The Samsung TV remote is not working, there is no red light

TVs manufactured under the Samsung brand, like any other equipment, can fail. One of the most common problems is the failure of the device to respond to commands from the remote control. In this case, the light will flash or completely stop lighting up. Each situation indicates a specific cause of failure. Sometimes only one of the functions on the remote does not work, for example, adjusting the volume or switching channels. In other cases, the user may experience an “Unavailable” message. The reasons for this behavior of the TV and how to solve problems will be discussed later.

The remote control does not work, and the red indicator flashes

A similar problem results in the user not being able to use the remote control. When you press the control buttons, only the TV indicator responds. This makes it difficult to switch channels, adjust the volume, go to the settings. If the equipment responds to the user’s actions solely by flashing the light, then the cause of the malfunction may be an obstacle in the signal path or the lack of an established pairing between the remote control and the TV.

Since the indicator shows signs of life, the problem is not with dead batteries. First of all, the user should make sure that there are no objects in front of the receiver. A receiver closed by foreign objects is not able to correctly recognize the signal and transmit the command further.

remote control does not work, and the red indicator flashes

The second option is the lack of pairing between devices. The remote controls must be properly paired with the Samsung TV. If this does not happen, then the technique signals the receipt of the command, but cannot recognize it.

To fix the problem, just clear the space in front of the TV receiver and synchronize the remote control with the device. To do this, the user will have to simultaneously hold the “Back” and “Up” buttons for a couple of tens of seconds. Next, a signal about the presence of an established connection should follow. In the end, it remains to check the operation of the remote control and the response of the TV.

The procedure for synchronizing devices may differ depending on the specific TV model. In order not to waste time in vain, the user needs to carefully check the instructions supplied with the equipment. The manual provides comprehensive information on how to act in case of loss of communication between the remote control and the receiver.

The remote control does not work, the indicator does not blink

Most often, the lack of response to pressing the remote control buttons is caused by dead batteries in the control element. Typically, disposable power supplies or batteries are used for such purposes. Before replacing or charging, it is recommended to make sure that this is the cause of the malfunction. To do this, the user needs to take a mobile device with a camera and conduct the following test:

  • open application for photo/video recording;
  • point the camera at the IR emitter of the remote control;
  • press the buttons on the remote control.

The remote control does not work, the indicator does not blink

If the camera catches the flashes of the emitter of the remote control, then the problem lies not in the discharge of the power source. Otherwise, the user will find confirmation that the batteries should be replaced.

Even if the remote works properly, it is worth checking it from time to time. Experts recommend opening the battery cover and inspecting it for oxidation of components, their leakage. The latter factors can damage not only neighboring power sources, but also the contacts (terminals) of the remote control.

Volume setting problem

If the user is faced with the inability to remotely configure the sound on a Samsung TV, then there are two explanations for this. The first reason is outdated firmware. All processes in modern technology are controlled by software. If a failure occurs, the functionality of the device may be partially or completely lost.

The second common cause is a malfunctioning TV soundbar. If this item is used as the main speaker, if the remote control and the device are not properly paired, remote audio adjustment will not be possible. It is worth noting that on some Samsung models, the remote control must be synchronized with both the TV and the soundbar.

Volume setting problem

Regardless of the cause of the failure, experts recommend keeping the firmware up to date. If necessary, it should be updated. To update the TV software, just follow the following algorithm:

  1. Go to the “Settings” of the TV.
  2. Select “Support”.
  3. Go to the “Software update” section.
  4. Updating the software according to the instructions on the screen.

The update procedure takes several minutes. If necessary, the user can enable auto-update software in the above menu. This will save time in the future and ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

The remote device is also configured through the “Settings” menu. To do this, just enable the “Universal Remote” option. After that, the remote control will be able to give commands to the soundbar.

Samsung TV signals no function

An unpleasant event will be the appearance on the TV screen of a message about the failure of a particular function (“Unavailable”). This behavior of technology may indicate a malfunction of the hardware. The first step is to reset all settings and see if the device will work normally. To do this, the user will need to perform a few simple steps. Among them:

  • disconnecting the TV from the power source. To do this, turn off the equipment with the button, and then unplug the power cord from the outlet. Next, the device must be left alone for an hour;
  • before connecting the TV to the network, press and hold the power button (not on the remote control) for a minute;
  • connecting the TV to the power source while holding down the button. After the plug is in the socket, the power button must not be released for 60 seconds.

Samsung TV signals no function

If the above procedure does not solve the problem and you still receive error messages on the screen, then you need to check the internal components of the TV. The cause of hardware failures of the device may be a malfunction of the control board or excessive wear of individual components. Repairs in this case should be carried out by professionals. In some cases, a complete replacement of parts will be required.

Even an experienced craftsman does not always offer repair of individual TV components. The fact is that it can be difficult to bring failed electronic components into working condition. Therefore, the cost of work may exceed reasonable limits. In case of a serious breakdown, you need to assess the validity of the restoration of equipment and think about purchasing a new TV. This is especially true of obsolete models with a depleted resource.

Buttons on the TV not working

In the Samsung model line, the controls are mounted in the block itself. If the remote control has stopped showing signs of life, the user will be able to give a command from the TV. Typically, the corresponding panel is located at the bottom of the case or on the rear panel.

Pressing the buttons located on the TV allows you not only to do without the remote control, but also to check it. If the remote control has stopped interacting with the equipment, then you should try switching programs or adjusting the sound from the case. If these controls also do not work, then the problem is not in the console. Most likely an internal error has occurred. Due to such a malfunction, the device cannot recognize commands received from the controls.

Buttons on the TV not working

Sometimes the problem lies in excessive electrical charge or in the software stuffing of the TV. The issue can be resolved in two ways. The first is to discharge excess residual current, followed by a reboot. The second is resetting the TV to factory settings. Both methods can help if the problem does not have a more serious cause. In the absence of a positive result, the user is advised to contact a qualified craftsman or service center.

Thus, problems with Samsung branded TVs can have a fairly simple solution. The main thing is not to panic. Any malfunction can be fixed with a few simple steps. At the same time, the user is advised to read the manual for a specific device model, since it describes in detail typical problems and how to fix them.