Dyson vacuum cleaner – troubleshooting tips and repairs

Vacuum cleaners of the Dyson brand are a highly efficient household appliance that differs from analogues in high technical characteristics. This device has good suction power, works completely silently and is as comfortable as possible to use. Despite its reliability and efficiency, this technique is also subject to various malfunctions, the causes of which may depend on a variety of factors, from factory defects to improper use. Troubleshooting can be done by yourself or by contacting a specialized repair service.

If you do not know the exact cause of the failure of the Dyson vacuum cleaner or it is serious enough, self-repair of the device is strictly not recommended. Its design has a complex electronic filling, and without experience and high repair skills it will not be possible to eliminate the malfunction. You can repair simple failures on your own, in other cases you need to call a specialist so as not to be completely without a vacuum cleaner and not to spend money on acquiring a new one.

Dyson vacuum cleaner repair

The main malfunctions of Dyson brand vacuum cleaners

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that is reliable in its design and has a durable housing that perfectly protects the internal filling of the device from mechanical aggression and various external factors. If the vacuum cleaner stopped working stably, and its operation began to bring problems, it means that one of its parts is out of order. Before proceeding with the repair and disassembling the device, you need to find out if it is possible to fix the problem yourself or if you need to call a specialized wizard. The main and most frequent malfunctions of vacuum cleaners of this model range, experts include the following:

  1. during operation, unexpected shutdowns and unstable operation are observed;
  2. the vacuum cleaner has stopped charging or turning on;
  3. the engine is very hot, the catchment does not function;
  4. a sharp decrease in suction power;
  5. the appearance of visible cracks on the body of the unit;
  6. the occurrence of a characteristic smell of burning during operation;
  7. vacuum cleaner sparking, failure in automatic cord winder.

If you hear loud noises while using your Dyson vacuum cleaner, do not take it apart and try to fix the cause of the noise yourself. The cause of this malfunction is bearings, which are unlikely to be available to you. Over time, the bearings crumble and cease to perform their functions, which is why a strong roar occurs during the operation of the unit. This breakdown can only be eliminated in a technical center by replacing worn bearings.

Do-it-yourself repair of minor breakdowns

The design of the Dyson dust collection unit is quite durable and resistant to mechanical damage – it is quite difficult to spoil it, but small malfunctions can appear that are easy to fix without contacting specialists. For example, if the device noticeably reduces the suction power of garbage fractions, you need to clean the dust collector and nozzles or rinse the microfilter thoroughly. Often, overheating of the motor is due to a clogged dust collector or the penetration of dirt into the working compartments of the engine. Unpleasant odors coming from the appliance disappear quickly after cleaning the microfilter elements and rinsing the telescopic tube.

Dyson brand vacuum cleaners

All these minor breakdowns are easily fixed on their own and do not require special knowledge and skills. At the same time, there are effective tips that make it easy to control the degree of contamination of the device, which include:

  • regular cleaning of the dust collector and its replacement;
  • every 3 months it is necessary to replace the microfilter;
  • it is allowed to use the household appliance only for its intended purpose (it is impossible to collect liquid with it if the unit is intended only for dry cleaning);
  • keep away from children, who can put various things into its suction elements that will lead to further clogging of the vacuum cleaner.

In the event that the cause of the unit’s malfunction is serious, independent attempts to make repairs are undesirable, it is better to call the master at home or contact a specialized service center.

If a Dyson brand vacuum cleaner has a drop in dust suction power during cleaning, the first step is to increase the suction power by twisting a special regulator. If this does not correct the problem, it is recommended to clean the dust container and inspect the visible filter elements for cleanliness. In addition, the problem may arise due to the fact that the hose is not securely screwed to the device. Check hose fastening and tighten as much as necessary.

Cleaning the filter in a vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the filter in a vacuum cleaner

Depending on the model of the Dyson brand household appliance, its filter elements need to be cleaned or changed every 3 months or every 6 months. When replacing the filter in a vacuum cleaner, it must be removed from the device, for this you need to open the compartment of the container in which it is located. Move the filter retaining clip upwards and open the container lid by moving it away from you. The housing, painted yellow, is removed from the filter element.

The blue sponge filter is then removed from the yellow housing. Before reinstallation, the housing and filter element must be completely dry. It is forbidden to use a household appliance without installing filters, this will lead to serious malfunctions of the unit. The blue filter should be washed with warm water until it is completely clean, then dried and reinstalled in the reverse order.

Vacuum cleaner motor not working

In cases where the Dyson vacuum cleaner motor does not work, it is very important to find the real cause of this malfunction. Based on it, do not carry out repairs that are not possible without the intervention of a specialized specialist. To find the cause of failures in the engine, it must be tested. Below are the most likely factors that cause the engine of a household appliance to stop turning on.

Vacuum cleaner motor not working

Switch defective. A multimeter is used to determine if the switch is working. This allows you to check the continuity of the incoming current. If the power supply fails, the switch must be replaced.

The drive motor has failed. The first step is to check the stability of the power supply to the motor (using a multimeter, the switch is tested). If the order and power supply of the engine is stable with the switch, you need to check the pressure wheel. The wheel should turn freely and easily without any obstruction. If, after the diagnosis, the motor did not work, it means that it burned out and needs to be replaced, repair measures are powerless here.

The cord winder is broken. If the automatic twisting of the cord of the vacuum cleaner has ceased to function, it means that the drum element responsible for this function has failed. The reason for the breakdown could be frequent use, severe deformation of the cord, wear due to long use. The part needs to be replaced with a new one, repair in this case is impractical.

The household appliance began to spark. According to the manufacturer himself, if the Dyson brand vacuum cleaner began to spark during operation, the cause should be sought in the breakdown of the graphite turbo brush. There is a high probability that a short circuit is formed inside the brush body, caused by wear of the conductive elements. More precisely, the severity of the malfunction can be determined by a repairman called to the house. Until the problem is fixed, it is forbidden to use a broken vacuum cleaner, since a faulty device poses a danger to human life.

The turbo brush does not rotate

The turbo brush does not rotate in the vacuum cleaner

If the movable roller of the turbo brush is jammed or it rotates too tight, you need to remove the brush and carefully clean dust deposits, carpet fluff, threads and other debris stuck in them from its plain bearings. Difficult brush rotation causes increased friction and belt tension, which can lead to belt breakage. To make sure that everything is in order with the belt, and it has not torn, jumped off or stretched, it must be inspected. If, after cleaning the roller, the turbo brush does not start to rotate, and the belt has visible damage, these two parts must be replaced.

Dyson vacuum cleaner blinking red light

When the Dyson Home Appliance is constantly flashing a red indicator light, the cause may be a low battery. To eliminate the malfunction, the device must be recharged for 3 or three and a half hours. In the event that charging did not help, you need to look for another reason. Experts recommend starting diagnostics with a check for thermal blocking.

You need to find out if there is any overcooling or severe overheating in electronics. Sometimes the light bulb starts to signal the operation of the temperature sensor in the temperature range below +3 degrees Celsius and above +40 degrees. You can fix thermal blockage as follows:

  • the battery is disconnected from the charger;
  • you need to wait until the battery warms up or cools down;
  • the battery is connected to the charger again;
  • the battery must be charged within the room temperature range (from +16 to +28 degrees).

Dyson vacuum cleaner blinking red light

If this does not help, then the reason may be in the battery itself, which needs to be replaced. When replacing, you need to remove the old battery from the device and put a new one in its place. At the same time, charging a cold lithium-ion battery device is harmful to its operational durability, charging a hot one is simply dangerous due to the possibility of an explosion.

Unstable operation of the vacuum cleaner (quick shutdowns)

If the Dyson vacuum cleaner starts to shut down after a few minutes or even seconds of operation, this means that the appliance is shutting down to prevent malfunctions due to overheating. The reason may be the blockage of air flows in the filter element of the unit. Without the air mass flows necessary for cooling, the vacuum cleaner cannot remain cold during operation and, in order not to burn out, it automatically turns off.

Unstable operation of the vacuum cleaner

The problem with overheating is solved in two stages – the filter of the unit is thoroughly cleaned from dust and fine debris by washing under running warm water. The second step will be the complete disassembly of the filter element. This is required in order to make sure that the filter is completely cleaned and contaminants are removed from the deepest compartments of the structure. Before installing the filter back into the vacuum cleaner, it must be allowed to dry. Drying will take at least 24 hours, after which the filter element is installed back into the household appliance.