose is straightened and welded into a bucket or pipe. If the normal process is not restored, then you need to disconnect it and find the problem area.

Error codes

Sometimes it also happens that error codes occur by accident. If there is a suspicion that in this case a similar thing happened, then you need to press the power supply button once. To remove the designation, you must also try pressing the cancel or pause button a couple of times. After that, start the washing machine again.

When the code appears, you must also turn it off for 1 minute and start a new cycle again. If the difficulties cannot be eliminated, then it is worth calling the service technician.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I reset my Maytag machine?
Top-loading unit reboots when disconnected from eclectic grid. Then it is necessary to raise and lower its cover six times within 12 seconds. The engine will then be ready to start.
In more modern front-loading appliances, the reset occurs during shutdown. Then you need to wait for a minute and turn on the equipment again.
Tip: It is also recommended to reset by pressing the cancel or pause button a couple of times, also pressing the power button.

Are Maytag diagnostics available?
In such units, a diagnostic test is provided. But first you need to make sure that the device is in standby mode.
It is required to press any button on the console, except for Power, Start or Stop, holding it for three seconds. After the last time, the device will enter diagnostic mode.
Its indicators will glow for 5 seconds, and the code “88” will be temporarily visible on the display. Breakdown symbols will light up gradually. If this does not happen, then the light will go out, and “88” will light up again on the display. Testing will be carried out after five seconds if error codes do not appear immediately.
After it ends the diagnostic mode, to exit it, you must press the stop or power button.

Is Maytag manually drained?
Such actions are somewhat difficult and require a lot of time.
To do this, you must first turn off the power and disconnect the washing machine from the electricity. Then it must be moved away from the wall to gain access to the drain hose. All things should be removed from the drum.
Then you need to take a bucket or other container and extract as much water as possible from there. Then you need to disconnect the drain hose and pour out the residues from it. It is also tedious to stock up on enough rags in case the liquid spills on the floor.

Why does the machine make noise during operation?
Usually increased noise is heard when:

  • tank bearing defect;
  • blockage;
  • violation of the integrity of the engine coupling;
  • damage to the clutch assembly;
  • breakage of the drive pulley.

Such problems are most often observed in machines whose service life has exceeded 10 years. Therefore, you should regularly check old equipment and replace worn-out structural elements in a timely manner. Such care will ensure its good functioning for many years.
These models also sometimes make noise when overloaded with laundry. Such sounds provoke their movement and displacement, in which the drain hose shifts. Over time, problems with the removal of water will gradually arise.

What is the reason why Maytag is not spinning?
The washing machine stops rotating when the wrong spin or cycle setting is set. Some of the stages are performed at a slower speed, while the other part allows you to change the speed.
An error in setting the cycle leads to a violation of control and a stop in the rotation of the machine.
Tip: It does not spin even in cases where it is too overloaded and is not able to perform the specified spin function. Therefore, it is better to choose small loading volumes without creating problems for the unit. The less clothes in it, the better it will be washed. And the hostess will provide her equipment with a more careful attitude.

Why are clicks heard?
If a tick or click occurs during washing, then most often it signals that the drain is clogged.
It is necessary to turn off the machine, inspect its drum and check the condition of the drain.
It is also useful to examine the pockets of things for iron objects or other things in them that can make a sound when washed.

How long do Maytag machines typically last?
Consumer Reports reports that this type of unit typically works flawlessly for about 11 years. Therefore, you do not need to immediately change, but it is better to try to fix them. It is especially important to remember this rule for devices made less than 8 years ago, as well as expensive and high-end brands.
Most of the difficulties arise for not too serious reasons. Therefore, they are easy and not too expensive to overcome in the shortest possible time.
Typically, the repair cost does not exceed $200, so it is much more profitable than buying new equipment. In addition, Maytag washing machines have a long warranty period that covers most of the problems that occur.

Is the Maytag brand famous?
This is a very well-known and respected brand, extremely demanded in the market for the corresponding products. Washing machines have a durable mechanism, a long warranty period and are user-friendly.

Who is the manufacturer of Maytag appliances?
The brand is owned by Whirlpool Corp. The company has been a leading manufacturer of household appliances for many years and consumers have complete confidence in it. In addition, she also owns:

  1. Amana.
  2. Consul.
  3. Jenn-Air.
  4. Kitchen Aid.
  5. Whirlpool.

It must be concluded that most of the unpleasant situations that arise during the operation of the Maytag washing machine are caused by minor malfunctions. They are easy to fix even without the services of a service technician. Therefore, those who can handle minor repairs on their own have every chance to save.