After cleaning filter vacuum cleaner Dyson V10 not working

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is recommended to clean the filter unit of the Dyson V10 model at least once a month. However, many users do this much more often, especially those who use the device very often or collect a lot of fine dust. But in practice, there are also cases when the filter returns after cleaning back into the system, and it fails to work.

What to do in this case? The first step is to make sure that the filter unit is securely attached. He also may not have gotten rid of the moisture after cleaning, because he simply did not have enough time to dry completely. Or maybe the motor head failed after all the moisture was sucked in. Clogging can be observed in other places. Actually, as well as filter wear.

Each of these reasons will be discussed separately below. So, let’s consider why the system does not work after cleaning the filter. And also get acquainted with the solutions for each of these problems.

vacuum cleaner Dyson V10 not working

Probable causes of failure

So, most often it is in an incorrectly installed filter unit. The filter stays wet. And sometimes the motor head does not function. The problem may also relate to the wear of the device itself or blockages in it.

Poorly installed filter

After cleaning, you need to reattach it to the vacuum cleaner and turn the cap. It is necessary to act clockwise until a click is formed. If the system detects the fact of incorrect installation, it will refuse to perform its functions.

Sometimes it’s not the user of the device who is at fault. After all, improper screwing is far from the only cause of the problem. It is likely that debris is stuck inside, which interferes with the filter block being in its place. Without achieving a full seal, the V10 will not work after the trigger is pulled.

Poorly installed filter

Another indicator of an incorrect installation is the blinking blue indicator. Moreover, it is located in the side of the block when the user presses the trigger. However, such a problem can be relatively easily and quickly eliminated. Here’s what to do in this case:

  • dismantle the unit from the vacuum cleaner;
  • inspect sections of its contact with vacuum;
  • make sure that there is no debris that could prevent the filter from being fixed in one place;
  • insert the block into its correct position;
  • turn clockwise until you hear a click.

This may not be easy to do, since the system has a rubber gasket used to seal without air gaps directly between the filter and the block. If you need further guidance, you can always refer to the sticker located on the back of the unit for instructions on proper attachment.

Filter continues to be wet

Dyson’s instructions aren’t too hard to follow. And if you do it right, you need to flush the system under a tap with cold water. However, many users do not allow enough time for the installation to dry out. Instead, the unit is mistakenly attached to the vacuum while still wet. As a result, it loses the ability to pass air through itself. And its flow stops throughout the volume of the vacuum. When necessary, the system cannot protect against further damage.

Filter continues to be wet

You can correct the situation if you follow the previously created instructions:

  • remove the wet filter;
  • dry it for at least one night.

If you disobey and try to make the vacuum cleaner work while the filter is wet, this can lead to enormous damage to the engine. In this case, water can penetrate into all parts of the unit. So you should definitely disassemble the remnants of the system and dry them separately, even if they are slightly wet.

The manufacturer advises to thoroughly wash the filter and let it dry, usually a day is enough for this. Sometimes it can take more than hours, so you should not plan cleaning in the near future. As part of the drying work, it is categorically not recommended to use a hair dryer, in fact, like a heat gun, as well as any other source of heat. Do not work in direct sunlight, because under them the filter can be very worn out.

It is much easier and more convenient to place the filter in a place with optimal airflow and leave it to dry outdoors for a day. After that, you can safely continue to use the vacuum cleaner in the usual way.

Motor failure

It’s about the head. If this occurs immediately after cleaning, that is, when the system was wet, water may have entered the engine and damaged it, preventing normal operation. Most often, this situation occurs due to the penetration of moisture into electrical systems, which causes a short circuit that damages the engine.

You can correct the situation, again, you must be guided by a simple and understandable instruction:

  • if the head is damaged by water, it is necessary to replace the system 100%;
  • the best way to solve the problem is to contact the customer support service;
  • if this does not work, they should suggest what options are available to solve the problem;
  • You can also go to a local appliance repair technician who can find a replacement motor and have it repaired.

After a complete replacement of the head, you can continue to use the product as before. That is, there should not be any changes, in contrast to the moment of the start of its application..

Dyson V10 Motor failure

Filter wear

Practice shows that it is designed for a duration of operation equal to only two years. However, it can last longer if the unit is used infrequently. If you apply it too often, wear can happen faster. Especially if during the work you have to catch a lot of fine dust. In turn, it is not difficult to clean them from large particles. Regular rinsing under cold water will remove unwanted contaminants without any problems.

But it is also worth noting that these filters have small pores that trap fine dust. It is not easy to remove it, even numerous washes sometimes do not help. This means that over time, especially when washing on a regular basis, the filter will wear out on a regular basis. It will become saturated with dust, which will reduce the amount of air flow through the system.

Basically, problems are easy to fix. If the same unit is used for two years or more, it is worth replacing it. Still, it is better to buy branded products and avoid cooperation with third-party sellers. This will allow you to maintain confidence in the compatibility of the system with the base and its reliability.

Filter wear

Blockages formed elsewhere

Even if cleaning activities were carried out, it is possible that blockages were not noticed elsewhere. When this happens, the vacuum will begin to pulsate each time the trigger is pulled. Sometimes the ripple makes itself felt so that the user is aware of the problem. This is to prevent continuous operation of the motor which could cause damage. Also, the problem is probably a clogged brush rod, tube or inlet. All of these sections need to be cleaned each time the filter is washed.

The procedure for solving the problem is quite simple and clear, it looks like this:

  • removal of all devices after cleaning of the filtering system;
  • inspection of the brush rod, tube and inlet;
  • the belief that there are no obstacles in the passage of the air flow;
  • this will allow it to circulate without any obstacles, and the system will be able to easily and quickly cope with the tasks assigned to it.

Blockages formed elsewhere

Thus, all these measures allow you to have a serviceable filter and avoid its breakdowns in the future. In case of malfunctions, it is necessary to contact the masters or eliminate the shortcomings on their own.