Why can’t my Roomba find its home base?

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is designed for automated cleaning. If it is combined with a home base, it can charge itself and even empty the garbage container without the owner’s efforts. But this will only happen if the unit is able to detect it.

Usually the Roomba appliance does not find it due to the fact that it encounters a large number of difficulties along the way. They occur, for example, when power is not supplied to the base or the device docking sensor is dirty or broken. The technique will not succeed even if it is moved in the middle of the cleaning cycle.

The Roomba smart vacuum cleaner is equipped with a number of sensors that make it easier to navigate in space. They are responsible for the full organization of cleaning and allow you to automatically find the base for charging.

But sometimes there are situations when the robot is not able to find the way back. Therefore, it is necessary to list the reasons leading to them and advise ways out.

Moving home base

Moving home base

Usually the Roomba remembers the location of the base. It is located at the point where the household appliance starts cleaning and the place it returns to when the battery runs out.

When the device moves away from the center and starts cleaning the room, its on-board sensors are activated. They track every movement of the equipment for its successful return. If during the entire period of cleaning the base does not change its location, then Roomba easily finds its way back.

The main reason for the failure of the vacuum cleaner is moving the center to another place. Then the unit will return to where it started the cycle. For example, the owner, during the cleaning process of the premises, moved the station to the room or moved the appliance itself to another part of the house. Then he can get lost and start looking for a base everywhere.

The easiest way to deal with this situation is to lift the Roomba and place it in front of the center. While approaching it, the equipment will dock and start recharging. Then she will start a new cleaning cycle and return to a new base point.

Home base

It is very easy to prevent this situation if you leave the station in the old place while Roomba finishes cleaning. After the vacuum cleaner returns to her, she is allowed to move again.

Difficulties encountered on the way to the home base

Roomba is unable to map the house using cameras or other sensors. He recognizes his location by touch. Leaving the home base, the unit determines the direction of movement. Therefore, all obstacles must be removed between him and the center.

It is also important that the station is located at a safe distance from its surroundings. It is enough to move them a few meters away and the Roomba home appliance will easily find its way back.

When the device cleans, it remembers its movements and the return point to the base. But it loses its orientation if it encounters many obstacles along the way.

Difficulties encountered on the way to the home base

In order for Roomba to find the center when it is far away, it emits infrared signals. If they are separated by a large number of objects, then the vacuum cleaner will try to find the radiation and will not dock with the base until it detects it.

The problem is solved by pre-arranging things in the room and removing obstacles to the movement of the robot during the cleaning process. You should also place the base a few meters away from surrounding obstacles such as boxes, furniture, and other objects blocking infrared signals. If the unit encounters no obstacles along the way, it will easily find the base and quickly dock with it.

No power supply

Owners of Roomba appliances need to be aware that when these devices are near the home base, they look for infrared signals. The technique performs such actions in order to dock with it. Radiation is propagated by means of an electric current. Therefore, it is worth checking that the base is plugged into a functioning outlet to provide power to Roomba.

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner returns to it, but does not fit. Then it is desirable to check its connection to the power source. The robot is probably not finding the base because it is not powered and is not sending infrared signals to it. The solution to the problem is to test its power supply.

No power supply

You also need to make sure that it is connected to a fully working outlet. If in doubt, it should be connected to another point to check functionality.

Dock sensor failure or contamination

If the Roomba approaches the home base, the docking sensor is activated to pinpoint its exact location. Such a detail contributes to the detection of the center and more accurate interaction with it when recharging.

When a Roomba is unable to locate it at its closest location, the cause is usually the sensor. Most often, it gets dirty during the cleaning process or gets damaged over time.

Clean it with a dry cloth first. Eliminating junk often makes it work. This makes it easier for Roomba to find and dock with the home base.

If all else fails, then most likely the sensor needs to be replaced.

Dock sensor failure


Any owner of the equipment is unpleasant when Roomba is not able to find the base. Therefore, it is worth giving a few positions that help most quickly solve the problem that has arisen.

What makes it easier for Roomba to locate the home base?
When the robot starts cleaning, it is docked to the base. Appropriate sensors monitor all his movements. As a result, he remembers his path to the starting point of the center location. Once in its field of action, the Roomba finds the emitted infrared signals, by which it detects it.

Can Roomba be used without a home base?
The device can work without it. When it finishes cleaning or the battery is almost empty, the technique returns to the starting point. In this case, you should simply recharge it manually. Only then can she continue cleaning.

Can Roomba use two bases?
The robot is designed to work with multiple centers or other Roomba units. If the owner uses multiple devices, the technician chooses to contact the nearest one.

Can I move Roomba to another floor?
If there is such a need, then the owner has the opportunity to move the vacuum cleaner from floor to floor. But at the same time, the home base must also move accordingly in order for Roomba to automatically recharge. Then the room will always be perfectly cleaned.

Can the unit fall down a ladder?
Roomba appliances are equipped with excellent sensors that reliably prevent them from falling from different levels. But the device can accidentally lose balance if the home base is located too close to the stairs. The Roomba will try to dock with it and may then fall.