Troubleshooting error code F5 in Maytag washer

In modern washing machines, common errors are encoded by a combination of letters or numbers, and their decoding is usually indicated in the instructions. Each manufacturer has its own distinctive nomenclature for common problems. There are no universal codes for all brands.

What does it mean if the F5 error is displayed on the Maytag washing machine? This is a warning that the lid cannot be locked. This happens if there is an obstacle on the cover or in the design of the lock. This problem is one of the most common, and how to fix it, read on.

How to solve the problem when the lid does not lock

The first step you need to take is to open the washing machine and take a close look to see if clothes or other objects are caught on the lid. This is what most often becomes the reason why the door cannot close and lock. Remember that when you start a wash cycle, the lid will not lock for 10 seconds after the start, and this is absolutely normal.

Maytag washer lid does not lock

But it happens that at first glance everything is fine, but the F5 error is still displayed. What else could be the problem? It happens that the reciprocal level of the lock is not aligned. This is a metal plate with one or more holes and a special bend. It facilitates the passage of the locking tongue. Probably, pile has accumulated in this part of the castle or a thick layer of soap has formed. Another reason for the error is that the actuator (inlet valve) of the washing machine does not work.

The manufacturer suggests performing a few standard steps to check how the front-loading washing machine lid lock works:

  1. Carefully inspect the striker and clean it of lint, hair, small debris and soap deposits.
  2. If the problem persists, unplug the washing machine for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

It is not always immediately possible to understand that the lid does not lock due to mechanical problems. If large debris is visible to the naked eye, then dirt and sand are layered gradually. From clothes, they enter the castle, slowly accumulate and eventually create a thick ball of dirt.

How to reset settings in a Maytag washer

There are ways to clean the lock mechanism without disassembling the washing machine. But you must carry out all manipulations carefully so as not to deform the parts in the process of removing dirt and plaque.

Real user story

One girl shared her problem and how to solve it. The F5 error was displayed on the washing machine, while the device made a clicking sound, turned on and off, and the lid lock indicator also blinked. The girl tried to change the situation with the help of the control buttons, but this did not work. The machine stopped working after half an hour, and everything started anew in the next wash cycle.

What were her actions? The girl used an air compressor to blow out all mechanical impurities from the lid lock. After that, the clicking sound disappeared. She suspected that sand and water might have gotten into the locking mechanism because she lived in a windy area with sandy soil.

Over time, the lid locking mechanism may wear out. Many users are able to replace the lock or the entire cover themselves if they have the necessary tools and instructions on how to do it. Detailed algorithms can be viewed on YouTube or on specialized sites.

What else can help?

Before calling the master, try to perform a few simple steps yourself:

  1. Reboot the washing machine by unplugging it for 10 minutes. During this time, inspect the device for obstructions and mechanical impurities. Their elimination in most cases helps to get rid of the error.
  2. Press and hold the on/off button for 20 seconds. This resets the washing machine system and clears previously displayed codes.

Frequently asked Questions

How to enter diagnostic mode on Maytag washing machine?
Put the washing machine into standby mode with the power on and all indicators off. Select any button other than the on/off button. Press it and hold it in this position for three seconds. Do this three times.
You are now in diagnostic testing mode. All indicators will light up and stay on for 5 seconds. The display will show “88”. If this does not happen, repeat the above steps with another button. If there is no result, call the wizard.
If error codes were previously displayed on the display of the washing machine, after entering the diagnostic mode, their list will reappear on the screen. Write them down so that you can transfer them to the master if necessary.
The display may again show the number 88. This means that there were no errors before, and the washing machine will automatically start diagnosing the status. After testing is completed, press the on/off button to exit the diagnostic mode.

How to manually drain water from a Maytag washing machine?
This action is not difficult, but it will require a little physical effort. Prepare a bucket and rags that absorb water well. Follow these steps:

  1. turn off the power and remove the plug from the socket;
  2. move the device away from the wall, turn off the water supply;
  3. remove the laundry from the drum;
  4. use a jug or other container to scoop out water as much as possible;
  5. go to the back of the machine and disconnect the drain hose from the sewerage system;
  6. dip the hose into a bucket to drain off the remaining water;
  7. Wipe up spilled water with rags.

Are Maytag washing machines reliable?
For decades, Maytag washing machines have set the bar for affordable home appliances. Their main advantage is low price. Maytag washing machines are affordable for most middle-income families, with virtually all of them lasting around 20 years if properly maintained. By comparison, Consumer Reports magazine, which publishes reviews and comparison tests, claims that the average life of most washing machines is 11 years.

How to remove error code from Maytag display?
Press the pause/cancel button once or twice, and then press the power button once. You can also unplug the appliance for one minute or run a wash cycle with an empty drum.
But remember that this will only erase the code from the display, and the problem will remain if it is not corrected. After a while, the error will reappear.

Why is the wash cycle on my Maytag washing machine too long?
In serviceable machines, a load measurement system works, which determines how long the laundry needs to be washed. If this system breaks down, the operating time of the instrument may increase.
Other causes of the problem:

  • breakage of the control panel;
  • a problem with the water inlet valve, which causes water to fill the drum more slowly.

You can check the intake valve yourself and clean or replace the filter. But problems with the load sensing system and control panel are more serious and require professional knowledge.

How long does a typical Maytag wash cycle take?
The standard cycle lasts 41 minutes. It includes washing, rinsing and spinning. If the water supply is delayed due to low pressure or a clogged filter, the washing time will increase.


Most of the codes on Maytag washing machines are easy to determine and fix problems yourself. Do not be alarmed if some error appears on the display. Read the instructions, there are decoding codes and ways to solve the problem. If you have taken all possible actions, but the error remains, then the help of the wizard will already be required.

Those who have been using the washing machine for many years should call a technician for preventive maintenance every two years. The specialist will replace worn switches and belts in time, clean filters, drain holes. This will prevent more serious problems from occurring.