The reasons you need to do battery reset in Dyson V6

Dyson vacuum cleaners not only have excellent performance characteristics, but are also very easy to use. The progressive know-how of this device is continuous battery charging. This technical solution allows you to clean the house in a time format convenient for the owners.

How long do Dyson batteries last?

These charging cells are produced using a special technology. The basis of the brand are lithium-ion cells, which provide it with the necessary strength and volume.

Dyson vacuum batteries provide:

  • equipping with electronic sensors of the “charge-discharge” type and mini security control panels;
  • protection against dust and excessive moisture in the form of a special coating;
  • high charging speed, with smooth heating of the battery;
  • guarantee of use, providing a free replacement of the power supply if it fails before the due date;
  • resistance to temperature surges and changes in electrical voltage,
  • efficient operation at low charge rates.

battery reset in Dyson V6

Why can Dyson batteries go bad?

Practice shows that the charging elements regularly serve during their warranty period. And with their proper and careful use, they function up to 15 years.

Batteries age faster if they are charged very frequently. This helps to reduce the internal space of the batteries. Wear is also accelerated when using the high power mode without much need, in this situation the energy is consumed very actively and the load on the battery increases.

Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners of this brand recommend using the high power mode only for general cleaning. For current jobs, the normal default settings are sufficient.

Why can Dyson batteries go bad

Causes of Dyson Charging Algorithm Failure

If you find that the battery does not hold a charge well or does not hold a charge at all, the battery or the charger itself may have broken.

This can happen due to wear and tear of the vacuum cleaner over many years of use, serious damage to the wiring when it is not possible to charge the power supply; in case of overheating or overcooling of the electronics, in such cases the vacuum cleaner’s temperature sensor may work at temperatures below +3 and above +40.

No need to charge a cold or heated battery. For example, if you took the vacuum cleaner out of the balcony in winter or summer heat, leave it for half an hour in the room.

Causes of Dyson Charging Algorithm Failure

Battery Charging Rules

Instructions for replenishing the energy of Dyson vacuum cleaners provide for compliance with 2 basic principles.

Leave it on charge after use. You can track the process of replenishing energy by the indicator located on the surface of the vacuum cleaner. If the charging structure is working and connected to the mains, then a green glow appears on the panel.

In a situation where the indicator flashes red during cleaning, it signals the need to replenish energy. In the absence of a color signal on the panel, it is necessary to pay attention to the density of contacts of all designs.

The correct connection sequence involves plugging the charger into a power outlet, and then connecting it to the vacuum cleaner. If all the structures are connected well, but there is no signal or the panel is flashing red, it is necessary to look for damage to the wires or the battery itself.

Battery Charging Rules

A power failure in the wires can lead to the erroneous conclusion that the charger itself has deteriorated. Therefore, in order not to make unnecessary financial investments, you need to accurately determine the cause of the breakdown.

The most common situations when a Dyson vacuum cleaner does not hold a charge

The most common are cases where the battery is very old. Active use of the vacuum cleaner leads to the fact that the power supply wears out and loses its ability to store energy over time. This is due to the decrease in the internal volume of the battery.

If within 2-3 weeks, you observe a low battery charge, this indicates that it is worn out, most likely it is time to replace it.

Various situations can lead to battery failure. Frequent falls to the floor. As a result, parts may be displaced or cracked inside the device. Damaged batteries cannot be repaired and must be replaced with new ones. Batteries must be handled with great care, as strong impacts can cause them to ignite or even explode. Charger malfunction. If there are no visible defects, then the damage is inside the charger. The reasons may be: short circuits or power surges in the mains, battery contact with water, damage to wires by pets.

Dyson vacuum cleaner does not hold a charge

The appearance of a red signal on the main menu indicator always indicates a malfunction of the vacuum cleaner, including the battery. More than 13 flashes indicate a malfunction in the charger.

How to replace the battery yourself?

  1. Remove the charger from the electrical dock.
  2. Remove the battery pack from it.
  3. Unscrew the bolts holding the cover and remove it.
  4. Insert a new battery, cover with a lid, tighten the bolts carefully.
  5. Dispose of the old battery in accordance with the regulations.

How to reset a Dyson battery?

The developers of this device have provided the ability to reboot it. After it, a more coordinated work of the vacuum cleaner is observed.

Reset Algorithm

  1. De-energize the device by unplugging it from the socket.
  2. Using the trigger, hold it down for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Release the trigger and remove the charger from the vacuum cleaner.

Ways to use the power supply with care

Dyson vacuum cleaners are equipped with a trickle charge mode. The manufacturer recommends leaving it to replenish energy after each use. This is done to work out the algorithm for controlling the replenishment of the charge. The principle of saving is simple – as soon as it starts to deplete, the device stops consuming energy.

Ways to use the power supply with care

After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner heats up, it would be rational to let it cool down before recharging, this will lead to less wear on the product. Avoid exposing the battery to high or low temperatures, room temperature is the best for storing the device. The prevention of battery aging is its complete discharge, once a month.

Multiple batteries can be used interchangeably. This significantly reduces the risk of their damage, guarantees an equivalent and timely replacement of the battery.

Do not use recharge after a complete discharge procedure, this will shorten the service life. In this situation, it is important to charge the vacuum cleaner to the maximum.

Cleaning of the vacuum cleaner and its components is carried out with a dry rag; wet rags, powders, shampoos, gels, polishes should not be used. It is important to use genuine Dyson products to complete damaged parts.