Self Clean function in Samsung washing machine. How and when to use

Together with washed clothes, large particles of sand, dirt and other components enter the washing machine, which adversely affect the performance of the equipment. Scale and alkaline deposits are formed in appliances due to the use of hard water or counterfeit powder and bleach when washing. If you leave wet laundry in the drum of the washing unit for a long time, then mold and various fungi will definitely appear in it. The occurrence of corrosion on the details of equipment made of metal is not excluded.

Before proceeding to washing specialized clothes (chef’s coats, children’s sports uniforms, clothes for working in a summer cottage, a car mechanic’s suit), it must be turned inside out and shaken thoroughly. Then soak and rinse, which will help to avoid the accumulation of sedimentary fractions and dirt inside the washing equipment and increase its stable operation.

Operation of the self-cleaning function

The meaning of this option, integrated into the software of Samsung washing machines, is to self-clean the equipment from mold, various dirt, and rust. If the inner surface of the drum is free of dirt and remains clean, this will not cause damage to the unit and will avoid unplanned expenses for repairing the machine. Before starting the option, you need to make sure that there is no laundry in the drum.

Operation of the self-cleaning function

The presence of foreign objects at the time of operation of the self-cleaning function will lead to breakage of the moving parts included in the design of the Samsung washing machine and ruin the clothes themselves. However, the use of chemical cleaners is not recommended. When in contact with water, they will leave a caustic chemical residue on the drum, which will affect the quality of the wash.

Activating the self-cleaning mode

An automatic notification that the washing machine drum needs cleaning appears on the equipment display once a month. This frequency is conditional, since it directly depends on how often the washing unit is operated. If a message appears on the display stating that the Samsung machine needs to activate the self-cleaning mode, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • by pressing the “Power” button, the washing device is turned on;
  • using the wheel scroll “Mode switch”, you need to select the option “Eco cleaning”, located on the right in the form of extreme division;
  • when “Eco mode” is activated, there is no need to choose the temperature, the program control of the machine will set everything on its own, self-cleaning of the drum is performed at plus 70 degrees Celsius;
  • to start the self-cleaning mode, press the “Start/Pause” button.

When you receive a self-cleaning alert, you need to clean the debris filter element. If this is not done, the “Eco cleaning” mode will not function at full capacity, without the required efficiency. It is also required to strictly observe safety precautions and correctly enter the operating parameters of the mode. If everything is done correctly, you can do other things or take a break, the program will finish everything on its own.

Activating the self-cleaning mode

Why do you need to clean the drum of the washing unit

Often in contact with dirty laundry, the drum becomes dirty after some time. In washing machines, the design of which does not have the option of self-cleaning, you have to do the cleaning manually. To do this, vinegar, bleach, citric acid are poured into the hostess’ equipment, soda and other disinfectant and cleaning compounds are used. Thanks to the treatment, the drum is completely freed from dirt deposits, bacteria, scale, unpleasant odors, soap residues, and mold.

If the “insides” of the appliance are not cleaned in time, the machine will begin to exude the smell of rot, which will absorb the washed things. Neglecting the cleanliness of the washing machine is guaranteed to lead to premature failure of a complex device. Models of machines with the “Eco” function do not provide for the use of cleaning agents and the start of the equipment empty – the device will take care of its internal cleanliness on its own.

Features of the “Eco” function in Samsung washing equipment

The short abbreviation “Eco”, in the designation of this mode, speaks of the environmental friendliness of the function and its energy efficiency. These indicators are achieved due to the reduced level of energy consumption at the time of self-cleaning of the drum. This option is most effective when caring for washing equipment in places where the wash water contains many different impurities. It is recommended to use the autonomous self-cleaning mode at least 2 times a year, then the machine will wash efficiently and work for a long time without interruption.

Troubleshooting the self-cleaning option

The main sign that the offline self-cleaning mode in the Samsung brand washing machine does not work is the unpleasant odor coming from the washed clothes and the unit. After diagnosing and making sure that the “Eco Mode” is not working at full capacity and is faulty, you will need to perform the following steps to help fix the breakdown:

  1. the standard self-cleaning cycle is activated;
  2. the rinse and spin cycle starts;
  3. as a test, a small number of things are erased;
  4. the self-cleaning mode with bleaching agents is activated;
  5. the cycle responsible for spinning and rinsing the laundry is restarted;
  6. a small amount of clothing is washed again.

After all the recommendations have been followed correctly, you need to check whether the problem has been fixed or not. If the failure persists, call a qualified technician.

No need to try to fix the breakdown yourself, without having special knowledge and experience for this. Samsung washing machines are quite complex devices in terms of design, filled with sophisticated electronics, and do not tolerate an amateurish attitude towards themselves. It is better not to risk and wait for the master.

Using cleaners to clean the drum

For the maximum level of cleaning the drum of Samsung washing equipment, you can also use self-cleaning using special chemical compounds. When buying cleaners, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they must be completely harmless, both for humans and for the internal parts of the unit. At the same time, cleaning agents should be combined and increase their effectiveness in eliminating dirt residues, scale and mold. Manufacturers of detergent products for washing equipment produce their products taking into account the design features of the machine.

Using cleaners to clean the drum

When purchasing a detergent, first of all, it should be taken into account that not all compositions are highly effective and will suit your device. It is necessary to study whether the chemistry is intended for complex cleaning or whether it is used to remove contaminants from one specific part. A composition intended for one device should not harm another. The most useful and safe cleaning products include the following:

  • Topperr 3004 (German brand, which is used to remove scale from the drum, is used for washing machines and dishwashers, which indicates the complete safety of the product);
  • Magic Power (highly effective gel powder for removing plaque and cleaning the drum, heating element and water tank);
  • Schnell Entkalker (product in the form of a powder for removing difficult lime deposits on the internal contours of the washing machine);
  • Filtero 601 (this product is for one-time use, recommended for intensive cleaning, carried out once every three months, removes scale from the heating element and other parts of the device);
  • Calgon and other similar drugs, the action of which is aimed at lowering the level of harmful salt elements in the water used for washing (the product is completely safe, designed to protect equipment and increase its service life);
  • Antikalk for Washing Machines (Israeli antibacterial agent, made in the form of a gel mass, is used for preventive treatment of the machine drum and its cleaning from minor contaminants).

There are also special tools, the main purpose of which is preventive measures aimed at preventing the appearance of scale deposits. They do not remove plaque from machine parts, but only reduce its concentration. Such products are added directly to the drum or powder section, immediately before washing.

How to understand that the washing machine needs to be cleaned

How to understand that the washing machine needs to be cleaned

In some cases, it is quite difficult to independently understand that the washing equipment needs to clean the drum. To do this, the developers at Samsung have integrated a special notification option into the device, which automatically warns the owners of the equipment that the time has come to start the self-cleaning program of the drum mechanism.

The operation of automation is as follows – if after the laundry washing procedure it becomes necessary to clean the drum, then a thematic image will appear on the display of the machine in the form of a drum and a flashing star placed in the corner of the monitor. On the switch of the available modes themselves, the LED opposite the text “Eco cleaning” will light up.