Washing machine even when turned off filling with water. How to solve?

Any hostess is horrified if her washing machine suddenly fills with water or leaks. It is very difficult to keep calm in this case. A wet floor threatens not only with long-term cleaning, but also with a problem with neighbors.

Therefore, if liquid enters the switched off unit, this is usually due to the two most common reasons. They touch a water supply valve jammed in the open position due to calcium accumulation or a malfunction of the water pressure switch.

You need to know exactly what to do in this case. Such an accident requires urgent decisions, so there will be no time to think. You should quickly determine what it is connected with and fix the breakdown. Therefore, it is required to describe in detail what actions should be taken in this situation.

Water inlet valve failure

Water inlet valve failure

The most common factor leading to the failure of this household appliance is a malfunction of the water supply valve. In this case, it is most often filled even when the device is turned off, because such a part is responsible for regulating the supply of liquid for the washing and rinsing cycles.

If a couple of hours after they are completed, an excess of water is noted in the drum, then most likely the valve solenoid has become stuck due to calcium deposits. You should also make sure that the “Open” function is enabled. In order to check the usefulness of the valve, a simple test is required. It is necessary to control the process of filling the washing machine, and then disconnect it from electricity. This must be done after the tank has collected a sufficient amount of it.

If it still fills up, then the water inlet valve may have failed. Then you should change it to a new one. And until then, you need to turn off the fluid supply. Then it will not flow and it will not leak onto the floor. In order to monitor the state of the machine properly, it is worth following a certain algorithm.

  1. First, turn off the power supply to the unit.
  2. Then you need to remove its top cover and get to the intake valve.
  3. After that, the normal condition of the wire connectors should be ensured without disconnecting the hoses.
  4. Then you need to remove the black inlet hose.
  5. As a result, it is necessary to find flowing water.

If not, then you need to check the condition of the supply valve solenoids using a multimeter. It’s easy enough to do this. But first you need to disconnect the household appliance from electricity. Then you need to find the desired part behind the hose connections and remove it. It is possible that to access it you will have to remove the back panel.

The valve should then be inspected for defects or obvious signs of wear.

It is also necessary to check the condition of the internal screens for clogging. If there is dirt, they should be removed. It is necessary to carry out such actions carefully. If the part is damaged, then the entire valve will have to be replaced.

By means of a multimeter, it is necessary to set the Rx1 function. Then you need to touch the probes to the terminals.

Water inlet valve failure washer

The readings differ depending on the type of washing machine model. In order to avoid mistakes, you first need to study the manual for it and find the required diagrams. If the valve is damaged, or if the test results indicate that it is broken, the part must be replaced.

You need to do the job right. First, disconnect the machine from electricity. Then you need to shut off the hot and cold water supply and disconnect the corresponding hoses. Then it is worth moving the unit away from the wall to gain access to its rear. In order to remove the top panel, it is better to use a spatula. It is desirable to support the main peak so that it does not go too far.

Using a wrench, it is necessary to remove the screw near the filling valve. Then you need to lift it up a little and push it up through the rear hole. After that, the clamp supporting the part should be disconnected. It is removed from the socket, and the wires are removed from the terminals on the solenoids. It is required to immediately remember where they lead, so as not to make a mistake during the final assembly of the household appliance.

The hose from the old valve must be removed and the obsolete part discarded. After that, a new part is installed in its place and the entire device is assembled according to the previously indicated scheme.

Malfunctions of the water level sensor

Malfunctions of the water level sensor, water pressure sensor or air dome tube

Much less often there are breakdowns of equipment responsible for measuring the water level inside the tank. These faults also lead to its overflow. The liquid level in the washing machine is controlled by an air dome tube or a hose attached to the tank.

When water fills the tank, the pressure in them changes. If a lot of liquid has entered, then the air inside the tank presses on the diaphragm of its level switch. It then closes the intake valve and stops the flow. When the tube becomes clogged or its integrity is violated, the process will not go as expected. Then the pressure will not be pronounced enough to affect the diaphragm.

If the water level sensor is broken, then in this case it is also possible to interfere with the closing of the valve. Therefore, it is urgent to eliminate such breakdowns.

water pressure sensor

First, as in previous cases, you need to turn off the unit. Then you should find the air dome tube. It is usually located between the reservoir and the water level selector located behind the control panel.

After that, you need to remove the hose and immerse it in liquid. Then it is necessary to clamp one end of it and blow into the other, watching the formation of air bubbles. If you suspect that a blockage has occurred, it is worth checking the condition of the tube. It is advisable to touch it along its entire length or shine it with a flashlight to monitor the passage of the beam. Do not miss the presence of worn surface spots or cracks.

If the tube is intact, you should check the correct operation of the water level switch for blockage or breakage. For accurate results, it is better to use a multimeter.

  1. First you need to let the device fill with liquid to the required level, and then disconnect it from electricity.
  2. Then you need to press the pressure switch and its terminals, which are used to control the water supply valve. For accuracy in taking readings, be sure to check the connection diagram for a specific model of washing machine.
  3. After reading the manual, you need to remove the wires from the switch and check their condition. It is also worth constantly monitoring the water level in the tank.
  4. If the machine is equipped with electronic control, then the corresponding switch is usually located under the tank near the sump.

air dome tube

It is necessary to check the condition of both parts. If a malfunction of the water level switch is detected or the air dome tube breaks, then you need to know that such damage can cause the unit to fill with water even when it is disconnected from electricity.