Solving main problems with no agitator top load washer

By tradition, the washing machine is used much more often than other household appliances. Therefore, when a person decides to purchase a new device of this type, he wants to be sure that he made the right decision. Its complexity is associated with a huge selection of this type of model.

Most housewives prefer front-loading washing machines that are convenient for them. But there are also users who prefer top loading without a stirrer.

Benefits of Buying a Top Loading Stirless Washing Machine

The home appliance in question is a kind of familiar traditional front-loading device, only turned over to the side. This type of modern home appliance has a considerable number of advantages:

  1. Possibility of delicate washing. Models without a stirrer interact less with the laundry inside. As a result, it wears out less quickly and lasts longer. It should also be noted that too large things in such washing machines are cleaned much better.
  2. Easy maintenance. Any unit must be cleaned regularly so that it functions for a long time and fully. But in a device of this type, the inside of the tank is cleaned faster.
  3. Less water and power consumption. The absence of a stirrer makes the model highly efficient. The increased washing volume does not result in an increase in the amount of electricity or water used compared to washing machines equipped with an agitator. The type of units under consideration consumes 80 percent less water and 60 percent less energy.
  4. Rotation at higher speeds. Some top-loading models without agitators rotate at higher speeds. At the same time, the laundry loaded into them spins much faster, more water is released and drying takes less time.

An additional advantage is a compatibility with any room. Many residential buildings are equipped with laundries, which house large-sized washing and drying machines. But some front-loading appliances are unnecessarily large and do not fit into the space provided for them.

no agitator washer

Most top-loading devices without a stirrer fit the usual dimensions. Therefore, with a limited amount of space, it is better to stop at them.

The larger load volume is also very important. The stirrer usually occupies a fairly voluminous space in the tank of the washing machine. When such a structural element falls out of the general scheme, the unit is able to accommodate a larger amount of processed laundry, which significantly reduces the period of daily or weekly washing. In addition, it can handle even warm blankets and other large items.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that small objects do not get stuck in this type of washing machine. Socks, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts, bathrobes or shoelaces are often lost in the mixer, disappearing forever in the complex structure of the device. In its absence, such a problem will no longer disturb housewives.

Great convenience creates the presence of impellers for better cleaning of fabrics. The device without a stirrer is equipped with an impeller. It functions perfectly, creating powerful streams of water. This handy design helps to really effectively remove any dirt and even stubborn stains from laundry.

Top Loading Washing Machine

Disadvantages of Buying a Top Loading Washing Machine Without Stirrer

It is worth recognizing that this unit has some inconveniences when using it. These include:

  1. The need for strict adherence to instructions. In order for the laundry to be washed in the best way, it is necessary to thoroughly fulfill all the proposed conditions of the manufacturer for the daily operation of the appliance. Any misuse of such devices can result in things not being cleaned very well.
  2. The impeller can cause knots to form on the washed fabric. The drum of such household appliances creates powerful currents, leading to the entanglement of things among themselves and actually inside the garment itself. Appropriate complaints often come from those who purchase more economical models, but owners of expensive types of equipment also often face a similar problem.
  3. High repair cost. The design features of such technologies require more expensive maintenance. Troubleshooting is often unnecessarily time-consuming, and the required impeller spare parts are much more expensive.
  4. Longer washing process. An agitated unit most often completes its cycles 50 percent faster than appliances without them. For housewives who face a large amount of housework every day, this problem is often a serious inconvenience.

When choosing a washing machine, its rather high price is also important. This type of washing machine is not always suitable for people whose financial means are somewhat limited. Typically, units without agitators cost at least $ 100 more than the usual classic devices.

It is also necessary to take into account the compatibility of such household appliances with certain dimensions of the bathroom. In order not to be in a difficult position, it is necessary to first compare all types of proposed models. A large washing machine with a stirrer and tank costs less than one without a stirrer and with a smaller tank.

The need to use a special detergent should also be taken into account. Top loading machines without agitators require a special powder designed for high-performance applications. In principle, such a condition is not particularly difficult to fulfill, because now the majority of detergents are equipped with the “HE” mark. But for those who prefer to save money, such a requirement can become an obstacle. This model does not tolerate cheap powders that are not intended for the corresponding type of washing machine.

top load washer no agitator

When using the machine, be aware of the possibility of overloading when heavy clothing is placed in it. If it is desirable to load a large volume of dimensional items at once, for example, from a bike or denim, jackets or canvas, such a unit may not be able to fully cope with their washing. A single entry is sometimes not enough to completely eliminate all contamination. And the presence of a stirrer, with all its shortcomings, is well suited for the effective processing of any materials and stubborn stains.

Grease and oil gradually accumulate inside the machine. The absence of a stirrer does not allow to fully solve the problem of heavily soiled laundry with traces of fat or oil. Such substances do not enter the mixer in this version of the unit but continue to accumulate inside the tank. Therefore, there is a need for regular cleaning of its internal cavity after processing this type of clothing.

It must be concluded that top-loading appliances without a stirrer are often the best option for purchasing such home appliances. In any case, based on the list of their advantages and disadvantages given here, each user will independently make the most suitable choice for him.

Part of the population still prefers to use traditional classic-type household appliances, while others will prefer the top-loading option without a stirrer.