Solutions if your Toshiba TV won’t turn on

Many owners of Toshiba TVs sooner or later face an extremely unpleasant problem. It lies in the fact that their device simply refuses to turn on. But at the same time, in the vast majority of cases, people gradually understand how to cope with such a difficulty.

The home appliance does not start

If the Toshiba TV does not want to work, you need to apply the main solution in such situations. The equipment needs to be rebooted by disconnecting it from the network for one minute. Then press and hold the power button for thirty seconds.

Then you need to connect Toshiba again. Usually, the TV starts to function.

Return to factory settings

The device must be turned on. Usually, disconnecting the power supply or removing the batteries from the remote control will temporarily turn it on. Next, you need to press the “Home” button on the remote control device. Then you need to go to “Settings”, from them – to “Devices and software”, and then to the item “Restore factory settings”.

Return to factory settings

The appliance will turn off and then work again. The screen will display the initial parameters. They will be the same as on the day you purchased your Toshiba device. Some houses have a fairly old TV, then the steps to reset the factory settings should be slightly different. You should go through the tabs:

  1. “Menu”;
  2. “Settings”;
  3. “Setting”;
  4. “Reset TV settings.”

It is worth using another option: the “Settings” button → “Installation” → “Reset TV settings”.

Return to original settings without using the remote control

If the user for some reason is unable to use the remote control device, he will still be able to return the main data of Toshiba equipment. It is required to find a small small “Power / Input” button located on the back of the TV. It is worth taking into account its model because the necessary element can be located in different versions: at the bottom, left or right.

It is necessary to disconnect the device from the electrical network, and then press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. Then you need to turn on the power supply again. In the end, when pressed, the Toshiba logo will appear on the screen. Then everything will be back to normal.

Gradually, the screen will display several options. You should scroll down and find the item “Erase data/factory reset”. In order to use a particular tab, you must hold down the power/enter button. Gradually, the necessary function will appear. In order to use it, you need to press and hold the element indicated above.

If you have difficulty finding it or if the TV is in an inconvenient place, it is advisable to use another way out of the situation.

You should also try connecting a USB keyboard to the back of the Toshiba machine. Then it will work as a navigator and allow you to reset the settings.

If the home appliance provides a Fire TV connection, then you can download the Amazon app to your smartphone. After connecting it, it is able to serve as a remote control. Another option is to enter the Toshiba code into the universal remote.

Reinstalling the power cable

Reinstalling the power cable in the back of the TV

A very simple and effective way out of this situation is to disconnect the electrical cable from the receiving device. You need to leave it off for about one minute, and then turn it on again.

When the household appliance starts working again, you should check the tightness of its connection. It cannot be weakened. Its functionality is important to ensure the normal power supply of the device.

After that, you again need to connect the wire and put the equipment into action using the power button, and not through the remote control.

Selecting the correct input source

Some users believe that their Toshiba does not work due to an input source selection error. And they are not wrong. It is worth checking the accuracy of establishing such a channel for the normal operation of the TV.

If you are using a cable box, streaming equipment, or DVD player, it is a good idea to constantly check that the source or input on the receiving device matches the HDMI port number you are using.

Next, an example will be given when it is necessary to switch the device to “HDMI 2”.

Connecting to a different outlet

There are times when everything tried before does not help. Then you need to connect Toshiba equipment to another power source.

It happens that there is a failed or short fuse in the outlet. A person simply does not know about it and is constantly faced with problems.

Do not move the TV from place to place. It is better to just take another small device and connect it to the appropriate outlet.

Backlight failure

Backlight failure

If so far none of the previous recommendations have borne fruit, then it is possible that the backlight of the household appliance is broken. The easiest way to find out its performance is by turning on the device. Then you need to use the lighting and bring it close to the screen.

Then it is worth taking a closer look in search of an image. It may appear, but its quality will be too low. Then, most likely, the backlight is broken and will have to be replaced.

Changing the power supply

It also happens that nothing saves. But the user is not ready to part with his technique. Then he needs to try to disconnect the Toshiba power supply and contact a specialist.

But before performing such actions, you need to do the following. You want to check if the standby indicator is active. If it is lit, the power supply board is functioning. Therefore, its complete replacement is most likely not needed.

In this situation, you should monitor the voltage at various points on the power board. If its readings are not constant, then the difficulties are most likely associated with the regulator.

It also happens that there is no power supply and the standby indicator does not light up. Then, most likely, the power board is out of order or simply worked out its time. This often happens due to power surges in the network.

Most TVs have a faulty or weak power supply. However, its repair will cost no more than $ 65, subject to the self-removal of the part from the device.