A few examples of the problems why Samsung washer not spinning

Owners of Samsung washing machines from time to time have situations when their unit stops spinning. If someone has this problem, then you need to clearly imagine how to act in this case.

It is necessary to give a few recommendations for troubleshooting certain problems. The most common are 5 types of causes. Therefore, it is necessary to talk in more detail about what they are, in what cases difficulties with spinning occur and how to help the technique work normally.

The industry produces 2 types of washing machines with vertical or front loading. But each of their options sometimes faces problems associated with a violation of the spinning process.

Suspension wear

Suspension wear

If a top-loading Samsung machine produces dC, UE, or UL error codes, then it has encountered an imbalance. It is because of her that the drum is not able to spin.

As a rule, in such cases, too much laundry was placed in the machine. But even more often the suspension holding it needs adjustment or replacement. Repair is necessary when its springs cannot absorb excessive vibration and are not able to stabilize the position of the drum.

Condition of shock absorbers in front loading devices

The design of Samsung equipment provides for 4 shock absorbers, the function of which is to hold the plastic drum and compensate for the vibrations emanating from it during the spin cycle. The more often a washing machine is used, the faster its parts wear out. In the end, they simply lose their effectiveness.

Condition of shock absorbers in front loading devices

The degree of their strength can be checked by pressing on the drum with your hand. He must immediately return to his original position. If the part continues to wiggle, then its springs have weakened.

If, during the spin cycle, the machine shakes strongly due to weakened shock absorbers, the vibration sensor comes into action. Then the unit begins to redistribute the internal load and restarts the process.

Loose drum nut

In its lower part, the top-loading drum is equipped with a nut holding it in the desired position. But, if its fastening weakens, the specified structural element begins to sway from side to side. Its movements become especially pronounced during the spin cycle.

To prevent a problem, you should regularly check the tightness of the position of the nut.

Loose drum nut

Drain pump failure

If this part is clogged or jammed, then the washing machine stops draining water normally. Then things will not be squeezed out.

The unit will try to start rotating, but will gradually stop. The corresponding error code will appear on the display in such a case.

Defective plastic bracket

An equally important problem with Samsung’s front-loading technology is spinning hangs.

The description of the situation is as follows:

  • the rear side of the washing machine is equipped with a bracket holding the drum harness;
  • if it weakens or breaks, then the vibration sensor is triggered;
  • the unit changes from 6 to 19 minutes and gets stuck in the spin cycle;
  • over a long period of time constantly jumps and as a result the household appliance finally stops;
  • clothes remain wet.

The part can be secured to the drum with a zipper according to the instructions.

Door lock failure

Most Samsung devices are equipped with a feedback door lock, which is a small internal switch. When the washing machine door is closed, it is also locked. As a result, feedback is provided to the control board.

But it also happens that the door of the unit is closed, and the feedback sensor is not locked. Then the control board fixes the situation and does not allow you to proceed to the spin cycle.

In reality, the washing machine is constantly trying to start spinning, but after many efforts it stops. The corresponding error code is shown on the display. The way out of the situation is to replace the door lock of the unit.