Issues with Roomba debris extractor

Unfortunately, every user encounters a malfunction of household appliances. However, do not rush to disposal, as most automated devices notify the cause of a malfunction using an audible signal or a special code that is displayed on the control panel. All transcripts of such alerts are usually indicated in the instructions. But not all owners of equipment know the correct procedure in such situations, and the instruction may be lost. Users can eliminate almost all errors without any extra effort on their own. Let us consider in more detail the features of violations of the operation of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners.

How Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

The Roomba series of vacuum cleaners from the American brand iRobot is a smart automatic device that autonomously monitors the cleanliness of the house. The robot vacuum cleaner performs high-quality dry cleaning even in the most inaccessible places. The owner has the opportunity to program the device for a specific time, route and premises that require cleaning. The schedule and plan is stored in the device’s memory for the next use of the vacuum cleaner. Roomba easily handle obstacles and continue to perform tasks after self-recharging. You can monitor and control the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner online from anywhere in the world using a special application.

How Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

The design of the equipment includes two special cleaning brushes (extractors) that collect soap and debris during the operation of the vacuum cleaner. The extractors are equipped with spiral cavities, due to which a vacuum effect is created during the rotation of the brushes. Their tight fit to each other contributes to the thorough collection of debris from the floor. Extractors capture dust particles, pollen and other allergens, which conventional bristle brushes do not. And cleaning such a mechanism is much easier.

Dirty extractors on Roomba

For all Roomba smart device users, sooner or later, the moment of cleaning the extractors comes. The frequency of contamination of cleaning filters depends on the number of uses and the level of contamination of the premises. The vacuum cleaner will notify the owner using a sensor to clean it, it is also recommended to periodically check the condition of the brushes in order to avoid serious damage.

Constant robot alerts are a sign of a mechanism malfunction. It is necessary to carefully check the integrity of the structure. It is possible that the device indicates mechanical damage to the filters or the remains of dirt on them.

Dirty extractors on Roomba

If the constant reminders of the robot vacuum cleaner do not stop, a complete reboot of the system will be required to reset the current settings in which the device is not programmed correctly. With visible violations of the integrity of the extractors, they must be replaced with new ones. Cleaning filters for Roomba vacuum cleaners sold separately.

Algorithm for proper cleaning of extractors

During a malfunction of the extractors of the robot vacuum cleaner, an error code “2” appears on the control panel.

  1. First of all, you need to open the brush module and check the condition of the filters.
  2. The brushes must be thoroughly cleaned before installation, even small debris residues will signal the device.
  3. For cleaning, the filters must be pulled out of the brush module to eliminate hair, debris and dust.
  4. If the extractor is badly worn, it must be replaced.
  5. After installing the structure in place, you need to check the rotation of the brushes, they should turn freely.

Contamination of extractor parts

Roomba’s cleaning brushes consist of a cover and bearings that activate the correct position of the appliance in the cleaning module during cleaning. If an error code is found, the possibility of contamination of these parts should also be excluded. Debris stuck in the extractor lid is preventing the brush from turning. Each extractor has 2 covers (on each side). After removing the cover, you can easily pull out the remaining dust and dirt with tweezers or other similar tool.

Contamination of extractor parts

While inspecting the cleaning filters, the user may also encounter heavy contamination of the entire cleaning module. The extractors must be pulled out, as dirt accumulates behind them. It settles on the motor, which rotates the brushes while the vacuum cleaner is running. Due to additional obstacles in the form of dust and debris, the engine starts to work poorly, and the system sends an error signal to the control panel. The entire module responsible for cleaning must be freed from contamination. If the device is very worn out, simple cleaning does not help, it must be replaced with a new one. The module is located on the underside of the vacuum cleaner body, it is removable. It is necessary to open the cover, remove the latches that hold the structure, remove the module and clean it of debris.

In addition to the cover, an important part of the extractor is the bearing. He is responsible for the circulation of the structure. A dirty bearing can also cause the robot cleaner to malfunction. If the appliance does not work after cleaning it, the extractor parts may be damaged or worn. The cover and bearing cannot be repaired, in this case only a complete replacement of the filter will help.

Cleaning brushes can be perfectly clean on the outside, but that doesn’t rule out a problem. Cleaning from the inside is an important step.

Adhering dirt can accumulate for a long time, making the extractor unusable. Strong contamination of small parts makes it difficult to operate the entire device: the power of the robot vacuum cleaner decreases, and as a result, its efficiency, as well as in the presence of obstacles in the form of accumulated dirt, the trajectory of movement changes.

error code Roomba

Other causes of the error code

After thoroughly cleaning the brushes of your Roomba vacuum cleaner, the alert may still bother you. The robot vacuum cleaner offers the possibility of programming, it is a smart device equipped with software. If all structural parts are in working order, there is most likely a failure in the smart vacuum cleaner system. When turned on, the device does not start the operation of the extractors, the vacuum cleaner thinks that they are dirty, therefore an error code is displayed on the control panel.

In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended to update the software of the robot cleaner regularly. The latest updates help prevent glitches and crashes in the device program.

You can also fix the problem by doing a hard reboot and resetting all current settings. It is necessary to remove the battery from the vacuum cleaner for a few minutes. Under no circumstances should the battery be disassembled, heated or wet. The remaining systems and parts continue to work offline without past programming. A few minutes of this work will lead to a complete reset.

Roomba Smart Vacuum Guidelines

Roomba Smart Vacuum Guidelines

To avoid malfunctioning your Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you should follow all the recommendations in the user manual. Timely maintenance of equipment will help to avoid violations, errors and maintain performance for a long service life.

  • When using the vacuum cleaner daily, it is worthwhile to carefully inspect the structural details at least once a week.
  • Cleaning of extractors, bearings, covers and the entire module should be done at least once a month;
  • If the level of pollution in the room is high, immediately after cleaning it is necessary to remove hair and debris from the module responsible for cleaning;
  • Do not connect the device to a power source without bearings;
  • Don’t wait for an error signal. As soon as the reduced performance of the vacuum cleaner is noticed, it is necessary to check the condition of the extractors;
  • If Roomba is used daily, cleaning brushes should be replaced every 2 weeks;
  • For the efficient performance of the robot vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to remove dust from the sensors of the device once a week;
  • Do not clean the device with damp cloths, and do not use Roomba in wet areas. The vacuum cleaner is designed for dry cleaning only;
  • Even if the cleaning is not finished, when the indicator on the control panel is signaling, it is urgent to clean the module;
  • If the room is heavily soiled, especially if there are pets, pre-cleaning should be done. Together with debris, wool quickly fills the extractors of the vacuum cleaner, making an additional load on the device.