What does error code e64 mean on Electrolux dryer

For people who are accustomed to using a clothes dryer, equipment breakdowns are always a big annoyance. No one wants to hang wet clothes at home and wait for hours for them to dry on their own. Moreover, malfunctions in the dryer often mean a call to a service center, and this is an additional expense. Try to figure out the problem yourself first by following the instructions in the article.

Next, we will talk about error codes E63 and E64 for Electrolux dryers. They mean that there is a problem with one of the following components:

  • heating element;
  • thermal fuse;
  • cyclic thermostat.

Also, the machine may give errors when the control board fails.

Heating element problems

In most cases, error E64 indicates that the heating element has burned out – the heating element. Without it, the Electrolux dryer will not be able to create the temperature necessary to dry the laundry.

Be sure to unplug the machine before starting work. In the process of disassembly, take pictures of the location of wires and other elements, otherwise there will be difficulties with assembly later. To get to the heating element, follow a series of steps.

  1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws on the top rear of the dryer.
  2. Slide the cover to the side, and then lift up and remove it.
  3. Remove the top two screws at the front holding the control panel. Disconnect the panel from the wires.
  4. Get rid of the screws holding the door. The screws are located at the top and bottom. Do not pull when you remove the door, otherwise you will pull out the wires. Gently pull towards you, holding from falling, disconnect the wires.
  5. Remove the screws around the perimeter of the front bulkhead. Set her aside.
  6. Locate the belt tensioner under the drum, and remember how it is attached, so that you can return it to its place. Push down on the roller to release the strap. Make sure the belt is not caught on anything.
  7. Pull the drum out of the machine body by holding the belt from above.

ADVICE! At this point, you will find that debris has accumulated inside the case. Get rid of it before continuing with your Electrolux dryer.

In Electrolux dryers, the heating element is often a cylindrical device. At one end it is attached to the back wall. The other end is held on two legs. Loosen the screw at the back of the heating element. Then get rid of the screws on the legs.

A temperature sensor and a fuse are located on the heater body. Disconnect them from the wires.

Heating element problems

Disconnect the wires and grounding from the body of the heating element, and take it out.

Check the heating element with a multimeter in ohmmeter mode, applying the probe in turn to each of the three terminals outside the cylinder. The normal value should be within zero, slight deviations are allowed. This means that the current flows freely through the electrical circuit. Otherwise, the heating element will have to be replaced with a new one.

Also inspect this component for physical damage.

Thermal Fuse Problems

When the temperature sensor detects the overheating of the dryer, the thermal fuse is triggered: the fusible element melts and the electrical circuit is disconnected. Also, this element protects against short circuits.

If the thermal fuse is blown, this can cause the Electrolux dryer to show errors E63 or E64.

Thermal Fuse Problems

To get to the thermal fuse, unplug your equipment from the mains and then proceed in the same way as described in the instructions above. The temperature sensor and thermal fuse are located on the outer side of the heating element housing.

The temperature fuse is a small round device. Using a flat screwdriver, disconnect the two wires that are connected to this part. Unscrew the fasteners and remove the temperature fuse.

Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the fuse to see if the current is flowing through the circuit. To check, set the device to Ohmmeter mode, and select the average resistance level in the settings.

Replace the thermal fuse with a similar one and assemble the Electrolux dryer by doing all the steps in reverse order.

If you find that the fuse is blown, it means that overheating has occurred somewhere. It is necessary to find the cause of the elevated temperature, otherwise the breakdown will soon repeat.

cyclic thermostat

Inspect the exhaust duct and make sure that nothing has fallen into it that would interfere with the free passage of air. Check the operation of the fan motor and the integrity of the fan itself.

Do not forget to clean the Electrolux dryer from time to time from dirt that interferes with the normal cooling of parts.

Problems with the cyclic thermostat

Another reason for the occurrence of errors E63 and E64 is associated with a cyclic thermostat. Otherwise, it is called a circulation thermostat. Its task is to control the temperature inside the dryer while it is running. If the thermostat is blown, the drying cycle will not start, as there is a risk of damaging the laundry and breaking the entire machine.

The thermostat in Electrolux dryers is mounted next to the thermal fuse on the heating element. To get there, remove the cover, front panel, door, and bulkhead from the machine. Unfasten the belt and pull the drum out.

Disconnect the wires from the cyclic thermostat, and remove it from the mount. To find out if this part is faulty, use a multimeter. Set it to RX1 mode. Attach the probes to the contacts from which you removed the wires. In a serviceable part, the resistance should be close to zero. If the readings are significantly higher, this is a signal that the thermostat needs to be replaced.

electrolux dryer repair


The occurrence of error codes E63 and E64 in Electrolux dryers is associated with a violation of the temperature regime. You can replace the heating element, thermostat, and thermal fuse yourself. Observe safety precautions.

When buying new replacement parts, choose only those that fit your device. If necessary, ask for help from a specialist.

Remember to keep your dryer clean to avoid overheating.

If during inspection and diagnosis it turned out that the elements discussed in the article are in perfect order, then there is a possibility that the problem is related to the control board. It is advisable to diagnose it in a service center.