Why the lights wash and rinse on Speed Queen washer is flashing

Flashing indicators of the washing machine indicate that there are problems in its operation. Their appearance is accompanied by a sound signal. The display shows a code indicating the specific cause of the problem.

In most cases, the problem is related to filling with water or failures in the control board. In any case, you need to find out the exact cause of the blinking indicators and take measures to eliminate it.

What do the blinking lights indicate?

Indicators indicate problems with the washing machine. In the process of searching for the causes of this phenomenon, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of blinks and their number.

Speed Queen washer indicate

List of flashes and their meaning:

  • The wash and rinse indicators flash 1 time – the water level is incorrectly determined.
  • The wash and rinse lights flash 2 times – the machine is not filling properly.
  • The wash and rinse indicators light up constantly – the water is not completely drained from the drum or there is an excess of it inside.
  • The lid lock indicators flash 2 or 3 times – the system thinks that the lid is not closed and does not start the washing process.
  • The washing and spinning indicators blink 2 times – the drum inside does not rotate fast enough.
  • Wash and rinse indicators flash 3 times – excessive foaming.
  • All indicators are flashing – a malfunction of household appliances, it is necessary to contact a service center for repair.

Please note that the operating instructions for the washing machine have a list of faults that are accompanied by flashing indicators. Check out this information for a more accurate picture.

The most common problem

Owners of Speed Queen brand washing machines most often report double flashing of the wash and rinse indicators. This error indicates problems with water collection, it either does not reach the desired level, or it takes a very long time to fill.

Speed Queen washer is flashing

If the water has not reached the level within half an hour, the automatic washing machine sends an error notification. There are several reasons why this happens:

  1. Low water pressure.
  2. Blockage on the line.
  3. Lack of water in the plumbing.
  4. Clogged filter meshes, eg in the supply valve.

The most common cause of a water shortage error is a clogged strainer. But before climbing to it, make sure that the hot water taps are in the open position, and the water hoses are not twisted or pinched. Move the car and have a look.

Cleaning filters

The washing machine has several small filters and screens that become clogged with debris over time. Mesh filters in water supply valves deserve special attention.

Keep in mind: bay filters should be cleaned at least once every six months.

Cleaning filters

Filter cleaning sequence:

  1. Turn off the tap, disconnect the inlet hose, clean the filter screen with a small brush.
  2. Disconnect the inlet hose from the washing machine, use pliers to pull out the filter screen, clean and reinstall.
  3. Plug the hose back in, open the faucet to check the hose for leaks.

Once you have completed all the procedures, start the washing process. If the lights go out and do not come on during the cycle, then the problem was with the filter.

What else to check besides the filter

Flashing indicators do not always indicate clogged filters, there are other problems, such as a failed water valve or float switch. At the same time, the switch may be working, but if there is a lot of debris under it, this will affect the quality of the washing machine. The tub will not fill completely and the lights will flash.

A float switch is used to control the water level. It is inexpensive, but replacement can be difficult in the absence of proper experience. We recommend contacting specialists.

Lastly, check the water level sensor. Its other names are pressure switch, level switch). If it does not work, then the control board does not receive a signal to fill the tank with water. As a result, automation “does not understand” how much water is inside, whether it is there at all.

Speed Queen washer repair

Check the device for damage. Make sure its hose is free of blockages. To check its operation, use a multimeter. To do this, connect the probes to the relay contacts (look at the electrical circuit of the device to determine where to connect them).

The values should change when the contacts are triggered. If they remain the same, then the water level sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced. Dismantle it, replace it with a new one and make the necessary connections. Start the machine to work to make sure that the indicators are not blinking.


Speed Queen washing machines of recent years have a reset button on the control panel. Click it to reset all codes and errors that have occurred. If your machine does not have a button, unplug it and turn it on after 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We determined that there are 4 main problems that cause the washing and rinsing indicators to flash: low pressure, closed tap, clogged cleaning filters at the inlet to the washing machine, twisting of the water supply hose. They are the easiest to remove. If the problem is caused by other faults, only carry out parts replacement work if you are experienced in electrical work. Always unplug the machine if you plan to work on live parts. Not confident in your abilities – call the master to your house, he will do all the work, you will only have to pay for it.

Washing machine owners regularly send questions regarding the operation of household appliances. Here are the most common ones.

Do strainers need to be changed?
You do not need to change the mesh filters, you just need to clean them and do this at least once every six months to prevent clogging. Clean the filters with a small brush or running warm water. Take care not to damage when removing. If the blockage is hard, leave the filter in warm water for a while.

What other reasons can lead to problems with filling the washing machine with water?
Sometimes there is not enough detergent or fabric softener in the tray. The washing machine may not start because of this. It will be useful to make sure that the door is tightly closed. There is also the problem of simultaneously draining and collecting water. When this happens, make sure the end of the drain hose is above the water level in the washing machine.

How to make the machine start filling with water?
Follow all the recommendations described above, then the machine will start working normally and fill in as much water as required for the selected program. Do not forget to press the “Start / Pause” button after turning on the equipment, having previously set the washing modes.

How much water should the washing machine fill?
The volume of water to be filled in is determined by the system automatically depending on the selected program. For one wash, the machine consumes from 50 to 80 liters. If the flow rate differs sharply from the normalized one, this indicates improper operation of household appliances or the presence of certain breakdowns.