Blinking or shining error lights in Shark vacuum

The Shark vacuum cleaner, as a rule, is equipped with a flashing signal that informs its owner about the occurrence of any unforeseen situations. Any unit can offer only a small set of indicator lights. Therefore, it is very important to imagine what exactly it means with its flicker.

The meaning of signals is directly related to their hue. The blue color of wireless models indicates that the battery is charging. A red flashing light indicates a blocked brush roll, an overheated machine, or a burned out motor. If the light flickers when using the Shark, there is a wiring problem in the hinge.

Instructions for eliminating various difficulties in the operation of the vacuum cleaner will allow you to distinguish between different values of the indicators of the unit. They will be discussed further.

Reasons for the flickering of the indicator of the Shark household appliance

Manufacturers have equipped the device with not too many indicator lights. Therefore, they can only report a small number of incidents. Therefore, in order to eliminate them and search for the main causes, it is necessary to know about the signs accompanying them.

Reasons for the flickering of the indicator

There are 6 most common causes of flashing Shark lights.

Charging the vacuum cleaner

Slowly flickering blue lights on wireless models light up when the vacuum cleaner is connected to the charger. In this case, it becomes noticeable that the indicators slowly light up and go out.

This signal tells you that everything is going well. The appearance of lights is not associated with the occurrence of any problems. They show that the battery is working. When it finishes its work, the indicator stops flickering and continues to glow dimly.

Engine burnout

When a red signal appears, the Shark technique is often disabled due to various difficulties that have arisen. It is very difficult to immediately understand what they are.

Therefore, a number of important steps need to be taken.

  1. The floor nozzle holding the brush roll should be checked. In this way, you will be able to start the troubleshooting process.
  2. The internal motor often overheats and even burns out. About such an incident, the owner will be informed by the burning smell coming from Shark.
  3. Then you need to remove the floor fasteners and inspect the engine.
  4. If damaged parts are noticeable, then it is necessary to replace them with new ones.

Engine burnout


If the red indicator light flickers, the vacuum has stopped functioning and the motor housing has overheated. It is this problem that causes the signal to flash. And the vacuum cleaner in this case is turned off to protect against it.

Inside the Shark unit there is a thermostat that protects it from rising temperatures. If it detects that they are too high, then it opens the electrical circuit and turns off the household appliance. This part protects it from damage and saves the owner from costly repairs.

Therefore, if the red indicator flashes when the device is turned off, then most likely a blockage has occurred inside it. It is she who protects the equipment from overheating. This action blocks the passage of air flow through the vacuum and lowers the internal temperature around the motor.

To solve this problem you need:

  • turn off Shark;
  • then carefully examine the details of the vacuum cleaner in search of blockages;
  • if they exist, they should be eliminated immediately;
  • The dust canister must then be emptied in order to free the passage of the air jet.


Roller jam

The red indicator may also flash when the brush roller has completely stopped spinning. More often than not, it just gets stuck due to some kind of difficulty.

If this happens, the red light draws the owner’s attention and requires the part to be released and the unit to return to normal operation. The brush roller has a cylindrical shape with bristles located on the sides. It is designed to remove dirt from the floor to facilitate their absorption.

But tufts of hair and large pieces of garbage can accumulate for a long time, attaching to it. Sooner or later, they wind up on the brush roller bearings with its sticking. Then the element can no longer fully move, which complicates the operation of the motor.

Therefore, it is worth periodically inspecting the part, without waiting until the problem declares itself in full voice.

You need to start by removing the floor fasteners. Then, with scissors, you should cut off the hair and scrape off the dirt accumulated on the part. This work must be done very carefully, as sometimes the owner unintentionally cuts off the bristles. The remaining dust is best removed by hand. Then the roller will be released and will continue its work again.

Wiring fault

Wiring fault

Occasionally, on some Shark models with headlights on the floor nozzle, the floor indicators will flicker intermittently. Such light bulbs are supplied with electricity through the lower mount, which is connected to the main body of the equipment.

If you push it, you will find that the indicators blink intermittently. This is usually seen on vacuum cleaners with hinges, when the headlights are regularly turned on and off.

In this case, the wiring inside the unit is usually to blame. Light bulbs are supplied with electricity from a floor mount. But the current goes to them through wires that follow through the swivel to the main body. When the cords fail, turning it disrupts the flow of energy to the indicator. Then it starts turning on and off repeatedly.

Removing a blockage in a Shark household appliance

Some of the causes listed above occur due to clogging of parts of the device or its surrounding parts. For example, if debris and dust block the airflow, the motors will overheat and the brush roller will not function.

One way to prevent the development of such problems is to periodically clean Shark equipment.

Removing a blockage

You also need to do certain things.

  1. Remove all vacuum attachments and inspect them carefully.
  2. Empty the dust container regularly.
  3. Maintain freedom of movement of the brush roller by removing large pieces of debris or hair from it before they jam it.
  4. Rinse the filters periodically and dry them well in air throughout the day.

If you constantly perform such actions, then most of the reasons for the flashing of the red indicator will not make themselves felt.


What causes the Shark indicator to flicker while charging?
The blue light of the vacuum cleaner flashes to inform its owner that the charging process necessary for the vacuum cleaner is in full swing. He does not talk about the presence of difficulties, so there is nothing to worry about. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will dim but stay on.

What should be the action if the Shark unit overheats?
If the household appliance has become too hot, it is urgent to turn it off and unplug it from the mains. After you need to delete its attachments in search of reasons for blocking. Then you should clean out all the dirt and allow the device to cool. Do not turn it on for 45 or more.

How to reboot Shark appliances?
The vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a reset button, so the owner will need to turn off the power. First you need to disconnect the unit from electricity. Then you should leave it alone for a period of up to an hour. After that, the reset will be completed and the household appliance can be used again.

What is the purpose of the lights on the Shark device?
The shades of vehicle indicators vary significantly on its different models. A red flashing light usually alerts the owner of the vacuum cleaner to unexpected problems. Shark cordless units have blue lights associated with the battery. They flash while charging. Some household appliances are equipped with a green light, usually indicating the usefulness of their work.

Why did Shark suddenly stop functioning?
If the vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped suddenly, then most likely its thermostat considered that the temperature had become too high. Therefore, for ¾ hours, it is required to completely sue the unit and only then turn it on again. While it is cooling, it is better to inspect the interior of the household appliance for blockages.