Neato vacuum troubleshooting

Depending on the extent of a fault, repairs of vacuum cleaners can be assigned to a category of simple, medium and complex ones. There are mechanical and electric breakdowns. Only specialists of service centers are able to determine the complexity of repairs after certain diagnostics. The troubleshooting table with error codes for neato vacuum cleaners below is an excellent assistant in this matter.

Neato Robotics Botvac vacuum troubleshooting

What the screen saysWhat it meansWhat to do
A Software update is available. Please visit web support.The software on your robot needs to be updatedIf issue persists, please contact Neato Customer Care. Go to and click on Support for additional information.
Please open my dirt bin & push switch DOWN to ON.The battery switch is set to OFF. the battery is not charging and the robot cannot run.Open the dirt bin and push the battery switch DOWN to ON. Place the dirt bin back into robot and press OKAY to continue using. Make sure robot is fully charged before cleaning. Be sure to charge overnight the first time you charge the robot.
CLEANING SUSPENDED WHILE CHARGINGThe robot needs to return to the charge base to recharge. When the robot is done charging it will return to where it left off to finish cleaning.Let the robot return to the charge base to recharge. If it is already on the charge base, leave the robot on the charge base while it recharges.

Neato Robotics XV series, Neato Robotics CLEAN-11 XV series, Neato Robotics All-Floor Robotic series vacuum troubleshooting

LCD MessageRemedy
Dirt Bin FullEmpty dirt bin and replace into its slot.
Brush StuckRemove brush guard and clean all hair and debris from brush. Replace brush and guard and press START button to resume cleaning.
Bumper StuckJiggle the bumper to loosen.
Brush SlipMake sure all blades on the brush are in place and not worn down. Make sure the belt is on the end of the brush gear.
Cannot ChargeMake sure the changing cable is plugged into the base and wall. When vacuum is initially connected to the base, the status light will light up to let you know the power is on.
Battery at MinimumPlace vacuum on charging base to charge.