Meaning of PE error code in LG washing machine

Washing machines, when a breakdown occurs in the system, show error codes. Models from the LG brand are famous for their high-quality technology, but from time to time they also have malfunctioned. For example, a PE error and a drum stop indicate a problem in the device’s performance. At first, it is displayed in some programs, and then it becomes permanent, preventing the machine from working in normal mode. Let’s see how to fix the situation.

What does the PE error code mean?

The PE error indicates a problem with the operation of the water level sensor in the washing machine. It appears infrequently but can occur both during the spin cycle and during the rinse, or right in the middle of the cycle. The sensor does not correctly measure the water level in the drum. The device, relying on this information, cannot start the program and interrupts it.

Before resorting to repairs and buying new parts, you must try to reset the device. Perhaps there was a banal failure of automation. The machine is disconnected from the power supply and then turned on after a few minutes. If the error is reset and no longer appears, then you can continue to operate. Otherwise, you will need to diagnose and identify the cause of the breakdown.

PE error code

Problems Causing PE Error

RE is a very rare error. There are two common problems that provoke it in LG machines. These include malfunctions with wiring and the breakdown of the water level sensor.

If the washer fills with water and then drains it, it may not be installed correctly. For example, its drain is located below the level of the tank. Water immediately enters the sewer, activating the error. In this case, you need to reconnect the device to the drain system or install the machine on a more even floor.

Wiring problem

One of the most common reasons why the machine displays a PE error is a malfunction in the wiring of the water level sensor or the main control board. During spinning, the device vibrates actively. Sharp fluctuations can provoke a “break” of the wires. To determine this, you need to inspect the wiring harness for damage or looseness. Perhaps they are simply faulty or burnt. It is also important to verify their integrity using a multimeter. If the wiring harness is defective, it should be replaced with a new one. The absence of a breakdown indicates that the problem is hidden in the water level sensor.

Wiring problem

If the manufacturer has not provided an electronic display in the washing machine model, then you can recognize the error by blinking indicator lights on the buttons.

Problem with water level sensor

The level sensor measures the amount of water in the tank, and the information is transmitted to the control module. The module, in turn, redirects the command, and the machine starts to draw water, wash or drain it (depending on the current cycle). If the part is faulty, then it does not react in any way to the commands of the control unit or sends incorrect data to it.

The sensor (pressure switch) may not work correctly for the following reasons:

  1. The pressure chamber is clogged.
  2. Incorrect connection to the sewer (error when first turned on).
  3. Hose damaged or clogged.
  4. The sensor is broken, or the contact is “jammed” in the “full tank” position.
  5. Water pressure is unstable.

Breakdowns often occur with strong water pressure, which fills the drum too quickly. There is also a reverse situation when the liquid is drawn in slowly, and the device simply stops the program.

Problem with water level sensor

Most often, it is a broken pressure switch that causes the PE error in LG washing machines. Sometimes, instead of it, the electronic controller undergoes a malfunction. It usually fails the relay switches in the sensor generator on the board. Also, the problem can be caused by burnt radio elements or tracks in the pressure switch circuit in the controller.

To eliminate the fault, clean the pressure chamber, put on the sensor tube, and blow it out. If the element is completely out of order, it is simply replaced with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to reset the PE error code?
To reset the error code, you must unplug the washing machine for 10 minutes. After turning on, the device will work without error, but if there really are no serious breakdowns in the system.

Why does the LG washing machine not turn on the wash cycle, but just show the PE error on the display?
Most likely, the heating element provokes the problem. This part heats water to the desired temperature. It is possible that the hose connected to the water level sensor is clogged. It should be cleaned or purged, or the pressure switch should be completely replaced.

Why is the PE error displayed on the display immediately after pressing the “START” button?
If this situation occurs, then the control unit programmer is not working correctly. It looks like a microcircuit that controls the operation of the device as a whole. A burned-out microcircuit or module must be completely replaced, since the elements that control the sensor, most likely, cannot be repaired.

Why does the PE error appear randomly and then disappear?
This problem appears due to a malfunction with the wiring inside the machine. First you need to check the operability of the wiring between the control module and the heater. If the contact between the wires is broken, the PE code appears on the screen. In this case, the cables must be replaced or twisted. If the wires are twisted, they will need to be insulated using heat shrink.


If the owner of the LG washing machine sees a PE error, then in 80% of cases the pressure switch that controls the water level in the tank will turn out to malfunction. Sometimes it is enough to blow out his tube. In more serious cases, a replacement part will be required. If the occurrence of an error is not associated with the sensor, but with a faulty control unit, then this part is also subject to replacement. In exceptional cases, it will be necessary to change only certain elements and not the entire microcircuit.