Pros and cons of washing machine Samsung VRT

Samsung washing machines are very popular among consumers. Despite the strong competition with other manufacturers, they occupy one of the leading positions in terms of sales. Customers value Samsung products for their cutting-edge technology, innovative features, efficient performance, and ability to choose the right color and look. In addition, Samsung washing machines and their spare parts have a long warranty. Consistent quality and reliability are the hallmarks of the brand.

There are four most popular lines of Samsung washing machines that you should take a closer look at when choosing a device:

  • full-size front;
  • AddWash models;
  • narrow frontal washing machines;
  • washing machines with dryers.

Full-sized horizontal devices have a wide product range, attractive appearance, ergonomics, and efficiency due to modern functionality.

AddWash washing machines have an additional door that opens when the pause button is pressed. You will need this function to stop the wash cycle and add things that you forgot to throw in right away.

washing machine Samsung

Narrow frontal machines are convenient for their compactness. Their depth is up to 49 cm, and it will not be difficult to place such a washing machine in a small bathroom or kitchen. And in terms of functionality, they are no different from full-size ones.

Devices with drying are two-in-one units. Clothes after the washing cycle are not only clean but also dry. It is very convenient and practical.

Benefits of Samsung washing machines

Compared to devices from other brands, Samsung has a number of distinctive features that distinguish the brand from its competitors. Among them:

  • Volt Control technology protects the device from damage during sudden power surges;
  • The Can Balance option helps to evenly distribute clothes inside the drum, which contributes to high-quality washing;
  • Jod Dial function promptly exposes a specific program;
  • The EcoBubble generator ensures a perfect wash: the washing powder is whipped into foam and effectively removes dirt;
  • The user will not be indifferent to the QuickDrive, Speed ​​Spray, and Swirl + Pattern options: thanks to them, the washing time is significantly reduced, and the washing quality remains high;
  • Delicate washing mode is provided thanks to the Diamond Drum drum: the clothes will retain their shape and appearance;
  • The Super Rinse + steam treatment option allows you to achieve a high-quality wash;
  • The Fuzzy Logic system performs a comprehensive analysis regarding the composition of the fabric, the volume, and weight of the loaded laundry, and as a result, the washing machine itself selects the appropriate washing mode without human intervention;
  • Eco Drum Clean or drum cleaning function. The option allows you to keep the machine clean without special tools. This is possible thanks to the drum cleaning program, which eliminates foreign odors;
  • There are machines that have a program for washing children’s clothes, which additionally protects children’s clothes: the perfect cleanliness of children’s clothes is ensured, and the detergent is completely washed out;
  • VRT technology ensures a low noise level.

VRT technology

Vibration Reduction Technology translates as vibration reduction technology, making the washing machine much quieter. These are 36 stainless steel balls that balance the vibrations of the device, controlled by a vibration sensor. The noise of the operating device is significantly reduced, but this technology has its drawbacks.

Let’s take a closer look at how VRT works and what problems are typical for devices equipped with this feature.

What is VRT?

Washing machines are devices that tend to make a lot of noise. This is due to the very constructive device of the machine, which is based on a rotating metal drum inside the body. The washing machine is especially noisy during the spin cycle when the drum speed increases significantly. The VRT function reduces vibration levels. It is based on 36 stainless steel ball bearings that balance vibrations.

Washing machines equipped with VRT technology create very little noise and vibration during operation due to special vibration sensors and special control technology that maintains a minimum level of vibration. VRT ensures low noise levels even at high drum speeds.

Low noise

This is the main advantage of washing machines equipped with VRT. Users are attracted by the comfort and the ability to use the device at any time without creating problems for loved ones.

Low noise

More options for installing a washing machine

Due to the fact that the device with VRT works quietly, here, you can get away from the stereotype that the washing machine should be located away from bedrooms and children’s rooms. You can place it wherever you like without worrying about the inconvenience due to noise.

The device slows down if the vibration increases

The vibration sensor is a very useful thing. If the vibration of the washing machine increases, it will slow down or stop the wash. This smart feature adjusts the drum speed as needed.

A complication may arise in a situation where the machine is not installed level, or the laundry inside is unevenly distributed. To reduce vibrations, the device can slow down and you will face the problem that it did not finish washing. In addition, Samsung VRT machines are also characterized by problems typical of most other washing machines.

Samsung VRT Washing Machine Vibration Issues

Even Samsung washing machines equipped with a vibration function sometimes still produce strong vibrations. This may be due to:

  • uneven washer;
  • foreign objects inside the drum;
  • not unscrewed transport bolts;
  • breakage of the damper, spring, or ball bearing.

Samsung VRT Washing Machine Vibration Issues

The washing machine is not level or on an unstable surface

When installing the Samsung VRT washing machine, regardless of the room, the floor must be level and firm. The device will work with noise if it is standing, for example, standing on a slope or on an uneven surface. When installing the machine, use a level and check several times that the washing machine is installed perfectly level. If this does not work, adjust the level using the special feet of the washing machine. Make sure the floor under the machine is solid.

Foreign objects have entered the washing machine

It happens that small objects, for example, coins, buttons, paper clips, etc., accidentally get into the washer along with clothes. If you hear rattling sounds and knocking while washing, it is better to turn off the machine and check if there are any foreign objects in the drum and inside the clothes that could damage the device.

Transport bolts not loose

Their purpose is to secure the machine during transportation. The master or you yourself, when installing the washing machine, may forget to unscrew them. Because of this, a loud noise will be heard during washing.

On a note:

  • when installing the washing machine, use a spirit level to make sure it is level;
  • do not forget to unscrew the transport bolts before installation;
  • when loading things, distribute them evenly inside the drum;
  • do not overload the washing machine;
  • clean the drain filter regularly;
  • carefully check the clothes before loading into the washing machine: are there any small items left in the pockets;
  • timely change failed components or invite the master in case of complex breakdowns.

Damaged damper, spring, or rear ball bearing

Samsung washing machines are equipped with shock absorbers, springs, and ball bearings. If any of these components are faulty, the vibration and noise will only get worse. Damaged components must be replaced.

Damaged damper

Samsung VRT washing machine won’t spin

It happens that the washing machine does not rotate or rotates at a very low speed. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • the device has detected excessive vibration and is slowing down to reduce it;
  • it is possible that the clothes are loaded unevenly or the device is overloaded.

Excessive vibration of the washing machine

Above, we considered the reasons why this happens. And a sensitive sensor with very strong vibration slows down the Samsung VRT washing machine. As a result, a very unpleasant problem can arise: the machine barely rotates, and it is not clear whether it is washing at all. To prevent this from happening, carefully follow all the tips for installing and loading the washing machine.

Uneven load of clothes or overload

The washing machine itself monitors the weight of the loaded clothes and the uniformity of its distribution. In this sense, she often copes even better than a person. And as soon as the device detects errors in the uniformity of the load or too much laundry, it simply will not start, for example, the spin cycle. When loading, try to follow the above rules for loading and distributing clothes inside the drum.

Samsung VRT washing machine won't drain water

Samsung VRT washing machine won’t drain water

The main reasons why this can happen with Samsung VRT washing:

  • clogged drain filter. The filter becomes clogged during operation and stops passing water. As a result, the washing machine will stop, and the drum will be full of water. Please note: the drain filter requires regular cleaning;
  • clogged or broken drain hose. Maybe someone accidentally twisted it, and the water does not flow out. Check the hose and put it in order;
  • perhaps the problem is in the banal clogging of the sewer. You need to disconnect the hose from the sewer, lower its end into the bathroom and start the program. If water pours out, then this is a sewer blockage that must be eliminated;
  • the wrong program was accidentally selected, namely without draining. As a rule, these are programs for delicate or woolen items. It is enough just to switch the Samsung VRT washing machine to another mode;
  • the module may have failed. It happens that your Samsung washing machine sometimes freezes. If this is the case, a normal reboot will help. The device must be disconnected from the network for fifteen minutes. If the next time you turn on the machine works as if nothing had happened, then it’s a failure;
  • pump filter may be clogged. To check if everything is in order with it, find it, remove it and clean it. Small specks, threads, buttons, and fasteners usually accumulate in the filter. They clog the filter and interfere with the operation of the Samsung washing machine.