Why and for what should the ice maker on the Samsung fridge be reset

The presence of an ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator is very important for the stable operation of the unit. To do this, he needs a constant supply of water and electricity. From time to time, such a part can manifest itself with various failures, when an urgent reboot is needed to resume its normal operation.

Samsung generator settings are reset after pressing and holding the “Test” button. It is possible that you will also have to remove the ice bin in order to gain access to the option. It is required to press and hold the button for 10 seconds. When the household appliance beeps, it means that the process is running. It lasts approximately 6 minutes.

Resetting the Ice Maker of a Samsung Device

Before reboot

Periodic reset of vehicle settings can be very useful, but it is worth making some effort and spending a certain amount of time. But as a result, a similar process will eliminate the problem with various Samsung malfunctions.

Before reboot

There is a whole list of questions that it is desirable to ask yourself before restarting the ice machine.

  1. Connection. It must be excluded that the desired product is not supplied due to the shutdown of the unit.
  2. Availability of running water. The Samsung ice maker requires water to function properly. Therefore, before resetting the settings, it is worth checking the usefulness of its receipt.
  3. Period of time. The ice maker needs at least a day to fill the bucket. If it has just been turned on, then sometimes you just need to give it more time. Therefore, before resetting the settings, you need to clarify the time interval.

If, after all checks, the ice machine still does not function, then it is rebooted.

Action 1: Remove the ice bucket

Samsung appliances differ in the design features of the ice maker. Most often, you have to remove the appropriate container to gain access to the part and reset its settings.

Remove the ice bucket

Usually you have to pull it out to remove it. But, if frost has grown around it, then it will be difficult. Then you need to remove it and try to get the tank again.

Such actions should be carried out carefully so as not to spoil the details.

Action 2: Finding the “Test” Button

After the finished product bucket is removed away, it is recommended to carefully examine the condition of the ice maker.

Then you need to find the “Test” button. On different models of Samsung units, it is located in different places. It is usually located below or behind the ice maker.

It is best to first study the operating instructions for the household appliance in order to facilitate the search and actuate the test button.

Test Button

Action 3: Press and hold the test button

After the desired option is found, it should be pressed and held for a few seconds until a beep sounds. It is able to arrive in about 10 seconds, taking into account the features of the Samsung device. It will indicate that the ice machine restart function has started.

Action 4: Allow the testing process to end

Such a process usually takes several minutes, during which the technician will perform all the required actions.

After the end of all functions, a complete reset will occur.

Action 5: Return the ice tank

If at first the container was removed, then after testing is completed, it should be put back in place. To do this, press it all the way, then it will collect water or ice coming from the tray.

Samsung icemaker repair

Next steps

Refrigerator owners need to know the main features of the testing process:

  • moving parts of the generator are activated during the entire course of troubleshooting;
  • the sounds of its functioning are heard, which include the murmur of water and the fall of ice;
  • performing the entire action in 6 or more minutes;
  • giving of a sound signal of the unit after end of process;
  • making preparations for a new cycle of making ice over the next 8-24 hours.

Benefits of Resetting Samsung Ice Maker

Rebooting the Samsung unit’s generator does a lot of good for it. It does not solve all problems, but sometimes it is needed for full-fledged work.

It must be done in the following cases.

  1. If a whole day goes by without ice supply. Usually the process of filling the bucket does not exceed a day. If there are still no products, then a reset is required.
  2. No ice ejection. Part of the generators creates it, but does not lower it into a special tank. A reboot will help them start working fully.
  3. Freezing parts. Such an element of Samsung household appliances has several moving parts that collect frost and ice. Rebooting will cause the generator to remove their accumulations and return to normal operation.
  4. Checking the functionality of the device. Resetting the settings will be needed in order to monitor its status and make sure that it works properly. It is especially useful when testing equipment before selling it or moving it to another place.

Resetting Samsung Ice Maker


What should be the action if the Samsung ice maker stops working?
If the generator is not working, then you need to make sure that it is turned on. Then you need to check the stability of the water supply. Then you should press the “Test” button and monitor the normal operation of the moving parts of the ice maker.

How to detect the reset button on a Samsung ice maker?
Samsung ice makers provide for the obligatory presence of the “Test” button in their scheme, which is strongly recommended to be used to reset its settings. It can be difficult to say exactly where it will be located due to the variety of constructive models of Samsung devices. Therefore, you need to carefully study the instructions for their operation to facilitate the search and detection of a button on a particular ice machine.

Why does the Samsung ice maker not produce ice?
The Samsung ice maker most often does not produce ice because its working parts have partially or completely been frozen. To correct this situation, this element should be removed and completely unfrozen in a natural way. It is also recommended to use the “Test” button to force the ice maker to reset and destroy small frost build-up around the moving parts.

What do I need to do to turn on the Samsung Ice Maker?
The Samsung ice maker is turned on or off by pressing its button located on the control panel. Its specific location depends on the model of the unit. It is required to push on it and hold for several seconds until a special signal of the ice maker indicator appears.

Where is the Samsung ice maker test button located?
The search for this test button is related to the features of a particular model of a household appliance. But, as a rule, it is located at the bottom of the generator. It is also possible that in order to detect it, you will have to remove the ice bucket.