What do codes mean on Samsung washing machine

In the article, we will touch on the topic of malfunctions in the operation of Samsung brand household washing units. If problems are identified, the code value of the error that has occurred is displayed on the interface of the machine. This parameter indicates that a part or detail requires close attention or replacement.

The main malfunctions indicated by error codes

Always carefully study the meaning and symbols of the codes.

The list of the main errors in the operation of washing machines:

If the symbols Nd, 5E, SE, 5C, SC, 1 5C are displayed, this indicates problems with draining in the first few minutes

To find out the cause, it is necessary to check the drain filter – whether it is clogged. The part is located at the bottom left of the unit. First of all, it is necessary to drain the liquid from the drum manually and inspect the filter. If extraneous sounds are heard in the pump, then it has become unusable. The impeller is disconnected from the shaft and further operation is not possible.

Samsung washer error code

Codes LO, DS, D5, FL, LO, L0, DE, DE1, DE2, Dc, DL, 1 DC, 1dC4, 1dC1 are displayed on the washing machine

This means that the door lock cannot be closed in one attempt. The breakdown has a purely mechanical cause – a malfunction of the closing unit. It is almost impossible to determine this on the electronic control board.

Error codes are expressed as NF, 4C, 4E, 1 4C

The washing unit is not completely filled with water. There are 2 possible reasons for this:

  • malfunction of the water intake valve into the drum;
  • shutting off a water tap.

Samsung washing machine error code

To fix the problem, it is enough to remove the top cover of the machine to verify the integrity of the inlet valves. You can do this with a multimeter. If it shows zero, then it’s time to change the part.

Error codes contain symbols 1E, LE, 1C, LC, LC1, 1 1C, 1 LC

There may be a malfunction of the sensor showing the water level. Or there is a problem in the fluid intake hose. The latter may lose the reliability of fastening with the drum due to constant vibration, clog with dirt. Then the sensor does not determine the exact filling of the drum with water. It is enough to remove the hose and blow it through properly to remove the plug. If the error persists, a new sensor must be purchased.

Washing machine error codes are expressed as OE, 0E, OC, 0C, 1 OC, 1 0C

So, there was a problem of water overflow. Malfunctions can depend on 2 reasons:

  • malfunction of the water inlet valve;
  • the sensor for determining the liquid level is out of order.

If the water supply does not stop after the machine is turned off, then the inlet valve is not able to withstand the pressure of the water supply – it is faulty. The part must be replaced. Then you need to carefully inspect the liquid level sensor in the drum. To do this, just make sure that the hose is securely connected to the sensor and to the Samsung drum at the bottom.

Error codes - SUd

Washing machine error codes indicate values – SUd, 5UD, Sd, 5d, SUdS, 5Ud5

This indicates excessive foaming of the washing unit. As a rule, this situation occurs when using unsuitable detergents. You can remove the excess foam with vegetable oil, a small amount of which should be poured into the drum, and then work out one stage of washing in an accelerated mode.

Error codes – Ub, U6, Ur, UE, 1 Ub, 1U6

This is an unbalanced load signal. An erroneous signal is displayed in the spin mode when it is impossible to properly distribute the load in the drum. At the same time, knocks are heard, and sometimes the machine is not able to complete the spinning process. In a machine where vertical loading is provided, it is necessary to carefully check the reliability of fastening the steel rods to the frame of the household unit. A machine with a front-loading design may have defects in shock absorbers, and suspension springs that support the weight of the drum.

When inspecting, repairing, maintaining a washing machine, always unplug the unit from the mains.