A few steps to get rid of 4E code on Samsung washer

Household appliances provide us with comfort, make life easier and save time. This also applies to the washing machine. She is simply irreplaceable, and she has to work especially actively if there are children in the house. When you are doing general cleaning, you decide to wash clothes or children’s things, error 4E can be an unpleasant surprise. In this case, you will not be able to wash.

If error 4E is on the display of the Samsung washing machine, then the device for some reason does not fill with water. An error can appear at any time: before starting the wash, during the wash, when it draws water. The problem may lie both in the water supply and in the washing machine itself.

In older models, error E1 is displayed, it indicates a similar problem. If the device is without a display, the red light for washing in cold water is on, and the yellow lights are flashing. This situation with light bulbs or error 4E appears if the drum of the washing machine did not get the right amount of water in the first 2 minutes. Sometimes, with some skill, you can deal with the problem on your own.

Causes of error 4E


– do not confuse errors 4E and E4: they mean different things. E4 is the uneven distribution of laundry inside the drum;

– when connecting the washing machine, be careful: the drain hose connection point must be located above the level of the tank;

– do not move the device close to the wall, so as not to damage the water supply hoses;

– In case of failure of the control board, invite the master.

Causes of error 4E

When carrying out any repairs, unplug the washing machine from the mains. So you protect yourself, and also reboot the device, because there is a chance that this can help.

Water supply problem

Shut off or no water supply

The problem is common, however, the most harmless and easily eliminated. It’s easy enough to deal with her. Sometimes we are inattentive and do not notice the simplest things. Or we forget, for example, that we ourselves turned off the water supply tap in the apartment. We may not even notice that there has been no water for a couple of hours: it was turned off due to repairs at the neighbors or due to an accident. Primarily:

  • make sure that the shut-off valve is open, blocking the flow of water into the machine;
  • make sure not to shut off the water: it could just be turned off for a while, and also the water pressure is so weak that it barely flows, and error 4E lights up. Just be patient and wait for the water to appear, and then start the wash.

Inspect the space between the wall and the washing machine and check the water supply hoses for kinks or breaks or damage. If the machine is pressed tightly against the wall, it is possible that they are simply pinched.

Filter clogged

If the filter mesh that cleans the water from debris and sediment is clogged, it must be cleaned. It is located in front of the inlet valve where the water supply hose is connected to the machine. It is necessary to close the stopcock, unscrew the water supply hose and remove the filter. You can clean it with a pin or needle and rinse well with water. You can use a solution of vinegar to remove scale: make a solution of vinegar and water in proportions of one to two, put the filter in it for 45 minutes.

Check if the water supply hose itself is clogged. After disconnecting it from the washing machine, run water through it. If it flows freely, then everything is in order.

Control board failure

Sometimes the error can appear due to a random glitch. If you did not notice error code 4E before, try rebooting: turn off the machine from the network for 15 minutes, then turn it on. This simple manipulation should help solve the problem if the control board is buggy.

Control board failure

If the board is damaged, the machine does not work at all, and water is not collected. It is unlikely that you can do it yourself: such repairs require special skills. In order not to harm the device, invite the wizard.

Damaged valve or incorrectly connected drain

If error 4E persists, check the valve. Disconnect the hose through which water is drawn, remove the filter and remove the valve. If visually everything is in order with it, connect the inlet hose to the tap, on the other hand, connect the valve and turn on the water. If it leaks, then the valve is damaged. Exit: its replacement.

If water is drawn in and immediately drained, error 4E lights up, the problem is in the drain hose. Check for damage, whether it is tightly connected, and whether the drain hose is connected to the sewer correctly: if the drain connection is below the level of the tank, and the hose on the floor is not raised, this may cause a 4E error.

incorrectly connected drain

Water level switch problem

The unit controls the water level during washing. The point is usually in the pressure switch hose: it is either clogged, or disconnected, or damaged. Check the hose and replace if necessary.