What to do if the ninja blender blinking red? How to repair?

There are many gadgets that make housekeeping much easier. Among the kitchen utensils, a blender occupies a special place. There are many different units from leading manufacturers of household appliances. Today we will talk about blenders manufactured by Ninja.

Ninja blenders fell in love with hostesses for their simplicity and convenience. However, even they sometimes fail. The most common signal that the blender is not working properly is a red indicator that starts blinking. Do not be upset, in most cases, you can fix the problem yourself.

A flashing red indicator warns you that the blender elements are not assembled or secured correctly. First of all, you need to make sure that the jug is firmly fixed in the base of the appliance. Next, check the tightness of the cover. In addition, check that the blender handle is lowered to the stop.

This article provides basic tips to help you troubleshoot problems that cause a red light on the blender to light up.

In addition, before using the device, we recommend that you read the instructions. Although many neglects this rule, it is it that allows you to avoid many problems in the future.

Why is there a red light on the Ninja blender?

Red signal – stop. This is how we were taught as children. You can’t cross the road at a red light. In the case of a blender, this rule is also relevant. Do not use the device if the indicator on it is constantly flashing.

ninja blender blinking red

A red flashing signal warns the user that the instrument has not been assembled correctly. Maybe one, or even several parts were fixed not according to the instructions. Therefore, in order to avoid injury, manufacturers have equipped the blender with an additional indicator.

Not only a red light indicates incorrect assembly. In this case, the device connected to the power supply will not work. The cutting elements are blocked to ensure the proper level of safety.

As mentioned earlier, all parts of the device must be installed correctly. We are talking about a jug, a lid and a handle. Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The pitcher is not fixed

A jug is a container in which ingredients are placed for further grinding and mixing. A rotating knife is installed in its lower part, and a lid is placed on top.

pitcher is not fixed

Before using the blender, the jug must be inserted into the base of the appliance and then rotated clockwise. Thus, you will be able to firmly fix it.

Most often, a red indicator indicates that the jug is not secured. Try inserting the bowl again following the instructions above. When properly installed, you will hear a click, indicating that the jug is now securely in place.

Lid incorrectly installed

Without the lid, the entire contents of the blender would be spread all over the kitchen with lightning speed. A properly installed cover will avoid such a nuisance, as well as protect the user from possible injury.

Lid incorrectly installed

Ninja blenders are equipped with sensors that prevent the appliance from turning on if the protective cover is not installed or is not properly aligned. This will also be indicated by a flashing red indicator.

The first step is to make sure that the cover is installed correctly. In this case, the white mark on the cover must match the same mark on the handle. Also, check that the lid fits snugly on the jug.

Following these steps will ensure that the cover is properly installed. If this was the problem, then the blinking indicator will turn off.

Lid handle up

The lid of the Ninja blender is equipped with a handle and spout. Thanks to the convenient design, the lid can be removed without touching the parts that may get dirty during cooking.

Lid handle up

At the same time, the manufacturer has provided an additional safety element located on this particular handle. If the handle is raised up, the sensor will give an appropriate signal about this, and the device simply will not start working.

Before cooking, make sure that the lid handle is fully lowered. The signal to the correct position will be a click, confirming that the element is installed correctly.

As a result of these manipulations, the red flashing should stop. After that, you can use the device without problems.

Safety element defective

As mentioned earlier, the Ninja blender has several safety mechanisms. Such elements ensure safety during the operation of the device. With the correct installation of all components, these sensors transmit information to the base that the device is completely ready for safe operation.

Safety element defective

It is important to remember that the safety locks that Ninja blenders are equipped with serve as protection against injury. In addition, they protect the device from improper operation and breakdown, the correction of which will have to spend a significant amount of money. So, bypassing defense mechanisms can lead to serious consequences. As a result, instead of saving, you will face additional problems.

However, it may happen that the whole structure is assembled correctly, but the sensor is still flashing. This indicates that there is a failure in the system. She mistakenly “thinks” that some part is installed incorrectly. In fact, the problem lies in the failure of the safety element.

It is not possible to correct this defect on your own. You will have to completely replace the part with a broken mechanism. The blender can only be used after purchasing new jars, lids, etc.

The Internet is full of advice on how to bypass these security features and stop the sensor from flashing. However, they should not be used. Any violation of safety regulations can lead to serious consequences. Sharp knife blades can cause severe injuries.

Popular questions

We have collected answers to the most common questions asked by Ninja blender users. Focusing on them, you can independently solve a number of problems. After all, very often a breakdown or malfunction turns out to be quite insignificant.

Why is the light on the Ninja blender blinking?
The blinking of the indicator indicates the incorrect assembly of the device. Make sure you secure the jug tightly, put the lid on and lower the handle. As soon as all the parts are in the right position, the indicator will turn off and the device will be ready for use.

Why does the blender blade not spin?
The first step is to check the connection of the device to the power supply. If the blade remains stationary and the indicator flashes, then it is worth checking that all removable elements are installed correctly. If the device is not assembled correctly, sensors block its operation to ensure safety.

Does Blender Ninja have a “Reset” button?
The blender, from the manufacturer Ninja, is not equipped with an additional reset button. The device cannot be restarted during operation. It does not provide a keyboard shortcut to restart the workflow.

How to reset the program on the blender?
If the blender does not work correctly, and there are signs of failure, then there is a way to reset the program. To do this, de-energize the device by removing the socket from the network. After switching off, the device must stand for five minutes.
After that, you can try to restart the blender in normal mode.
In this case, this method is unlikely to eliminate the blinking of the sensor. All the reasons why such a malfunction may occur are described in detail in the article. It also tells about effective ways that will allow you to solve this problem yourself.