Shark vacuum troubleshooting

Depending on the extent of a fault, repairs of vacuum cleaners can be assigned to a category of simple, medium and complex ones. There are mechanical and electric breakdowns. Only specialists of service centers are able to determine the complexity of repairs after certain diagnostics. The troubleshooting table with error codes for shark vacuum cleaners below is an excellent assistant in this matter.

Shark S3601 series vacuum troubleshooting

The Pro Steam Pocket® Mop will not turn-on. (The Blue Light is NOT Illuminated.)Ensure the power cord is plugged in correctly to a working electrical outlet.
The Pro Steam Pocket® Mop will not make steam.Verify the Steam Control button is illuminating a solid blue color, indicating a steam setting has been selected. Ensure that the unit is filled with water.
Cannot activate steam mode on the Pro Steam Pocket® Mop. (Blue light remains flashing.)Unplug the unit it from the electrical outlet, wait 15-30 seconds, then plug the unit back in.
The Pro Steam Pocket® Mop leaves water on the floor or is becoming hard to push.Confirm that the cleaning pad is properly affixed to the mop head and not overly saturated. If the pad is overly wet, unplug the unit, wait 2 to 3 minutes for the pad to cool, and then replace with a clean dry mop pad.
The Pro Steam Pocket® Mop left a white spot on the floor.Always use the wet steam mop in the correct manner. Never leave the unit with a wet pad idle for an extended period of time.
Floors are cloudy, streaky or spotty after steaming.This may be the result of residue from chemicals previously used to treat the floor. Be sure to follow the "Steps to a Shark® Clean Floor" and the "Pad Care Guide" in your manual to prevent this issue.
Unable to Resolve Your Issue?If you are still having difficulty using the Pro Steam Pocket® Mop, give our Customer Care Center a call at 1-800-798-7398.

Shark APL series, Shark V series vacuum troubleshooting

SWEEPER WILL NOT OPERATE1. Batteries discharged. 1. Charge unit.
2. No power in electrical outlet supplying charging adapter.2. Check fuse or breaker. Replace fuse/reset breaker.
3. Unit needs servicing.3. Call Customer Service at 1 (800) 798-7398.
4. Battery misplaced.4. Ensure that the wire terminal connectors are securely attached.
5. Brush roll jammed.5. Clear any obstruction from the rotating brush. Turn unit off for 10 seconds, and then restart.
SWEEPER WILL NOT PICK-UP1. Dust container is full.1. Empty dust container.
2. Unit needs recharging.2. Charge unit.
DUST ESCAPING FROM SWEEPER1. Dust container is full.1. Empty dust container.
ROTATING BRUSH WILL NOT PICK UP1. Unit clogged.1. Check for excessive material on brush or in bottom of sweeper. Remove obstruction from brushes and/or sweeper.
2. Dust container is full.2. Empty and clean dust container.
SWEEPER WILL NOT CHARGE1. Electrical outlet not working.1. Check to ensure outlet is working properly. (Easily checked by plugging in another appliance.
2. Charging Adapter not working.2. Replace charging adapter.
3. Batteries no longer functioning.3. See battery disposal.
4. Unit left in “On” position.4. Press switch to “Off.

Shark INFINITY series, Shark EP series, Shark SV series, Shark Ultra Big series vacuum troubleshooting

Cleaner Won't Run1. Not properly plugged into wall outlet.1. Plug in firmly.
2. No electricity in wall outlet.2. Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse.
3. On/Off switch not turned on.3. Push on/off switch to on
4. Motor thermostat tripped.4. Reset motor thermostat.
Cleaner Won't Pick Up1. Full or clogged dust cup.1. Clean dust cup.
2. Wrong carpet height setting.2. Adjust setting.
3. Clogged air path.3. Remove obstruction.
4. Clogged hose.4. Remove obstruction.
5. Broken belt.5. Replace belt.
6. Telescopic wand not inserted fully.6. Push telescopic wand in securely.
7. Dirty filters.7. Clean / change filters
8. Debris screen needs cleaning.8. Clean debris screen.
Cleaner Picks Up Moveable Rugs Or Pushes Too Hard1. Wrong carpet height setting.1. Adjust setting.
Agitator Does Not Turn1. Broken belt.1. Replace belt.
2. Belt installed incorrectly.2. Check belt changing.
Air Flow Restricted With Attachment Use Sound Changes1. Attachment use restricts air flow.1. Check attachment.
2. New carpet debris clogging air path.2. Remove obstruction.

Shark Navigator series vacuum troubleshooting

Vacuum is not picking up dirt. No suction or light suction.• Check filters to see if they need cleaning. Follow instructions for rinsing and drying the filters before re-inserting back into the vacuum.
• Dust cup may be full; empty dust cup.
• Check hose, hose connections, nozzles and accessories for blockages; clear blockages if required
Vacuum lifts area rugs.• Turn off the unit to disengage the brushroll from the rug. Restart with the POWER button and slide the Floor Selector to Hard Floor for suction only cleaning.
• Suction is powerful. Take care when vacuuming area rugs or rugs with delicately sewn edges.
• Slide the Suction Control tab on the handle towards MIN to decrease suction power..
Brush roll does not spin.• If brushroll indicator light on the motorized floor nozzle turns red, the brushroll has stopped spinning. Immediately turn off, unplug vacuum and remove blockage. Replace the power plug into the electrical outlet and turn the vacuum on.
• Pull the handle toward you and release the motorized floor nozzle to disengage the auto-off feature.
• Make sure that the Floor Selector is set to Carpet.
• Immediately turn off and unplug vacuum, disconnect the motorized floor nozzle and remove blockage before reconnecting and turning vacuum back on.
Vacuum turns off on its own or indicator light flashes redIf the hose connection is not properly latched, it can cause a poor electrical connection and the hose can come loose and power vacuum OFF.
1. Turn the unit off; unplug the vacuum.
2. Empty the dust cup and clean filters.
3. Check for blockages in hose, accessories and inlet openings.
4. Remove cord from cord hook so hose latch can be seen and engaged. Reassemble.
5. Ensure hose latch makes an audible “click” where the hose meets the back of the vacuum. Also, make sure the hose latch makes a “click” where the wand plugs into the neck of the floor nozzle, and where the handle plugs into the wand. The connection of the back of the dust cup to the hose often requires additional force. Ensure you hear the audible click.
6. Pull on hose to ensure latch is fully engaged.
7. If latch is not flush to hose connector, hose is not fully engaged.
8. Plug in the vacuum.
9. Restart the vacuum.
• This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motor protective thermostat. If for some reason your vacuum overheats, the thermostat will automatically turn the unit off. Should this occur, perform the following steps to restart the motor thermostat:
1. Turn the unit off.
2. Unplug the vacuum.
3. Empty the dust cup and clean filters.
4. Check for blockages in hose, accessories and inlet openings.
5. Allow the unit to cool for a minimum of 45 minutes.
6. Plug in the vacuum.
7. Turn the unit on.