Reasons why the Shark vacuum won’t turn on

Sometimes it happens that a very reliable Shark vacuum cleaner stops turning on. Therefore, its owners need to clearly understand what the problem may be related to and how to solve it. It is also very important to list the features of wireless and wired units of this type.

In order to eliminate malfunctions when they are turned on, first of all, you need to check the reliability of their connection to the power supply. If the household has a wired household appliance, then the position of the circuit breaker should be noted and the condition of the outlet should be checked.

Battery-powered devices must be provided with a charging adapter and a full battery. If the technique is overheated, then it just needs to be left alone for 60 or more minutes in order for the mechanism to cool.

Extreme care must be taken and the first thing to do when trying to fix a problem is to disconnect the Shark from electricity. Any type of vacuum cleaner must be turned off. This is the only way to protect yourself from injury.

Wired Vacuum Type StickShark Units

Wired Vacuum Type StickShark Units

The home appliance manufacturer produces a wide range of models equipped with a battery or electric cord.

Therefore, there are two main reasons why the Shark upright corded vacuum cleaner stops turning on.

Problems with the incoming power supply

For its operation, the unit is provided with electricity. If he stops responding to the inclusion, then you should check the source of his supply.

The incoming option is an automatic starter, wall socket and mains power. Any of them is capable of failing, which as a result will prevent the Shark household appliance from gaining enough power for its work.

The main reason here lies in the place where the malfunction is specifically localized. The most common occurrence is the usual power outage to homes, when all devices are de-energized for a while.

Problems with the incoming power supply

Often the problem is hidden in the circuit breaker on the main panel. Then the power will not be delivered to the wall outlet and, accordingly, the equipment will not work. There are also breakage of sockets. They usually have a certain shelf life and gradually wear out. The longer the nest is in operation, the more likely it is that it simply ran out of resources.

When finding out the reasons, it is required to follow a certain scheme.

  1. First, it is worth checking the availability of electricity at home, simply by clicking on any switch of the lighting lamp.
  2. If it is on, then it is necessary to inspect the main control unit and monitor the position of automatic starts. If they are not in place, then they need to be brought back to normal.
  3. In the absence of the first two problems, you should check the functioning of the outlet by including other household appliances in it. You should also connect the Shark to another input source to see if it works. If it turns out that the outlet is to blame, then you will need to invite an electrician to repair it.

Vacuum wire and plug

If the input power supply is in perfect order, then you need to carefully inspect the cord and plug of the Shark vacuum cleaner. Here, too, there are two main reasons for his refusal to include it.

The first is that the wire may be damaged. Most often, breaks in internal cables or insulation occur. Sometimes it also happens that they are twisted or fail with careless handling.

Vacuum Shark wire and plug

Another reason for the failure of the unit can be a plug. Some pin breaks off and stops supplying electricity to the vacuum. In any case, the household appliance will be deprived of uninterrupted supply and therefore will stop turning on. If the plug or wire is broken, then they must be immediately disconnected from the power supply and not used yet.

A damaged vacuum wire may become exposed and then touching it will result in an electric shock. It should be replaced immediately with minor repairs. In the absence of special skills, it is better to entrust such work to an electrician.

Power switch failure

Shark appliances are always equipped with a special power switch that fully controls the flow of energy to all its main working elements.

If the vacuum cleaner refuses to work, then the reason is sometimes hidden in the failure of the power switch. If there is a normal power supply and the unit is in good condition, a damaged part will not allow it to start functioning. Its failure is usually due to general wear or disconnection of internal electrical connectors. A short circuit is also possible, which will be indicated by the presence of burn marks inside the switch.

It takes a lot of time and effort to change it on a Shark household appliance, since this part is difficult to get close to.

  1. You need to completely disassemble the device and remove all fasteners that hold the covers in place.
  2. Then you need to find the switch and disconnect its connectors.
  3. Then you need to take it out, and then put it back in place.
  4. Make sure the electrical connectors are in exactly the same position as before.
  5. After that, all covers must be put in place.

Power switch failure

Cordless and portable equipment Shark

Next, we will talk about battery-powered models, which include wireless and portable options. It is also worth highlighting the main reasons why they are able to fully work.

No battery charging

If the vacuum cleaner does not want to turn on, then it is advisable to remember exactly the last date of charging its battery. To fully ensure it, it usually takes at least 2.5 and even 3 hours. Only then can the Shark unit start working.

To solve this problem, you need to charge the device for the time required for it. The period of providing it with food is different and depends on its type. Therefore, it is better to first carefully study the instructions that come with the technique.

Then it is worth checking the vacuum with the battery. If Shark works, then the cause is found and fixed. If it does not turn on, then the device does not hold a charge and needs to be replaced.

Difficulties with the adapter

This most important device is very simply arranged, but it is truly of great importance. It is designed to provide power to the vacuum battery. Its design includes an adapter and a plug that connects to a socket and a wire. They lead to a charging station, stand or vacuum cleaner.

Difficulties with the adapter

The adapter stops working if damaged. Sometimes the adapter breaks or the power cable breaks. Then the device is not able to provide power to the unit. Therefore, despite the fact that it will be connected to electricity for several hours, the battery will not be charged.

The adapter cannot be repaired, so you will have to buy a new one. The important thing is that it is easy to find it from the manufacturer or even from other sellers.

The main reason for any Shark models

Sometimes it happens that the vacuum cleaner suddenly turns off and no longer responds to the actions of the owner. Then it is usually a question of overheating of the thermal switch.

Thermal switch overheating

Shark units are equipped with a safety function, which is assigned to the thermal switch. It comes into action at an elevated vacuum temperature. Then the household appliance will not turn on, helping to protect the motor and other parts of the mechanism from excessive load.

Thermal switch overheating

After this part is triggered, the device will not work until it resets its settings. You have to wait until the vacuum finally cools down. This process usually takes an hour or more. Therefore, if the equipment has ceased to function and no longer turns on, then the main reason usually lies precisely in this.

To solve it, Shark simply needs to be left alone until it cools down. It is necessary to disconnect the vacuum cleaner from electricity and do not touch it for 60 minutes or more. It is allowed to use it only after it becomes clear that it has cooled down. The thermal switch will then no longer be active.

Then you should check the vacuum for blockages that can cause it to overheat. Their elimination will save the owner of the unit from unnecessary trouble in the future.