Error code 22E or problems with ice in Samsung refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are distinguished by their reliability, they have been working without failures for years. But, unfortunately, they do not last forever. Sooner or later, the owners of household appliances are faced with various breakdowns, for example, the lack of food cooling. At the same time, error 22E is displayed on the refrigerator display.

In this article, we will tell you what to do if such an error occurs, and how to avoid its occurrence in the future. Before carrying out any work, be sure to disconnect the refrigerator from electricity.

Error code 22E. Where to look?

The error occurs if the refrigerator is not cooling properly. The problem may be related to the evaporator fan, defrost timer, heating element, etc. All of them affect the normal operation of the cooling system and are its indispensable components.

Error code 22E

Note. In some cases, error code 22E appears even when the door is open for a long time. Always close it tightly so that warm air from the apartment does not get inside the chamber.

You can fix the error code yourself. But if this does not work, we recommend that you contact an authorized service center. To avoid many problems at the stage of identifying the causes of the error, use the manufacturer’s instructions for household appliances. The main difficulties arise with the analysis of the elements of the refrigerator and the identification of the desired element.

Ice buildup as the most common problem

The most common cause of the error lies in the freezing of ice inside the refrigerator. It is a natural obstacle to the passage of air currents.

Samsung refrigerator freezer filled with ice or frost

Ice growth does not happen by itself. This means that certain refrigerator systems are not working properly. When it functions normally, the snow cap does not have time to form, the snow melts in time. You need to determine the cause of the ice and eliminate it.

Ice around the evaporator fan

Ice or frost that has accumulated around the fan interferes with the normal flow of air through the coils. As a result, the temperature inside the chambers does not reach the desired value. Inspect the evaporator fan. In most cases, it is located behind the wall of the freezer. Remove ice, any other debris that shouldn’t be there. Inspect the blades for damage.

To remove the ice, leave the refrigerator with the door open for a couple of hours, or use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Set it to medium power and direct the jet to the right place. Once the ice has melted, remove any accumulated water with a paper towel or rag.

Check the cleanliness and functionality of the drain

It is not uncommon for a Samsung refrigerator to display error code 22E due to a clogged defrost drain. This happens over time, when debris, dust and dirt accumulate inside in sufficient quantities. Also, ice formed from the water left after natural defrosting can clog the drain.

Cleaning the defrost drain is no easy task. In most refrigerators, it is located behind the inner panels, which are difficult to remove without knowing how to do it. New models are assembled with high quality and so that the owner of the equipment, who has no experience in repairing it, could not climb anywhere.

Sometimes the problem is solved by manual defrosting. How to do this – see the manual for household appliances.

Blocked vent

The air vent is located between the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Its clogging has a direct effect on the temperature inside the chambers and the cooling of products. They spoil faster.

Blocked vent

Locate the vent and damper between the freezer and refrigerator compartments. See if there is ice or any debris. Ensure good air circulation.

If nothing has changed

If nothing has changed after the measures you have taken and error 22E is still displayed, the problems with the refrigerator may be more serious than expected. A sensor or a refrigerator control element could fail. They need repair or adjustment.

Below, we have listed some of the common problems with Samsung branded refrigerators and provided tips on how to fix them.

Defrost Timer Error

If the defrost timer is broken, snow growths will form in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, blocking the passage of air flows into the chambers accelerated by the fan. This will cause error 22E to appear on the display.

Defrost Timer Error

The principle of operation of the element is simple. It controls the timed defrost system. If it breaks, the required command is not sent to the heating element and it does not turn on in order to melt the snow growths.

The defrost timer can be tested with a multimeter. To do this, it must be disconnected, removed and cooled to operating temperature, and then proceed to check the integrity. Some timers have a black button that must be pressed to force the device to restart.

You can manually melt the ice, then remove the water that has accumulated on the tray (there will be a lot of it). For less water, break off pieces of snow as far as possible. Just be careful not to damage the tubes/wires.

Manual defrost will not solve the problem. The refrigerator will work for several hours, after which the temperature in the refrigerator compartment will rise again, an unpleasant smell will appear. You will have to repeat the procedure. But you won’t be able to exist in this mode for a long time, so there is only one way out – to buy a new defrost timer and install it instead of the failed one.

Malfunction of the heating element

Malfunction of the heating element of the defrost system

All refrigerators are equipped with a heating element – heating element. If it does not work, the snow will not melt, blocking the passage of air into the chamber.

Use a multimeter to test the heater. Check the circuit for continuity. If you get a reading of zero, remove the coils and replace.