Overview and troubleshoot of Ninja blender

Ninja is one of the most popular blender manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of products that greatly simplify the life of the family. The blender is a useful kitchen accessory with a unique blade system. Ninja products are considered one of the best on the market. But, like any other technique, blenders of this manufacturer fail sooner or later. The purpose of this article is to give owners of Ninja products useful advice on the proper operation and repair of equipment. A little research on the Internet revealed the most common types of problems that owners of blenders of this brand had to face.

After assembly, the order of the location of the blender parts is violated

Ninja blenders are a unique combination of parts that interact with each other to achieve optimal results.

If your blender does not want to work, be sure to check if it is connected to the network. If everything is in order here, then the problem may lie in the incorrect assembly of parts. Their inaccurate location leads to a complete cessation of the device.

Ninja blender repair

The manufacturer Ninja makes its products as safe as possible. Blenders contain a large number of moving parts which, if used incorrectly, can cause serious injury. Blenders of this brand are equipped with a blade of a unique shape. It has many sharp teeth, which, if handled carelessly, can lead to injury. If your Ninja blender is having a problem with stopping working, the first thing to do is to read the user manual that came with your kitchen appliance. At first glance, its use may not be appropriate, because the principle of the blender is quite simple. But in practice, the device has its own characteristics, which you can’t exactly figure out without instructions with a step-by-step guide.

Blender jar not locked in correct position

A blender is an inexpensive kitchen appliance that operates at high speeds. It is equipped with sharp, dangerous blades. When using this device, safety is paramount. The manufacturer Ninja has developed a set of precautions that prevent the jug from moving while the blender is in operation.

The proposed measures are an essential security element added to the security base of some devices. The built-in jug lock ensures that the jug stays in the right position – otherwise it simply won’t turn on. The Ninja blender comes with a special user manual that checks that the jar is properly locked in place.

Blender jar not locked in correct position

The user manual has a special section that describes the most convenient way to use the blender. The instruction is accompanied by colorful photographs that clearly demonstrate the principle of installing a jug in a blender.

Jug lid is not closed tightly

Ninja blenders are supplied with a lid, which must be tightly closed before starting household appliances. The hole located under the lid serves to load the ingredients into the jug.

If you turn on the blender with a loose lid, the device is likely to be damaged. It’s good that Ninja specialists have provided for automatic blocking of the jug lid before starting the chopping device.

Jug lid is not closed tightly

A loose fit of the lid is immediately detected by the built-in security system. To find out about the presence of such a problem and fix it, follow these steps:

  • look at the blender’s operating panel (if the lid is loose, the LED indicator will flash there);
  • study the user’s manual along with the instructions (there are the main signs of poor fit of the lid on the jug);
  • see if the arrows on the pitcher and the lid match.

The user manual has a visual description of what a blender lid should look like, which fits snugly on a jar for grinding various foods.

Blades do not rotate properly

Proper operation of the Ninja brand blender is ensured by a set of sharp knives located at the bottom of the jug. It is they who form the great power of the device. If the knives become blunt or break, the consistency of the chopped products will not be too smooth. The problem may also be that the blades do not rotate well enough. This happens due to a blockage inside the base unit. There is a rubber connector with which the removable jug can be connected to a rotating mechanism inside the base, combined with a motor. Before repair, it is recommended to disconnect the base unit from the mains. After completing these steps, proceed as follows.

Blades do not rotate properly

  1. Take a screwdriver and remove the screws that hold the bottom cover in place.
  2. You will have access to the inside of the device. Examine the internal assembly of the household appliance. It should not contain any debris or dust that will block the rotation of the shaft.
  3. When the shaft starts to rotate correctly, assemble the device and check its correct operation.

A thorough cleaning will help restore the blender to proper operation.

The power light on the blender is not on

If the power indicator on the Ninja blender does not light up, immediately check whether the device is connected to the network. If yes, then the problem is likely to break down in another.

Check the electrical switch that powers the outlets. In the event that the breaker is working or not turned off, check the health of the outlet with a multimeter. Is everything all right here too? Then the fault is most likely inside the blender itself. To examine the condition of the inside – open the bottom cover and first get access to the inside of the blender. Perhaps it burned out and because of this the blender stopped working. Due to a blown fuse, electrical current cannot flow into the appliance’s power cord that is plugged into an electrical outlet. You can check the fuse with a multimeter. If it is found that it is in non-working mode, contact the manufacturer to replace the device. Immediately after replacement, close the cover, replace the screws and test the site for performance.